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Ed Abbey called The Monkey Wrench Gang his 1975 novel a comic extravaganza Some readers have remarked that the book is a comic book than a real novel and it's true that reading this incendiary call to protect the American wilderness requires than a little of the old willing suspension of disbeliefThe story centers on Vietnam veteran George Washington Hayduke III who returns to the desert to find his beloved canyons and rivers threatened by industrial development On a rafting trip down the Colorado River Hayduke joins forces with feminist saboteur Bonnie Abbzug wilderness guide Seldom Seen Smith and billboard torcher Doc Sarvis MD and together they wander off to wage war on the big yellow machines on dam builders and road builders and strip miners As they do his characters voice Abbey's concerns about wilderness preservation Hell of a place to lose a cow Smith thinks to himself while roaming through the canyonlands of southern Utah Hell of a place to lose your heart Hell of a place to lose PeriodMoving from one improbable situation to the next packing adventure into the space of a few weeks than most real people do in a lifetime the motley gang puts fear into the hearts of their enemies laughing all the while It's comic yes and required reading for anyone who has come to love the desert

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