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Reviewed Girls Without a Bookshelf.I hardly ever think contemporary romance genre is a worthwhile read, and whilst I appreciate being proven wrong, I am terribly disappointed I am proven right once again The premise of A Daring Proposition sounds romantic and comedic enough to entice my interest, but it than failed me.I hoped for a good set of characters for this book, as the plot felt like something that can only orchestrated by strong characters However, even that was a failure While both the heroine was given sufficient background story to build up her present character, it was only one sided hence the hero is as lifeless as a rock Characterisation in the present tense is empty at best The narrative is in the third person but is unconventionally one sided, so it not only feels unbalance, characterisation becomes searingly lifeless Further, although I think it could have been interesting how the narrative is used, it did not deliver.The plot itself is nothing special The premise, as I have mentioned, sounds particularly intriguing However, while it does exactly what it says on the tin, it stops right there There are no thrills, no surprises, no twists There were hardly ever any notable scenes The only thing that surprised me perhaps, is the fact that it is already a new scene, as my arc copy does not distinguish where one scene ends and another begins There is also quite a lengthy monologue that is not only confusing but one that dragged on and transformed into annoying despite ambling on and finishing the book, I wish I had not bothered.Really a disappointing read, I m afraid. Leigh would like nothing in life than to have a baby But she doesn t want to go about it the traditional way Leigh has inherited money from her parent s but she s not the type to sit back, relax and live off her inheritance She enjoys a successful career as a CPA She decides to approach Brian, a notorious playboy at a firm she audited, with a proposition She ll pay him 10,000 for his sperm with no strings attached.Brian is tired of the gossip about his personal life He sees Leigh s proposal as the solution to his problem He ll give her a donation, but he doesn t want the money he want s something marriage Brian believes that if they are married, he can avoid all the husband hunters He believes that they could have a marriage of convenience he can get sex elsewhere.Leigh isn t so keen on the marriage proposition but goes along with the plan because she is disparate to have a child But once Leigh is pregnant and Brian moves in, things begin to change What seemed like a marriage of convenience is turning into much.I enjoyed reading this book and it wasn t until after I finished it that I discovered it was previously published in the early 1980s The author apparently updated parts of it for this publication But it read different than many of the contemporary romances I have read At times it did feel a little dated I can t quite put my finger on what exactly made me feel this way but it s different But not in a way that would prevent me from finishing the book or even rereading it.The characters are likable One thing that I found interesting is that as confident as Leigh is in her career she was much less so in her personal relationships She lived the life of a bit of a loaner It surprised me that the trauma affected Leigh so deeply Brian had an ego the size of Montana, but he cared about Leigh and you could see his feelings grow stronger as time went on I particularly liked the character of Robert He loved Leigh like a granddaughter and wanted to see her happily married with a child Or at least out living life Brian s respect for their relationship was touching.I enjoyed this book by Greene and will definitely be checking out some of her other works.3.5 5 stars When I read this years ago it would have been a 4, now I d give it a 3 Heroine is a little young to be so desperate. Despite the cover, this is a very old school category romance written in the 1980s or so That s pretty obvious from early on lots of descriptions of the heroine s amber waves of hair etc but becomes pronounced with the basic plot, which is pretty problematic in this day and age The heroine was molested by her stepfather and therefore approaches the hero to have a baby via artificial insemination He decides to cure her of her conviction that she is frigid by having sex with her view spoiler This involves telling her to fight him while they are having sex for the first time, but it s okay because he s her husband and he won t hurt her hide spoiler The review was published in Library of LightsDate published 14th January 2011Link to review book, Daring proposition by Jennifer Greene is about Leigh Sexton whose biological clock is ticking and wants to have a baby, by hook or by crook.Leigh has plenty of money to raise a child and can t quit her job as a CPA to focus on raising the baby What Leigh doesn t have is a man to father that baby She s not interested in the usual method of getting herself pregnant She wants something clinical Artificial insemination.Then enter Brian.Brian is intrigued by the idea but he won t donate his sperm unless they re married If he s married he can keep his playboy lifestyle without the girlfriend on the side thinking he ll marry her or at least that was his plan until Leigh creeps into his heart and then all he wants to do is possess her and make their marriage of convenience a real one.Okay what I think of this story Well it s quite a good one, despite the theme of it is marriage of convenience The plot is fully develop and the issues of insecurities and fear from both parties are well explored and discussed in the story.The downside of this story The romance brew rather slow for me, and I think the making love scene between Brian and Leigh when they finally get between the sheets ought to be intense and emotional.I rate this book 3 out of 5 Entertaining read, only if you have the patience to follow the character s development Definitely not your 2 hour wham bam, thank you maam kinda novel. Leigh desperately wants a child, but past sexual abuse has led her to fear all men She believes that she is not capable of a regular relationship so she wants to use artificial insemination to get pregnant Leigh has the perfect candidate in mind too, Brian is a successful architect whose creative, good looking, and is a complete playboy Leigh believes that he is the perfect man because he has made it publicly known he doesn t want marriage and a family But when Brian comes back with a proposal of his own, marriage, she has to decide how much she wants this baby Brian believes that Leigh is the perfect woman for marriage because she can provide companionship and keep all of the other husband hunters away from him.Throughout the story Brian and Leigh typically begin to fall in love especially since they must fake it for Robert, a pseudo grandpa figure that lives with Leigh, and also for Brian s family who are big romantics Brian teaches Leigh to trust and open up about her feelings, while Leigh shows Brian that he doesn t always have to take care of everyone This book was only told from the perspective of Leigh, but every now and then it would seem we would get a sentence from Brian s point of view I found myself wishing for of Brian s point of view because I would have really liked to know what he was thinking Most of the time Leigh couldn t tell therefore me as the reader could not really understand what he was feeling either The only other aspect of the book I didn t really care for was when Brian was never at home, and Robert didn t find that suspicious Even when Leigh was pregnant and feeling ill Brian wasn t always around, and then suddenly he was always there There was no transition from nothing to everything I would have to see some realization on his part that he cared, and wanted to help with the baby and Leigh I would give this book 3 3.5 stars I had a hard time with this book in the beginning I just wasn t pulled in right away Leigh was going through a lot in the beginning of the book and everything felt really stiff and blah I continued reading because I wasn t completely bored.The book really started picking up about halfway through when Leigh and Brian go to visit his family for Christmas Up until that point everything seemed forced and drawn out I loved the book at this point and forward I really loved the chemistry that started to build between Leigh and Brian and I loved her chemistry with his family All the way through the end of the book I was a very happy reader It was almost like a was reading a different book at the halfway point.All in all I enjoyed this story and thought it was read worthy I just wish the author didn t take so long in the beginning to really get it going I wouldn t have minded of the relationship building and romance that was in the second half of the book. 4.65 STARS This was my first book my the author and I absolutely loved it Though Mid way through the book her pregnancy was long forgotten and they were focussed on knowing eachother and falling in love Red nickname of h given by Brian had a tortured past and it was very sweet how Brian helped her through it even if it was forcefully and yet not forceful Brian had issues od his own which he solved eventually But the part that really made me cry was when the grandfather figure Robert died It was just too much pain for even a reader So all in all Loved it Leigh Sexton Is Desperate To Have A Baby, And Brian Hathaway Would Be The Perfect Bio Dad One Of Chicago S Most Notorious Playboys, Brian Is No Family Man, Which Suits Leigh Just Fine An Heiress And Successful CPA, She Is Than Capable Of Raising A Child Alone Now All She Has To Do Is Work Up The Nerve To Ask Brian To Impregnate Herartificially Leigh Has No Interest In Conceiving The Old Fashioned Way, Despite How Her Heart Races Whenever She S Near HimBrian Is Intrigued By Leigh S Request He S Not Into Commitment, Even With A Woman As Attractive As Leigh, But He S Also Not The Type To Make A Deposit And Then Disappear If He Goes Along With Her Scheme, He S Got One Demand Of His Own Marriage Before Conception He Agrees To Keep Things Clinical He Can Get Sex Elsewhere But Having A Wife At Home Will Keep The Husband Hunters At BayIt Seems Like The Ideal Compromise Until They Start Falling In LovePreviously Published Contemporary romance in which a young woman propositions a successful businessman but not for sex or marriage, but to be the father of her child the fertility clinic way He agrees to the deal on one condition they must marry, even if only for convenience he wants to be a father to his child She agrees This unlikely set up out of the way, a charming tale unfolds as the marriage for convenience and sperm turns into a love match In other words, this is much better than it sounds.