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It’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls in this hilarious novel Nikki’s Road to Stardom ChecklistTick Diva showdownTick BFF feudTick Talented entourage to back up VIP Very Important Pop StarJust when I was starting to get used to life at my new school this talent competition could change everything

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    One of Nikki's best traits is that she is a good friend who tries to help as much as she can That is one of the best lessons aside from handling bullies that kids will learn through this book series

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    I read Dork Diaries #3 by Rachel Russell It is a fiction story about a girl named Nikki J Maxwell I think she is kind She has brown hair and has no designer clothing unlike Mackenzie Mackenzie is the mean super popular girl who doesn't like Nikki at ALL along the other dorks at school Like Chloe and Zoey They are Nikki's BFFs who seem to always stay together Nikki says that their ideas can be a little dorky or wacky but they're super fun Both Chloe and Zoey are really awesome and support Nikki at all times Next we have Brianna Maxwell Nikki's six year old little sister Nikki thinks she is so annoying While some think she is cute Brianna actually started part of the problem making Nikki preform a kiddie pizza place ueasy Cheesytheme song on the stage Mackenzie also took her little sister there and got the video posted on YouTube Also Nikki can't ever stand babysitting Brianna because she is always bad when her parents aren't home Lastly Brandon Nikki's crush who is super nice Nikki liked him sense book one This all happens in November at WCD the school most of the time It is like normal schools lockers and classrooms The plot Nikki decided not to join the talent show But she got a tuition bill because her dad the exterminator for WCD was supposed to come in to school because of a bug problem Nikki never told and canceled it That's why she has her scholarship her embarrassing dad But then it gets taken away But she notices a poster that says you can win a scholarship by winning the talent show She creates her own group But is there something fishy about the bill that Nikki has been worrying about? I liked how creative the author was with ideas She did amazing I honestly liked everything The author did well describing Nikki's thoughts I rate five stars and girls in fifth grade should read it because it might have some problems that happen at real school Read to find out if Nikki's group wins and if there is a happy ending to this story

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    I want to read this book so bad

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    Tales from a Not So Talented Pop Star is the third book in the Dork Diaries by Rachel Reneé RussellNikki Maxwell has been at Westchester Country Day for about three months and is still best friends with Chloe and Zoey Nikki finds out that the school is having a talent show where the winners will get to audition on 15 Minutes to Fame Mackenzie Hollister ueen bee of WCD shows Nikki a flyer about looking for dancers for her group Mac’s Maniacs Nikki thinks that Mackenzie wants her in the group but uickly finds out that Mackenzie wants Chloe and Zoey to be a part of the group not Nikki Nikki is really bummed and Mackenzie threatens her that she will tell the school about the fact that Nikki is only going to the school because the school gave her a scholarship because her dad is the school exterminator Mackenzie already has posted an embarrassing video of Nikki on YouTube so she tells Chloe and Zoey that she can’t compete with them in the talent showLater Mackenzie’s tells Chloe and Zoey that two guys that they are crushing on like them so they will and do join Mac’s Maniac Also Nikki has found Brandon her crush teaching Mackenzie about photography How will she every get to know Brandon better? With her friends gone to the dark side by joining Mac’s Maniacs how will she ever win the talent show or have friends at WCD?This is another hit in the Dork Diaries series It doesn’t take me long to read these but I love them My favorite parts of the book are when Nikki and Brandon talk to each other and when Brianna annoys Nikki I wished Brianna and Brandon were in the book I can’t wait for whenever of the books will be out

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    Dork Diaries #3 Tales from a Not So Talented Pop Star is an easy read for late elementary and early middle school readers It is a Realistic Fiction book This book is about a girl named Nikki and she is kind of a big DORK Nikki wants to enter the talent show but her arch enemy Mackenzie Hollister is going to be in it too Mackenzie is participating with her little popular group the CCP's They are going to dance while Nikki and her friends Chloe and Zoey were going to be little dancing book worms Then Nikki decided she didn't want to do the talent show so Mackenzie decided to ask Chloe and Zoey if they wanted to be in her dance group They said yes so they started practicing right away So at the last minute Nikki decided to get together a band for the talent show She made posters and she got some people together to make a band She also had her crush Brandon in her band as the drummer They decided to name the band Dorkalicious Now Mackenzie was letting loose bugs out into the school to make Nikki's embarrassing dad the school exterminator come into the school to embarrass Nikki Then Mackenzie is going to tell everyone that Nikki is also on a scholarship to the school Next would be the talent show they go on and they lose but the CCP's win This 311 paged book is by Rachel Renee Russell I rated this a 4 star book because it was a good funny and easy read that was recommended by my sister On page 89 Nikki says Okay I love my family and everything But sometimesI think they're um A FEW CLOWNS SHORT OF A CIRCUS Also on page 251 she thought Because when my parents find out everything they're going to KILL ME And it's probably ILLEGAL to transfer a DEAD BODY to a new school I read this book on November 11 and finished it on November 14

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    After the Halloween dance when ever Brandon meets Nikki he says I had a such a nice time with you in the Halloween dance Nikki thinks that Brandon likes Nikki Which might be true or maybe not Nikki planned to go to the mall with Chloe and Zoey but when she went to the mall her mother told to take care of BriannaSo Nikki went to a bench and started writting in her diary Brianna was going to the wishing foutain and collecting coins Nikki told Brianna to keep all the money back in the wishing fountain Brianna started asking Nikki if they could go to ueasy Cheesy Nikki told to Brianna that she doesn't have any money Then Brianna said that she will pay for the ueasy cheesy And so Nikki agreed and they ate medium size pizza Nikki's table was the lucky table because they got to sing the ueasy cheesy song and dance Nikki told to Brianna that she does not want to dance When the waitress came she showed the bill and Brianna refuse to pay for the bill So Nikki made a deal saying that if she dances and sings the ueasy cheesy then Brianna has to pay the bill and so Brianna agreed Nikki was like thank goodness that there were only parents and childrens no people like Mackenzie were there But Nikki was totally wrong just after few mintues Mackenzie and Jessica came out of no where and they started taking picture and videos of Nikki and her sister Brianna Nikki got so embrassed that she took the money from Brianna and then took Brianna uickly out of ueasy cheesy When Nikkki's mom came out of the shop Nikki told that she doesn't want to shopn with Chloe and Zoey today When Nikki arrived at home she went to youtube and type ueasy cheesy And when Nikki say the page there were no viewers Around 4 times Nikki had checked and so she felt that no one knows about the ueasy cheesyWhen Nikki checked at 900 clock she saw there were 7 views already Nikki was ffeeling so terrible she kept on saying to herself that Mackenzie will ruin her life The next day when Nikki went to school no one talked about the ueasy cheesy dance Instead Everyone were talking about the talent show Nikki was imagining herself as a popstar Nikki was only good at singing When Chloe and Zoey were talking about the talent show they came up with a crazy idea Chloe thought that they would do chicken danceNikki told that they can do a bookworm hip hop danceBut no that idea was a total failure When Nikki went to her locker she got a flyer from Mackenzie saying that she want's Chloe and Zoey to come in the dance group for the talent show Nikki felt so bad because she was invited in the group When Nikki told to Chloe and Zoey about the Mackenzie thingy THey said to Mackenzie that they won't dance unless Nikki is there So Mackenzie told a lie saying that Jason and Ryan want Chloe and Zoey tot be there dance partner And so because of that lie Chloe and Zoey agreed From then on Nikki was feeling left out So Nikki thought of signing up for the talent show Nikki was allowed to put an audition in the bands room The talent show hunt was not going the way Nikki thought So then Violet audtion and was selected and also Theodore Theodore told that he will try to reform his band And when Theodore had recuited his band Nikki saw that Brandon was the drumer Nikki was like happy In lunch time Nikki's video ueasy cheesy was been shown And so Chloe and Zoey came and supported Nikki Chloe and Zoey then droped Mackenzie's group Chloe and Zoey joined Nikki's group for the talent show In the audition Nikki had forgot to put the name of there group so there was no audition doneBut then they annouced that they can come to the talent show and performFinally the day came Mackenzie group had perform next was Nikki's group When they performed everyone loved it Guess who is going to win the talent show?Want to know then read the book Dork Diaries Tales from Not So Talented popstar

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    Alyssa MasonNew school new MEAN girl new crush new diary so Nikki Rachel Renee Russell's Dork Diaries 3 is hilarious and of the hookThe character in my book Dork Diaries 3 is Mackenzie Chloe Zoey Nikki and Brandon Mackenzie's roll in this book is as the bad guy girl who must win 24 7 Chloe and Zoey are Nikki's best friends ever and are very good at being a best friend too Brandon is Nikki's crush who like Nikki back and he slowly gives her hints that they are ment for each other Then we have the main character Nikki her roll is a sweet unpopular girl who tries her hardest to fit inThe plot of the book is that Mackenzie plays an evil trick on Nikki and Nikki will do anything to fix itWhen i read this book about a middle school girl getting bullied about expressing herself and trying to fit in and it reminded me of how school is out side of the book world and i had a huge connectionThe theme of the book is that in a middle school a lot goes on and the book is like the inside scoop to an normal middle school day in 3rd person writingIn The book i read the author's style is almost perfect it's not perfect because most people older than 15 won't understand itI recommend this book for people with in the age of 10 15 years old because and other age really won't under stand the book as much as other people I loved this book but you have your own opinion read the book to find out loveAlyssa Mason 3

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    I outgrew this series This was targeted for girls ages 9 through 13 and I was a few years late Knowing that I don't know how I enjoyed the first two I've been awfully critical of what I read so that is a good reasonI'll stick to thatIt did have its few funny moments and her dad's bug truck practically screamed Dale Gribble my paranoid weakman♥ but I felt like I was being yelled at with the occasional super big text and Was it supposed to be funny or just plain annoying?The right age group would love it with its media references Big Time Rush No I'm not too old for them and adorable drawing but it doesn't have universal appeal or humor like Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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    Dork Diaries From a Not so Talented Pop starBy Rachel Renee RussellI love the series of Dork Diaries This series is super funny and can make you laugh if you having a bad day The main character is Nikki She is a high school student and has she has a diary her mom got her She has a rival named Mckenzie and she is always trying to better her at every single thing Mckenzie is the popular girl at the high school and Nikki hates herOne day Nikki sees a flyer in the hallway and it says battle of the bands Her friends want to enter but Nikki doesn't want to Little did she know that Mckenzie entered into the contest So Nikki wants to win Her friends actually joined Mackenzie's band So she has to find four or people for a band When it's the day that the band papers are do she doesn't have a band name but she does have a band So she turned it in The day of the contest she shows up with her band but I Can't tell you you'll have to read it to find out One thing I love about Rachel Renee Russell is she includes a little bit of pictures and she has large font size so you don't loose your place as often She also makes the book relate to teen girls I love Dork Diaries and I recommend this to High school girls or middle school girls I hope you will like this as much as me

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    The book was good actually the whole series is goodThe book was funny like when Nikki was roasting marshmallows in their backyard and their dads pant caught on fireNikki's little sister Brianna was annoying to Nikki because she had hand puppet named Ms PenelopeMy favorite character is Brianna because she comes up with good ideas to bother NikkiI think you should read the book