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I sat back on my bed heart hammering So that's what I was A friend You weren't my friend Art You were my lover Friends make you laugh and support you and stop you feeling alone They don't make you go to bed night after night curled up in misery You're not my friend

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    When I began this short and easy to read series I was delighted with the teenage angst and romantic dilemmas although I warn its a little racier than most YA but the end of this trilogy made something in me really angry Both Coll and Art have issues but where Coll is sweet and confused Art is a straight narcissist who manipulates womanizes and shows a complete lack of empathy time and time again Just when you think Oh he really does have a heart underneath all that chiseled beauty Bam He turns out to be the % that you thought The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is because sometimes there are guys like that slinking their way around the world I was dumbfounded with the ending; I'm just going to pretend that Coll learned a life lesson through his jerky experience and will find someone worth loving who will love here wholeheartedly back

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    I have a lot of time for Kate Cann’s Diving In ‘Art and Coll’ trilogy Even though the storylining is a bit rough I think it captures something true about teenage relationships There’s a realism sometimes giddy sometimes bleak to the books that is missing from most of the other 1783 teen romances I’ve readCann eschews a lot of the familiar teen novel clichés Heroine Coll may be consumed by her relationship with bad boy Art but she also Does Stuff She has hobbies She gets a job She studies for her exams All of this stuff is usually missing from teen romancesPlus Coll does what is so often verboten in teen novels she has sex And sometimes it’s great And sometimes it’s terrible And sometimes it’s only okay GASP Realism view spoilerMaaaaad props to Cann for having Coll and Art’s final sexual encounter in the book be completely underwhelming It would have been so easy to go the Magical Healing Penis route hide spoiler

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    I haved loved reading this series and now that it's finally over I'm going to really miss it I wished I knew how it 'really finished' Where Coll's relationship stood what she did with her life I am thinking of reading 'Art's Story' it apparently says if they end up together and answers most of my uestions But I know it will be painful to read it through Art's perspective and not Coll's since it has been through her side of the story It is most important to say that I am going to miss these books and reading this series hopefully one day I can and will return to the story and tales of Coll and Art's life

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    It is an alright book I wouldn't say it was particularly amazing but for those who like teen dramas about boys I suppose this books for you I read it thinking it was something completely different and picked it up at the library without recognising it was the third book of its trilogy

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    I read this book almost a decade ago and I have re read it several times This book honestly got me through a really rough breakup I was dealing with someone who had treated me in a similar way to the male character in this series and it helped me get over it and move on with my life The author really had a great grasp of human nature and about pain and recovery from being mistreated

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    I can't say I didn't just breeze through this book but man was it frustrating I understand Art's character is meant to be wounded and sealed off but good grief he's an ass I wanted so badly for Colette to just drop him off Excited to read the fourth one curious to see if it will help explain Art and obviously most importantly will these two get together for good? I can't say I really want them to at this point; Colette deserves much better honestly

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    Last book in the trilogy from Kate Cann uite emotional but still funny The characters are very real and I felt a sense of connection with them Having read this series as a teenager it helped to know that I wasn't the only one experiencing these emotions and going through a similar situation Great books

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    I think it's great that finally coll stood up to art and controlled the relationship for once and did what she needed to do I also loved the open end of the book and that you could see it what way you wanted to but I loved having arts story on my kindle so I could read the ending all in all I am happy how it ends

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    was kind of disappointed in how this all got wrapped up certainly wasn't as good as the others