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In A Post War, Future World, Where First Contact Has Been Made With Intelligent Life And Humans Are Colonizing The Stars, The Nations Of Earth Have Been United Under A Central Government Extrahumans, Those Possessing Supernatural Abilities Such As Flight And Strength, Are Required By This Government To Belong To The Union, Where They Can Be Trained, Monitored, And Weaponized Michael Forward Is Cursed With The Ability To See The Future Every Possible Future When He Gazes Into Another Person S Eyes All He Has Ever Wanted Is To Escape The Grim Destiny He Sees When He Looks In The Mirror, But When He Is Tasked With A Mission That Will Define The Course Of Human History, Michael Finds He Cannot Refuse Now, He Needs The Help Of A Homeless Ex Superhero To Save A Baby Who May Become The Key To Humanity S FreedomBroken Figured She Was Done With Heroics When She Lost The Ability To Fly And Escaped The Confinement Of The Extrahuman Union But Then The World Started To Fall Apart Around Her, And A Desperate Teenage Prophet With A Baby Entered Her Life, Offering Her The Possibility Of Redemption And A Chance To Fly OnceIn A Time Of Spreading Darkness, When Paranoia And Oppression Reign, Can These Unlikely Allies Preserve A Small Ray Of Hope For A Better, Brighter Future

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    Find this and other Reviews at InToriLexActual Rating 3.5 StarsI expected something very different, but this is a solid read for sci fi and alien lovers alike The sci fi elements were interesting, but seem tacked on instead of weaved in the story Mostly this book describes how Broken and Micheal come to terms with who they are, and how to move forward after heart break I wanted to know about this world ruled by a misguided government after a war destroyed North America However the world building took a back seat to a sparse prophecy about a baby who will change the future.

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    In a post war, future world, where first contact has been made with intelligent life and humans are colonizing the stars, the nations of Earth have been united under a central government Extrahumans, those possessing supernatural abilities such as flight and strength, are required by this government to belong to the Union, where they can be trained, monitored, and weaponized.Michael Forward is cursed with the ability to see the future every possible future when he gazes into another person s eyes All he has ever wanted is to escape the grim destiny he sees when he looks in the mirror, but when he is tasked with a mission that will define the course of human history, Michael finds he cannot refuse Now, he needs the help of a homeless ex superhero to save a baby who may become the key to humanity s freedom.Broken figured she was done with heroics when she lost the ability to fly and escaped the confinement of the Extrahuman Union But then the world started to fall apart around her, and a desperate teenage prophet with a baby entered her life, offering her the possibility of redemption and a chance to fly once .In a time of spreading darkness, when paranoia and oppression reign, can these unlikely allies preserve a small ray of hope for a better, brighter future I ve only gotten into the whole superhero thing in the last five years Yes, I watched cartoons when I was a kid and of course, I watched all the X Men films in the cinema, but I never really thought of them as anything other than popcorn fodder In the past few years, that has somewhat changed Yes, through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but mostly through books and short stories There were the Union Dues short stories at Escape Pod, the Secret World Chronicle, Tansy Rayner Roberts Cookie Cutter Superhero and Lavie Tidhar s amazing The Violent Century to name a few Susan Jane Bigelow s Extrahuman Union books fit right in that line up, which made me very excited to read the first book in the series, Broken It did NOT disappoint in the slightest.The Extrahuman Union series is set in a very bleak future world, reminiscent of political movements in the past without actually naming them, and perhaps looking at the presidential primaries in the US, also strikingly current In an almost prescient way reminiscent of the power of one of the main characters, Michael Bigelow shows how human mistrust, demagoguery, greed and fear of the other in any way, shape, or form can devolve in the most frightening ways While the book was first published in 2011, reading the novel through the lens of political trends not just in the US, but in Europe as well, might make this book even relevant today than when it was first published.The Others that people fear take the form of the R tons and the Rogarians, the aliens that have come to Earth, and the form of humans with Gifts Anyone who manifest a gift has to join the Extrahuman Union or go off the grid, else they risk getting killed, either by the authorities or by bigots Of course, this isn t a new concept it is at the heart of the X Men too, but Bigelow makes it different through her setting and through the political positioning of the Extrahuman Union Also, there is plotting and betrayal within the Union, which is always fascinating I really liked how Bigelow structured the Extrahuman Union, with the leader of the Union always being Sky Ranger, who is followed by his chosen Sky Cadet With the changing of names there comes a change of position and also an inevitable loss of prior identity and allegiances, something illustrated in the flashbacks we get of Broken s past.While Broken is the titular protagonist, Michael is as much the main character as she is, perhaps even so I loved the interaction between the two even if they never really get to know each other s backgrounds, they grudgingly form a bond that is surprisingly intuitive, having them falling into a working partnership without even having to think about it Self acceptance and re discovering one s identity is a very big theme in the story, both for Michael and Broken, yet their development is very different, travelling different arcs converging on the same point finding a purpose That purpose saving the world is personified in baby Ian, and the way they each care for him in different, but equally awkward ways was fantastic Added to the mix of main characters is Monica, whose R ton style living arrangements in a multiple partner, communal marriage are also considered Other and sees them increasingly persecuted by the larger populace Add to this her membership of the United Nations Party, which has been outlawed, and she has to flee her home to survive and she accompanies the group on their quest to save Ian Each in their own way wants to change the world for the better and all are scarred by the world they live in.There is a lot of history mentioned in the book that is never really elaborated upon, such as the arrival of the R tons and the Rogarian wars What isn t mentioned explicitly is how the world came to be in the state we find it in at the beginning of the book, something I would love to learn about In fact, there is so much I want to know about the universe Bigelow has built Such as, what exactly are the R tons and the Rogarians Do they and humans inhabit the same planets or are they separate What was humanity s reaction when they first encountered these aliens And when did Gifts first start showing up Are they connected to the arrival of the aliens Lots of questions, which I hope we ll get answers to in the next three books.Broken was a fantastic read I absolutely loved the characters and the world and Susan Jane Bigelow made some narrative choices that took a lot of guts and completely blew me away There is a lot of crossover appeal for this one, as I can see a lot of YA readers enjoying this one, even if it is certainly an adult book I can t wait to read the next book in the Extrahuman Union series, Sky Ranger come June If you didn t get into this series when it was first published, you should definitely read it now Come for the superheroes, stay for the characters and world building I highly recommend Broken.This book was provided for review by the publisher.

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    You know, it s all about the classics nowadays We saw the resurgence of the vamps, then the weres, and even the zombies saw a little action recently So, it makes sense that the creme de la creme of supes should reemerge in literature thank you, Susan Bigelow for bringing back actual superheroes in a fantastic way Broken is such an invigorating breath of fresh air If you are looking for a post war, dystopian type read with interesting characters possessing a supernatural twist, this one is for you The book was a bit confusing at the very beginning you are thrown into a paranoid world full of Unions, suspicions and violence The details are a little sketchy, but essentially two warring alien races introduced themselves somewhere in the mid part of this century The human race allies itself to one In the midst of that war, war also broke out on Earth NYC in particular got the holy hell bombed out of it, and now Australia occupies the seat of power for the Earth and its planetary colonies in space It sounds like a lot, but the history is built up through out the book, and you quickly catch on through the alternating third person limited points of view of Michael and Broken Like the synopsis says, Broken is a has been superhero who s lost her ability to fly Flying defined Broken back in the day, and without it, she doesn t feel that she is anything much worth loving Michael is a prescient someone who can look people dead in the face and see their possible futures He has inherited a mission of sorts to get a baby who holds the future peace of the world or its destruction in his tiny hands to a safe place to be raised And he needs Broken to help, but she s turned into a homeless alcoholic Michael has a hook, though, and it s not one that Broken can say no to Seriously, could you say no to your heart s dearest desire I may have to change my tune now about plot driven books because this ride was awesome Not that the characters were lacking, because they weren t in fact, I should say that Broken is a great example of balancing good plot with solid characterization Michael is this baby brother like kid forced into the role of reluctant hero, and wow, could you feel his apprehension about having to do all this He nearly broke my heart sometimes Broken was one of the saddest, most pathetic creatures I ve ever read she and Tom Mackee from The Piper s Son would have some fabulous conversations , and Monica she was the wild card, the one who got thrown into this mess after she loses her family Although not as significant as Broken and Michael, she adds a very human, very poignant touch of being caught up in everything and just trying to deal The writing is tight, simple and its simplicity works well against the gritty landscape of this world, and it moves the story along at a great pace There s a lot that happens in this book, so I think it s a huge testament to the plot that it never felt lacking or lagging in any areas for me Biegelow also keeps you guessing about many things and reveals them slowly through flashbacks and chance encounters In fact, you don t even really know Broken and Michael s ages until you are well into the book About the only thing I could have asked for was a clearer explanation about what happened on Planet We re Screwed a bit earlier in the book but, hey, it s speculative fiction What s the point in reading if you aren t paying attention and figuring things out for yourself This is a book I would suggest for older YA readers there are a few sexual encounters, some language,and a good age range amongst the three main characters In general, there is a very mature, older feel to this book In fact, I see a great crossover potential It deals a lot with ideas we can all relate to that life is about choices, that you have to put your faith in doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is, and that there are things far greater than yourself in this world Sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous and always immersed in the what ifs, Broken is a great book about deciding what your future is and making the choices and taking the actions to get there.

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    Well, I think this book was pretty good, it actually surprised me because I forgot why I downloaded it, haha Probably because it was a superhero novel, and I haven t read a lot of those.This book s strongest thing is originality, it s set in the dystopian future WHY IS EVERYTHING DYSTOPIAN NOW but aliens exist and there are superheroes too The worldbuilding doesn t hold up to a TON of scrutiny, but if you go along for the ride it s really fun, kind of like Looper in a way The main character, a teen called Michael, has powers, and he just knows he has to save a baby he finds to save the world, and the way to do it is through a Broken superhero woman formerly known as SilverWyng.There are some really interesting things here that were surprising, the character relationships were original, and the plotting was pretty good I feel like this might be a first novel, so I would definitely be interested in what this author does in the future, it s so rare you see anything original in the superhero genre, so bravo to that

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    We are publishing the new edition of Broken in the lead up to the first edition publication of the last book in the series, Extrahumans This is awesome, obvs.

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    4.5 StarsNote this is a spoiler free review I wrote for the series covering Broken, Fly Into Fire, and The Spark.Every so often in a reader s life they come across a set of books that makes their jaw drop Not because they re awesome, or surprising, or because they re unlike anything you ve read before, not even because they are so real The Extrahumans series by Susan Jane Bigelow is all these things, but the jaw dropping results from the fact that they are absolutely criminally under read Yes, every time you discover a new author and series to love it is shiny to you, and you get excited and want to tell everyone ever but in the case of Extrahumans, this series isn t just new to me, it s new to nearly everyone in the book community So take notes, because I m about to tell you why Extrahumans is worth your time and money seriously folks, you can purchase this entire trilogy as e books for less than one hardcover would cost you This was it, then No waiting.His heart pounded His possibilities all had this moment, but he didn t have to take it He could put it down He could run away He could live The world would shift and change he felt the possibilities morphing and twisting out ahead of him This moment, than any other, could change them all Take him, the woman said shakily Take him She pressed a warm, squirming bundle into his arms.There was no choice, really He took it from her, and half of the possibilities winked out of existence.Me attempting to pitch Extrahumans to the boyfriend It s the first series I ve read and thought Wow, this would make an amazing graphic novel, but it really works in prose format It has a lot of the same moral issues as X Men, with the grungy aftertaste of Watchmen You know, forcibly retired superheroes only with actual powers so they have an odd standing in society.In fact, it s like Watchmen and X Men had a beautiful awesome baby that grew up to be it s own thing instead of derivative If that makes any sense.Susan Jane Bigelow s Extrahumans is a series that is greater than the sum of its parts She throws us into a dystopian type setting just as the government shifts hands and wrests strict control over the human populated planets of the universe Through this change, we see how those who suffered prejudices under the old government would suffer greatly under a new regime The Extrahumans, a group of humans with powers, have been forcibly rounded up and had their lives restricted to a single tower in New York City Compelled to work for the government, often as some sort of law enforcement, the Extrahumans were robbed of their families, names, and any choice in who they would become.Over the years, some Extrahumans escaped the tower, while others avoided being found in the first place Broken, a former member of the Extrahuman s enforcement squad, escapes with her healing powers after losing her ability to fly Lucky they let go when she became un Lucky Michael the never found Michael is a prescient, able to see potential futures when he looks directly at someone Living outside of Extrahuman society he s marked himself as a Cassandra, able to tell the future that no one will believe no one until he meets Broken Together, Broken and Michael must work together to set events on a course with the best outcome possible for humanity Unfortunately, the other side has a prescient working for them as well.Susan Jane Bigelow has done such an amazing job crafting this series We get to see the world fall apart, but it isn t the world we care about in the long run, it s the individuals It is a story that comes full circle through the letters of a prescient Extrahuman that dies several years before the first book opens If you re looking for your standard dystopian rebellion and government collapse fare, I m afraid you ll have to look elsewhere this isn t it What Extrahumans is is an amazingly written, action packed, and very philisophical examination of what it means to be human.The Extrahumans are a people who have to deal with the labels that have been pressed upon them, right down to the ridiculous superhero names the government gave them Extrahumans Like we re something extra Not really human Just something else that the rest of them don t need But it isn t just the Extrahumans Susan Jane Bigelow uses this world to show us the parallel struggles of all marginalized groups, through gender and sexuality, religion, or political beliefs It is the type of series where the reader will take away as much as they want you can just sit back and enjoy the ride, but you can also grab hold of this wonderful opportunity to really think about everything Susan Jane Bigelow so subtly deals with.For me, Broken, was the most edge of my seat exciting of the three, Fly Into Fire was much slowly paced, but the stakes started to ramp up as the book went on However, The Spark was truly the book that shined of the three, showing how well plotted this story had been from the beginning and focusing on the character who easily became my favorite by the end Each book is different from the others in perspective, pace, and story, but what remains consistent is Susan Jane Bigelow s ability to take the road less traveled She managed to surprise me consistently, and I wanted to hug her by the end for being willing to say screw fate , even if we ll end up where we re meant to be regardless.Original review posted at Bunbury in the Stacks.

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    Originally posted on my blog, SpecFic Junkie.Annoying, eye rolling dialogue paired with cardboard cut out characters, Broken really fails to hold its own Then the book tries to deal with issues like trauma, polyamory, and anarchism, but does so in a way that just makes the author uniformed Oh, and the book is padded Huge margins and text, so the publisher could make it to 300 pages.Broken follows the story of a fourteen year old who is given a kid by a woman before she throws herself in front of a train He has to do the right things so that the child will save the world He s aided in doing these things because he can see future possibilities if he looks in someone s face He knows he needs to pick up a woman who renamed herself Broken after she lost the ability to fly or else bad vague things will happen.The dialogue is all written in short sentences with the same structure It doesn t matter who s talking And sometimes it was just so terrible, not from structure, but from content, that I couldn t figure out if I was laughing or crying at it.Broken is broken and we know it because she calls herself Broken She shows plot convenient brokenness, but nothing approaching what I ve seen in meatspace Just so shallow.Oh, and so one of Broken s friend is living in a poly household And they just go on and on about how alien this is Literally Apparently standard ish poly households were brought to Earth by an alien culture and everyone things it s oh so weird Um At another point, they end up with the American Liberation Army, who fits the standard stereotype of preppers, but see, America is gone now because there s a world government And stuff And everyone hates the extrahumans because they re too powerful And stuff Oh, but so the ALA has to deal with these anarchists but everyone laughs at the anarchists and they just aren t what you d expect The characters are stupidly one dimensional, too They are either evil evil or good good, except for one who basically has some pretty good points, but then he clearly is also evil Which is funny because he makes a statement about how there s no such thing really as good and evil But then he goes and does evil stuff.Here s the thing I get this is YA But just because someone s a teenager doesn t mean they re stupid and you have to treat them like they can t read It s possible to create engaging literature aimed at young adults that isn t simplistic in content or prose It still should be readable and accessible and contain themes that teenagers are interested in.But don t treat kids like they re stupid Because chances are, if they ve picked up your debut novel published by a small press, they re a reader Kids who aren t avid readers don t stumble upon stuff like that And kids who are avid readers can handle a book that challenges them in ways than one.

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    Perhaps it s not surprising after Ryan SpecFic Junkie s review, but I really didn t enjoy this book either The set up sounded kind of cool I enjoy superhero stories in prose, because it s a style of story I m very familiar with from a childhood watching cartoons and Lois Clark, but I m not the world s most visual person and sometimes comics really don t work for me because they require of an eye for detail And a superheroine who has lost her powers teaming up with a guy who can see the future, in order to save a kid okay, I m in.In execution, though, the prose is rather dead, and the characters are exactly as one dimensional as Ryan warned me And the whole thing with the polyamorous household where polyamory has apparently been brought to human culture by aliens and everything s weird and um, no, I know a couple of people who are in polyamorous relationships, some of them like the one described, and it s just not that shocking.Despite the cool sounding premise, I was pretty much immediately turned off by main characters self pity Like Broken she names herself Broken because she s lost her ability to fly And she fritters away her life because she s broken And yes, yes, we get it, you re broken, your whole identity apparently depended on being able to fly Right Tired of that now Originally posted here.

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    This is a beautiful piece of speculative fiction It is set in a dystopian world ruled by an evil dictator, loosely based on our earth, but one in which superheroes exist It is against this background that author Susan Jane Bigelow skillfully crafts the extremely compelling story of a broken superhero and a scared young man who can see the future Together, they must save a child who is mankind s hope for the future.I thought this book was absolutely amazing Bigelow is a gifted writer with a definite talent for story telling I thought the story was fresh and interesting with completely believable characters It was an extremely satisfying read and I am looking forward to a sequel.

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    Broken is a pretty damn amazing novel, if you ll pardon my French It is at once a chilling dystopia and an absorbing story of human emotion, beautifully written and absolutely addictive.Pretty much everything about this book came together wonderfully The world itself, a future Earth that has been shaped by war and encounters with alien races, is both fascinating and frightening, and it s interestingly relevant to me The government is slipping into totalitarian fascism, having been taken over by what are basically human supremacists They not only want to take back power from alien allies, but they also distrust the extrahumans, people born with special powers The Black Bands, as their groups of glorified thugs are called, dispense their own brand of justice to anyone perceived as a dissenter, and riots have begun breaking out all over Earth.In the middle of this is Michael Forward, who is one of the best protagonists I ve run across in quite a while A teenage boy who can see the future in the form of flashes of possibilities he finds himself at the front of an effort to bring peace to Earth and its many colonies and allies He must get a baby to the safety of a colony planet, for this child will grow up either to be their savior or their worst nightmare He can t do this alone, so he finds Broken, a former superhero who let her life fall apart when she lost the ability to fly.Broken, formerly known as Silverwyng, is a deeply compelling character She s at absolute rock bottom and thinks she s worthless without the ability to fly She can heal any wound and can even come back from the dead, but with the sky taken from her, she abandons her home, the Union, and lives on the streets, stealing and scrounging to get by She decides to help Michael for reasons that aren t even really clear to her, and as they try to make their way to the spaceport to get off planet, they meet Monica, a young woman who loses everything to the Black Bands.Of the three main characters, Monica is the least developed, but perhaps this is because none of the story is narrated from her third person point of view Most of the novel switches between Michael s and Broken s points of view, so we get of a sense of the way their minds work, the way they see the world and react to it We only see Monica through Michael and Broken, so our perception of her is colored by their perceptions, and we also don t get much insight into her thoughts or motivations It s an odd choice, to make one of the three main characters a non POV character, and by doing so limit the amount of empathy the reader feels for her But overall, the characters are very rich Michael in particular is my favorite he s the perfect encapsulation of a teenage boy forced to grow up too quickly He feels young, but at the same time, he s the oldest soul in the group I suppose seeing possibilities of your own death every time you look in the mirror will do that to you.The plot rolls along at a solid pace, twisting and turning and building up the tension until I was hanging on every page, desperate to see how it was going to end The world itself is a masterfully created dystopia, and I really like how Bigelow never dumps it on the reader all at once Over the course of the story, we learn and about the world and its history, and there are few things I appreciate in speculative fiction than a well developed world without infodumps.I said in my review of Erekos, the publisher s first offering, that Candlemark and Gleam is an indie publisher to watch Broken is, for me, proof that CG have an eye for excellent, out of the ordinary fiction You should definitely keep an eye on their upcoming works Review originally published at The Discriminating Fangirl