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Charlie Giles inventor of a new digital entertainment system for automobiles is stunned when his life abruptly falls to pieces around him After being publicly humiliated by a seemingly self destructive stunt at a high level meeting Charlie says he was set up by a colleague who apparently doesn’t exist Then he’s fired from his company after an audit reveals that he used his computer to access pornographic web sites he swears he never did but the evidence is conclusive Fearing he could be losing his mind Charlie turns to his brother Joe who suffers from schizophrenia for advice But when Charlie’s former colleagues start getting murdered he realizes that whatever is happening isn’t going on entirely inside his own head

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    Delirious is billed as a thriller but so much A very touching and affecting portrait of the effect mental illness has on a family especially two brothers and how they come to understand each other under very difficult circumstances so a great thriller indeed but also a coming of age aspect too David Palmer is a superb writer The character of Charlie evolves so very much over the course of this superb book The reader's understanding of the mentally ill and the challenges they face not just from their illness but from the perceptions of others is expressed with grace and great skill The thriller aspect of Delirious is gripping and coupled with the mystery inherent in the plot David Palmer has hit a grand slam at his very first time at batAN OFFICIAL JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB MUST READRICK FRIEDMANFOUNDERTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB

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    I had a hard time reading this book It is an excellently crafted thriller It has a unique set up but one that is particularly personal to me I am not schizophrenic like Joe the main character's brother But I am epileptic and the twist in this book really bothered me It is horrifying to think that something like this is possible But I'm scared that it might be