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This is nonfiction commentary Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from than a million books without charge Chapters The Alchemist the Devil and Miss Prym Veronika Decides to Die Eleven Minutes the Witch of Portobello the Zahir by the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept the Pilgrimage the Fifth Mountain the Valkyries

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    The old king the two gems the Personal Legend and the journey itself were charming I could have done without the 'Christian' references however I think the story would have been stronger and philosophical if God Jesus had been brought into the tale in a different way Discussion of Islam and Allah made sense but somehow talk of God was at odds with the Language of the Universe etcI wish we could all pursue our Personal Legends I must compose a comparison of The Alchemist and The Wizard of Oz If I can't find it in my own back yard

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    It was a refreshing handful of pages

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    This is a fictional account of a young Andulusian shepherd and the uest for his personal legend callinghappiness It is a parable the story is pleasant and simple to read and the messages are clear for example be true to yourself and your goals and your life will work out the way that you really want it to and the way that it is intended I had heard of the book for a very long time and a uotation from it was read aloud at my daughter's wedding My expectations for the story and its message may have been too high It was a choice by my Book Group from the Great American Read list

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    Decent and short read A nice little tale of lifes mysteries with a religious twistWorth a read but it wont change your life

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    I appreciate how Paulo Coelho define emotions in a nutshell Ultimately I was fascinated by how he magnified the importance of listening to the desires of one's heart and how much motivation there is in a wonderful powerful dreamHe captured the constantly ignored facts emanating from the simplest acts observed in daily life and turned them into lessons wonderfully written and completely defined D

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    very beautiful book it teaches us how sometimes we re looking so hard for things that we already have without even noticing its a great novel that helps us appreciate what have than what we want

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    I've seen this listed among Books Everyone Should Read It wasn't too long so I gave it a try After finishing it I wondered if I really wanted to read a self help book? I felt like I felt after reading JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL Why?

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    was amazing very interesting book 3When you want something with all your heart that’s when you are closest to the Soul of the World It’s always a positive force

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    2nd time through enjoy reading this book and will read it again sometime