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It is the twilight of mankind Depleted by generations of war with a dark race the human kingdoms and their ancient alliance stand on the brink of extinction The outlands are soaked with the blood of the fallen The midlands are rotting with decadence and despairElfkind estranged by past crimes watches and waits for nature to run its courseAnd then the two collideAyden's life has long been guided by two emotions love for his sister and hatred of all things human When he's captured in battle he must for his sister's sake swallow his pride and endure slavery in the service of a human prince Freyrik FarrFreyrik's always known elves to be beautiful and dangerous but never has one affected him as deeply as Ayden Can his life of service to his people leave room for this attraction? Dancing on a dagger's edge between duty and high treason Freyrik discovers that some choices can change a life and some an entire worldBetween prejudice politics pride and survival Ayden and Freyrik must carve a new path no matter how daunting For nothing less than the fate of both their peoples rests on the power of their perseverance and their loveNote This edition is a re release of the same novel first published in 2010 by Guiltless Pleasure PublishingThis title is #1 of the Song of the Fallen seriesWarning this title contains the following sensitive themes explicit violence

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    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Might Contain Spoilers⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ The book centers around human Crown Prince of Farr Freyrík ‘Rík’ Farr 29 and elfkind Ayden Vaska 800 When Ayden gets captured in battle he becomes Freyrik's slave But for his sister's sake Ayden must endure his slavery and hide his hatred for the humans Freyrík plans to use Ayden in the Surge what he did not plan however was to actually start to care for the elf Overall the book wasn't bad per se though the ending scenes view spoilerthe whipping with over 200 lashes hide spoiler

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    Audio 4 starsStory 4 starsNot as dark as I thought an enemies to lovers captiveenslaved story would be Ayden is an elf He and his sister are captured by humans and taken to Prince Freyrik As far as captors go Freyrik is very accommodating Ayden is resentful and insolent I loved him He had me laughing up a storm It takes a long while but Freyrik eventually wins him over Even so their love is forbidden and they can't consider a life long relationshipEnjoyable story There's good action some violence and some steam I'm baffled as to why this has been shelved under bdsm ????

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    Lent to me KindleDearest Rachel Hmmm lets see it is late right now I could not put the book down I had to know how the story unfolded as I was unable to plot its course while reading Therefore I may not make complete coherent sense So let me try1 I was deep into the story and the characters I hated them I loved them I wanted to scratch their eyes out I wanted to hold them I am a character driven reader I need to know and feel who they are or the story is just a story and to me this book was than a story2 I hate you Sorry I do There is no joy in cliffs Oh you may think there is but no there is not You have a secret and you get to taunt us with it over great periods of time Let me just tell you the seuel better come out soon and be as tight as Counterpoint Well okay like I said it is late and I am being a bit dramatic But really put me out of my misery 3 I want the ferals to come and scratch some human's eyes out Start with Kona that bitch and work you way down to the petitioners Oh I get her I understand her but she is still a bitch4 I would like an all powerful elf to come in behind the ferals after they have killed all the idiots and breath some intelligence into the humans that are left Personally I do not think that is much to ask for 5 Can I keep Ayden? I do not think I am his type but I would like to try To close this rather strange review Rachel Thank you for the great reading Recommendation if you like a good fantasy story with some yummy humanelf love even though it did not happen until 66% of the book read this book Yes you read this book

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    The first kiss Bloody fucking swoon Review edited 1642013I know that this review is going to be a huge jump from my previous review and rating which started off from a perfect 5 till I weaned it down to 4 now 35I think that previously I was a worried and perhaps a bit scared about having a different review amongst what seemed to be the raving masses Nowadays however it bugs me every time I see this review So now I've just decided to adopt a 'fuck this' attitude and write whatever I want because conforming to the masses is so utterly pointless and it's unfair to the author and would be readers I found this a rather trying read It had the most beautiful world building I'd seen in ages The world was intricate and so damn alive It felt so real and gritty that I was immediately captivated by itThe characters on the other hand didn't capture me so much I don't even remember their personalities any outstanding ualities and whatnot They were both understandably in complicated positions but seriously give a girl something to work with pleaseBut the thing is that's all well and good but there was something else that bugged the living daylights out of me It remained nameless up until recently and only became unearthed because of a lovely friend of mine MercyThis 'thing' that bugged me most was the lack of passion in this book Going into this book with this preconception of a brilliant fiery starcrossed love is something I and I'm sure many others did However that wasn't delivered Yet it was only 6 months later with the unwitting prompting of a friend that I could name this niggling problem I had with this book In some ways and in some corner of my mind I can appreciate the realistic approach I suppose The tone shows the impossibility of this situation and the passion would have to stem from the glorification of the situation But to glorify it would be speeding up a process of shedding various beliefs and age old hatred So yes appreciation but liking it? Perhaps not so muchI'm sure that many readers will disagree with me But even so amongst a sea of their fan girl love I think I'd prefer to hold my opinion This book was in some ways brilliant make no mistake about that but perhaps not as explosive as I like my brilliantOh and I don't remember the first kiss which is sufficiently awkward since that's all my first review said

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    The begin of the book is soooooooo great and I adore this first part when you will be introduced to the elf AdydenWith his uncontrollable hair and wild spirit Ayden is perfect I love this character and was astonished by his bravery Trying to save his sister from humans he will be captured finishing in the hands of the king's brother the Prince FreyrikFreyrik is desperate fighting against ferals and will see in Ayden the weapon against those magical perverted animals Indeed the elf is the only one capable to tell about those creatures but there is Freyrik want not only the great and wild fighter but also the handsome and possible best lover he could desireSo why 5 stars?I love the hard relationship developmentI adore the fantastic worldAnd I can't wait to read I will not spoil but finally after to many pages eating my nails everything was ALMOST in a perfect point BUT something unexpected happened and I'm dying to know what will happen now5 stars and I MUST read one book was not enough

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    I have mixed feelings about this book it takes place in a world where humans are at odds with elfkind every other species it seems Ayden and his sister are captured by humans and Ayden is then made into a slave for Prince Freyrik Farr who is running the kingdom in his brother's absence The good in the book is the character of Ayden He's defiant funny snarky gives the book most of its energy Freyrik is immediately attracted to him and keeps him as his slave The two of them have some nice interchanges and challenge each other to think throughout the book The tone is lighthearted at times between them and even though the romance doesn't uite work for me because the power rests too much on one side both characters show some growth in the story On the other hand Freyrik has 3 wives and several children He acts the part of benevolent slave owner than potential lover He does his best to make sure that Ayden is somewhat comfortable but only when they're alone together When they venture out he always has to compromise in favor of Ayden being hurt or humiliated in some way He is powerful powerless at the same time as apparently he has to do what his people wants no matter how brainless the reuests are This combination of powerless slave Ayden powerless ruler Freyrik just made for frustrating reading If the best you can say about a love interest is at least he didn't rape you then it's hard to be a captivating love storyI started to have trouble with the book really at the point where the relationship between Ayden Freyrik is consummated Ayden's character does an about face from outright hostility to lovey dovey that just didn't fit the character Then we have the battle of the Surge which highlighted the real underlying issue I had which is the very negative view of humans in this book Other than Freyrik there's no good humans in this book They're evil distrustful bigoted ignorant rapists and every other bad thing you can think of There's no other exception in this book no man no woman no child who tries to be better to learn to accept to grow This whole concept becomes overwhelmingly depressing and completely started to overshadow any interest I had in Freyrik and Ayden as a coupleOther characters in the book are not fleshed out We get a scene with Ayden's sister where she twitters and twirls and asks him to be nice to the ladythe one who gets him continuously beaten up She comes across as a real simpleton and not worthy of all the sacrifices Ayden does for her In fact women are not acuitted well in this story at all This is a real beef of mine; the way women are portrayed in these negative ways in mm books There are some love scenes between Ayden and Freyrik in the later parts of the book but the atmosphere becomes so ominous and things look so forbidding for Ayden that I found it hard to concentrate on those scenes I felt the book really reached a natural end at the end of the battle This way we could look towards the next book to see how Freyrik and Ayden would work out a relationship under the constraints of rulership what would happen to Ayden's sister Freyrik's brother the king etc Instead the book goes on for about another 100 pages that I found a struggle to get through Because they return to the castle and everything is exactly the same as the beginning of the book Nothing like reading 400 pages to get back to exactly where you started After that it ends on a really unnecessary cliffhanger that doesn't promise any good things to come for Ayden While I'm interested to see how things turn out for Freyrik Ayden I did spend many pages with these two characters I'm unsure about the seuel as of right now

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    35 starsI enjoyed this audio Ayden and Freyrik had a lot of tension but Freyik eventually wore Ayden downAyden and his sister are elves who were captured by humans all the humans in the book were terrible and Ayden was so worried that his sister would be raped that he consented to be a sex partner for the princePrince Freyrick was ruling the country in his brother's absence but he was a much kinder rulerAyden was so distrustful of humans but prince Frey eventually earned his trust However this relationship had a slave master and slave power dynamic even though Frey never treated Ayden badly unless they were in public So It was a little hard to believe that the proud Ayden fought beside Frey during the surgeI did like them together though

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    Amazing It was so far beyond five stars I don't think I can even count that highIt didn't have the level of darkness I expect from Rachel Haimowitz darkness which ended up being preferable but it was perfect The scope of everything the creativity of the characters the beauty of the love affair and the emotion behind the whole thing it was truly incredibleThe audio was fantastic

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    ^^A POINT WELL EFFIN MADE^^Counterpoint is one of those epic love stories that completely engages the reader and makes you fall in love I was completely caught up in the characters and the world created I will say honestly that I wanted to read this book because the cover is just so impressive It drew my eye and it turned out that this book is than just a pretty cover pffft pretty cover like a sexy coverThis book as I said before is epic epic fantasy that is Its pure fiction from the war with the ferals; to its hatred between men and elves It can also be described as historical without actually being historic From the horses lands armour and fighting soldiers It offers up all the things I like in my historical romance but with a great twist and an elf that just makes me happy It is a book for all my fantasy lovers and those looking for a book with romance that was a progression and did not happen in like 20 pages into the bookAyden is an eight hundred year old elf Watching a war play out between humans and feral beasts Feral beasts are animals that have been taken over by some form of darkness and changed them into beasts Their intent is to destroy and their targets are humans Ayden feels no love for the humans he thinks them beasts also arrogant and stupid and they share the land has enemies The elves on their side and the humans in their own little world Until his sister enters human territory and he has no choice but to go in and save her when humans soldier are hot on her trail He fights to protect his sister but loses the battle and is captured him and his sister bothActing King Freyric is up to his ears in politics and war he is prince but his brother crowned king is away due to the war with the ferals That leaves Freyric to the responsibilities of life at court When word gets to him about the capture of elves one of the elves slaying sixteen of his men his job is to lay out punishment That becomes hard when his eyes land on the beautiful and battered Ayden The stirrings of lust rushes forth but Freyric is feeling something else and makes Ayden his personal slave This leads to a passionate story about a man fighting to save his people and an elf warrior fighting to save his sister and leave the human world What they never expected was to fall in loveI thought this book was gonna be one of those stories where the captured falls in love with his evil and domineering master Forced to succumb to his lust but eventually starting to care for the man I was in for a treat Miss Haimowitz manages the progression of feelings so beautifully Here is a Freyric a man of power who can take what he wants from Ayden yet he was always such a gentleman Never perfect not always gentle but his attitude and apparent feelings for the elf was one of the reasons why this book was so enjoyableA friendship is formed wrapped in powerful emotions and it’s through this man and elf found a bond Freyric must convince Ayden to help with the war but Ayden cares nothing for humans and they care nothing for him The people of Farr would love to see Ayden suffer but their prince protects him and this very reason is causing suspicion of Freyric Therefore it becomes a story of sacrifice what manelf is willing to give up in the name of love Will Freyric risk the love and respect from his people and will Ayden throw out pride and sacrifice himself all in the name of loveThis book is for fans of true romance who enjoy a good plot and smart and witty characters I am a fan because I fell in love with Ayden’s humour and his strong spirit I love Freyric’s loyalty and his compassion; he is just a “wow” of a character I loved that sex played a secondary role to the story and its characters I loved the sexual tension I loved the world building I freaking loved it all I recommend this read in a big way BIG WAYI look forward to the second because this book ended with my heart in my throatReviewed for TDB Reviews

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    OHMYGODS I loved this bookThis book was picked for me to read as a challenge and I dove in without reading the blurb or any reviews I really didn't know what to expect other than that this was mm fantasy and it had a cliffhanger It also has one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seenI found the World very interesting with the song and abilities of the elven people the barbarism and prejudices of the humans and the madness of the FeralsDarkers There was a bit of world building in the beginning and it took me only about two chapters to get used to the lyrical language I was confused for a while about the Surge and what it was exactly But thankfully it was explained at the appropriate moment I found the contrast between the beliefs of the humans compared to Ayden’s memory of the Great Betrayal fascinating It makes me curious about how inaccurate our own histories are I loved this line Ayden speaks to the humans “Now you die while we live on and you’ve no one to blame but your selves So do not speak of betrayal behind my back humans For the Great Betrayal is your shame not mine” I absolutely loved Freyrík and Ayden Enemies to lovers has always been one of my favorite themes Freyrík was torn between what he believed and what was his duty Its sad but I understand his dilemma with how he wanted to treat Ayden and the things he was forced to do I hope to see him make a few sacrifices in the next book but he did prove is love of Ayden many times over in my opinion I couldn’t find the words to say what I loved about Ayden so I’m going to have to agree with why Freyrík loved him “that clever mind that sharp tongue and droll wit His love for Ella manifested in sacrifice and secret smiles; his sense of honor and duty; his pride in the face of unceasing subjugation His joy of nature his respect for all things living his skill with well everything”Oh man The sexual tension in this book was torture I was dying by the time Ayden and Freyrík finally kissed It was really powerful and beautiful and I felt like I could actually hear it and feel it myself Also there were not many explicit sex scenes I found the sex between Freyrík and Ayden eual and not like that of a captor and his slave In the bedroom Freyrík treated Ayden as his eual partner lover and friend Unfortunately this was not the case around others’ eyes and ears There are a few brutal beating scenes that were painful to read Also there is NO non consensual sex so don’t be worried about reading this book for fear of rape Be aware that this isn't a light happy book It is very heavy and epic Although I did find myself freuently laughing out loud at the snarky banter between Ayden and FreyríkThis is for Rachel and her cliffhangerimage error