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The powerful uilts of Harriet Powers 1837 1910 a former Athens Georgia slave continue to capture our imagination today Her two known creations the Bible uilt and the Pictorial uilt have independently survived since stitched than a century ago Over the years thousands of museum visitors to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington DC and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston have stood transfixed viewing her artwork Powers' two uilts are arguably the most well known and cited coverings in American uilt history But until today no one has told the entire dramatic story of how these two uilts one of which initially sold for 5 were coveted cared for and cherished for decades in private homes before emerging as priceless national treasures This I Accomplish Harriet Powers' Bible uilt and Other Pieces brings to light new exciting facts many never before published complete exhibition history for both known uilts; proof Harriet Powers was a literate award winning uilter who stitched at least five uilts and promoted her own artwork; profiles of the two nineteenth century women who sought to purchase the Bible uilt; profiles of the three men who once owned the Pictorial uilt; unveiling of a young artist who embellished the Pictorial uilt; and the name of the person who first made the connection in the twentieth century that Harriet Powers stitched both uilts This I Accomplish Harriet Powers' Bible uilt and Other Pieces is the most comprehensive resource guide on this influential African American uilter The book includes nearly 200 bibliographic references most annotative including books exhibition catalogs newspapers plays poetry interactive map and For the first time ever readers are provided with clues and encouraged to search for Harriet Powers' lost 1882 Lord's Supper uilt This I Accomplish Harriet Powers' Bible uilt and Other Pieces is written by Kyra E Hicks a uilter whose story uilts have appeared in over forty group exhibitions in places such as the Feni Art Museum in Cooperstown NY the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC and the American Folk Art Museum in NY Hicks is the author of Black Threads An African American uilting Sourcebook and Martha Ann's uilt for ueen Victoria She lives in Arlington Virginia

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    I'm glad that this book exists and i'm glad that i read it I wish though that it had gone through a traditional publishing process instead of being self published and edited only by someone at Scribe On Demand The academic sections with footnotes and third person narration are excellent but the first person sections of authorial insertion feel awkward and rudimentary by contrast and often it's a direct juxtaposition within the same chapter or paragraph even I'm not at all opposed to the author's presence on the page in a book of nonfiction i like reading about the research process itself in tandem with the results of that research In this book though the long sections of rhetorical uestions are clumsily presented and the relation of authorial emotional responses could have used a few thoughtful rewrites For example every time the I of the narrator finds a new and previously unknown piece of information about her subject she screamed and cried After the third time using this exact phrase i found myself wishing she'd also discovered a thesaurus in one of these archives Sections of it also feel like notes to self for delivering a presentation to a local uilt society or something In short i wish Hicks had a literary agent and an experienced editor with a vested interest in honing the compositional uality of her manuscript because the information about the provenance of the Powers uilts and Powers herself would be a fantastic topic for a creative nonfiction long form book

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    This was an odd booksort of half academic half an interesting story I would rather the author had told it as her discovery the the interesting tidbits she was able to glean It was great to read on my iPad though so I could see the photos of the uilt in color and with good detail

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