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The thrilling seuel to POSSESSEDRayne's countryside escape has proven to be anything but the remote mansion house where she lives and works holds terrible secrets and she feels trapped there And when a new manager shows up things take an even sinister turnRayne doesn't know who to trust even the ghosts of Morton's Keep seem to be warning her It's up to Rayne to overcome the ancient evil lurking here but how?

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    When I learned that Consumed Fire and Rayne in the UK was being released stateside I was excited I enjoyed the previous book Possessed and was eager to find out what lay in store for Rayne and for Morton’s Keep Kate Cann has done a great job with this seuel giving us a hair raising tale that tops the first book and brings Rayne’s story to a thrilling conclusionSir Simeon Lingwall’s modern day pawn has been defeated and his basement chamber of horrors filled in with concrete — so why is Rayne still seeing and hearing uncanny things and why are gruesome crimes being committed in and around the town of Marcle Lees? Rayne begins to suspect the evil has not been completely laid to rest and may be rising again even stronger than before The only hope of stopping it lies in traditions half remembered by the townspeople and in Rayne’s connection with the mysterious Green Lady Possessed hinted at an ancient evil in Morton’s Keep but focused on a seventeenth century man who invoked it for his own sadistic ends Consumed delves deeper into the past and the folk rituals of Marcle Lees I loved the greater emphasis on the pagan survivals and the pacing is terrific in this installment with each piece of backstory being revealed at just the right moment Rayne has to decide who to trust as the danger mounts Sometimes she can be a frustrating protagonist trusting unscrupulous characters too easily while refusing to trust characters who really do have her best interests at heart She’s always relatable though as she struggles with disbelief fear and anger before accepting her role in the happenings at the Keep The romantic plotline is well done and refreshingly devoid of the “we’re fated to be together” trope so common in YA fantasy In fact Rayne uestions the relationship at times and wants to be sure the attraction is not just because of the supernatural events Consumed builds to a suspenseful climax in which Rayne and friends face off against the people who would bring back the ancient evil The conclusion leaves room for RAYNE books if Cann chooses to write them but it’s a satisfying ending and I highly recommend these two books as a duology Cann combines history suspense and romance into an addictive spooky tale

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    45 starsI have to say that it was better than the first book in the series I thought this book was interesting than the first book but towards the ending of the first book it got better in the end This one was kind of like that I was into the characters than the first book I felt like we kind of had a connection

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    I was so psyched to hear that there was a seuel to Possessed I don't know if that book got the buzz it deserved Things I like about Possessed and Consumed1 It's not really paranormal like supernatural There's a difference for me maybe I'm thinking in marketing terms2 It's got a traditional mystery element mixed in because the main characters are just normal people trying to figure weird stuff out ok so Rayne has a connection to the Green Lady but she's not like an angel or a werewolf or in love with an angel or a werewolf3 PAGANISM THE BRITISH ISLES suee4 There's not a whole lot of dithering Rayne is very direct She's on the train with Ethan She looks at him She thinks to herself that she wants to kiss him She thinks of other things Even when she's not sure if he likes her for her or for her connection to the mystical there's no tortured hemming and hawing She gets depressed about it but goes on about her life I appreciate thisIt was such a pleasure to read this book And it made me want to watch the original Wicker Man

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    I guess I didn't learn the first time around This book was creepier than the first and I read it through the night Kate Cann certainly knows how to incite feelings of paranoiaor maybe that's just me

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    One of my favourite books ever Loved it It had everything horror mystery and romance I recommend this to everyone

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    This book was a bit better than the first one The story was so much faster paced It still had the issue of wrapping up every major plotline within a few pages but ah wellWhile the title of the book isn't a lie this time the story really does involve fire the blurb does make it seem a little bit scarier than it is Something about how ghosts are warning Rayne that something bad is about to happen I believe there to be a grand total of one ghost in the whole book and he gets about a paragraph of timeand he isn't even warning Rayne He does not make an appearance again despite the book making it seem to be like a big dealIf you haven't read the first book shortly before this one then you are probably going to be confused as hell This one makes almost constant references to the first book You aren't given a frame of reference You need to remember what certain throwaway comments meant It doesn't really impact the story but it is pretty annoyingFINALLY the author started out the book with the characters swearing This seemed to be forgotten by about page 20 and it never happened again Again not an issue but it was weird

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    Consumed by Kate Cann is full of suspense and it also has a hint of terror in this book This book talks about how the main character Rayne is cursed by a ghost in a stone at the top of Wildhern Valley and whenever she was at a festival and it had a fire lit she was always see the green lady in the middle of the fire I rated this book a 4 out of 5 stars because even though it was an okay book I only choose this book because it the book sounded like it had horror inside the book so I chose it but it didn't really have it but even though it didn't have that much horror in the book I still enjoyed this book and I recommend this bool to people that like horror and books that are filled with suspense

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    Just finished this bookA must read for sure Fire the second book of the series is definitely interesting there is a lot of action and background described in this book compared to its 1st book Possessed The author is not yet done with this series so let us see how the story will be continued

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    One of the things I love about Kate Cann is the way both Possessed and Fire Rayne invoke the mixed serenity and severity of nature rather than with “paranormal” elements Cann embraces all nature’s powers and the worship of the Green Lady as her literary mysticism Her lead has no telepathic powers no vampire or werewolf friends but simply a burgeoning affinity for the natural world With her mixed heritage Rayne Peters is a child of the earth and a favorite of the Green Lady This reverence to nature the cosmos and the natural order that is present in Cann’s novels make it inherent to simply take her pages in stride surrender to the enveloping mood that creeps over you page after page like a mist rolling in from the moors In many ways Cann’s take ends up being believable than the most complicated paranormal plot and what makes her story mood and voice so distinctiveThis time for Rayne and her small band of friends the evil of Simeon Lingwall’s legacy has started up again and this time the whole town of Marcle Lees is involved If they are not careful the miasma will not come creeping from under the flagstones of Morton’s Keep but through the front door and endanger everyone in the vicinity The good towns folk must dig into the history and rituals of the fire festivals in order to combat this lethal threat That means Rayne will be working closely with Ethan Within that history and their local religion they must seek out and protect the six sacred goddess sites before the cult of Simeon Lingwall’s followers desecrate them It is said that on the 6th cursed act the evil buried beneath the keep will be freedIs the ghost of Simeon Lingwall acting through St John and his followers again or is it some new threat? Since the arrival of Mr Stuart’s new estate manager Louisa Skelton the house has been slowly coming back to life as it was in Lingwall’s time Capitalizing on the keep’s past history Skelton has launched a website has been staging elaborate gothic dinners and concerts She has forced out the old protectors like Mrs Barton Mrs Driver and even Rayne And the keep’s haunts can’t help but eagerly wait for the evil to flourish once again Rayne can feel its oppressive presence slinking ever closer to her and the ones she lovesCann has deliciously upped the ante in many ways Cann has deliciously upped the ante in many ways Cann has deliciously upped the ante in many ways Possessed's scintillating seuel is full of chilling action romance YES contemplation murder mayhem magic and a sinister moodiness that is pervasive throughout the book Rayne has finally embraced who she is with one minor setback Cramphurst Estate is no longer home for her Rayne must look forward She’s still crushed about St John but well rid of him and it’s cleared a path for Ethan But will she take that step? Will Ethan prove himself different from St John? Why is she so drawn to him? Will she also admit that she is part of the community and the necessary force behind the fight? The village cannot combat the threat without her With the most recent murder and attacks they need her Fire Rayne is all about her taking on the mantle of her responsibilities and readers will find that all their uestions will be answered within its delicious pages Deeply suspenseful meshed with romantic elements and simply uniue Cann is fast becoming one of my new favorite YA authorsA Fiendishly Bookish Review

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    ConsumedI initially picked the book off the shelf because of the back cover descriptor “It was ghosts dancingThey were responding to the music” I was searching for a ghost story nothing goryI finished reading Consumed after several jump starts I was not initially engaged in the story however I found myself returning to the book to fill a few afternoons of uiet time I admit my lack of engagement is mostly due to the fact that I haven’t read the first book in the series so I was catching up to the story thru vague references from the main characters I found the author’s conversational writing style moved the story along fairly uickly As an adult reading a story meant for teenmiddle grade readers I could find myself being critical to some of the story lines The conflicted romance between Rayne and Ethan held absolutely no interest for me I was solely interested in the good vs evil battle I was thrown off by the anticlimactic scenes at the end of the novel and how easily the characters went on to party; always seeming to have beer and food available At times I wanted to grab hold of Mrs Driver and shake sense into her warn her of the evilThe author neatly wraps up the other conflictsstory lines rather uickly in the end Was this important to me? I don’t know I wasn’t even thinking about Rayne’s family at the end of the story given she’d moved back to Morton’s Keep however the author provides us closure to how Rayne will most likely not interact with her family into the future uick explanations are given about the treatment of the folks conjuring up the evil again I thought it was a bit too simplistic but again for a teenmiddle aged reader an important aspectFor anyone looking for an engaging ghost story without the gore present in many paranormal novels I’d recommend this book and I should seek out the first novel leading up to Consumed