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Often follow up books seem written to capitalise on the first book s success and this is no exception It seems as though Genova has invented a new genre, neurological chicklit I didn t think it was as good as her first book, Still Alice but perhaps that s in part because Still Alice had a likeable protagonist who progressed through a disease and the reader travelled with her In Left Neglected, Sarah Nickerson is not a likeable person, she s just too up herself with her boasting at every opportunity of what a success she is in business and as a supermother I was sympathetic to her story of brain damage and the consequential loss of attention to her left side but her condition and the book never got better and the adjustments she made weren t really the stuff or drama, or even much improvement At the end of the story she is less overbearing than at the start, but first impressions do count, and she didn t make a good one on me.The neurological condition was interesting I had heard of it but not much about it I probably would have gone on thinking it was an all or nothing kind of disorder if you have it you re doomed forever never to know that the left side of the world and yourself exists if I hadn t read V.S Ramachandran s Phantoms in the Brain Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind This is a really interesting neurological disorder book, scientific than Oliver Sacks and just as interesting, even if Ramachandran isn t such a warm and personally engaging author as Sacks In Phantoms, there is so much to left neglect, or hemispatial neglect as it is also called An aside right neglect scarcely exists because of the way the brain processes information There is much treatment that can be offered to a sufferer, from prism glasses, to vibration of the neck muscles to focus attention, plus many other drug and behavioural therapies Very little of this is mentioned in Left Neglect It is as if the author had thought of a good idea and then thought the technical stuff just doesn t fit the story and that character rather than plot will be the mainstay of the book.Not a bad book by any means But the essence of light fiction is immediate identification and sympathy with the protagonists and their situation, think Bridget Jones s Diary, if that is missing there has to be something deeper or exciting to take it s place and there wasn t anything, or not for me It was just a one note book, and for that it gets 3 stars. Sarah Nickerson Is Like Any Other Career Driven Supermom In Welmont, The Affluent Boston Suburb Where She Leads A Hectic But Charmed Life With Her Husband Bob, Faithful Nanny, And Three Children Lucy, Charlie, And Nine Month Old Linus Between Recruiting The Best And Brightest Minds As The Vice President Of Human Resources At Berkley Consulting Shuttling The Kids To Soccer, Day Care, And Piano Lessons Convincing Her Son S Teacher That He May Not, In Fact, Have ADD And Making It Home In Time For Dinner, It S A Wonder This Over Scheduled, Over Achieving Harvard Graduate Has Time To Breathe A Self Confessed Balloon About To Burst, Sarah Miraculously Manages Every Minute Of Her Life Like An Air Traffic Controller Until One Fateful Day, While Driving To Work And Trying To Make A Phone Call, She Looks Away From The Road For One Second Too Long In The Blink Of An Eye, All The Rapidly Moving Parts Of Her Jam Packed Life Come To A Screeching Halt A Traumatic Brain Injury Completely Erases The Left Side Of Her World, And For Once, Sarah Relinquishes Control To Those Around Her, Including Her Formerly Absent Mother Without The Ability To Even Floss Her Own Teeth, She Struggles To Find Answers About Her Past And Her Uncertain Future Now, As She Wills Herself To Regain Her Independence And Heal, Sarah Must Learn That Her Real Destiny Her New, True Life May In Fact Lie Far From The World Of Conference Calls And Spreadsheets And That A Happiness And Peace Greater Than All The Success In The World Is Close Within Reach, If Only She Slows Down Long Enough To Notice Left Neglected is another medical novel by Lisa Genova set in a fictional town called Wellmont really Belmont Massachusetts Sarah Nickerson, a career driven Harvard MBA HR consultant, gets in a car accident which leaves her with Left Neglect A brain injury where the victim s mind cannot identify the left side of her body or surroundings Sarah does not do well in her new situation, but you can t fell much sympathy as she is not a likable character.This was a book club choice and a disappointment I very much enjoyed Lisa Genova s Inside the O Briens and would recommend reading this instead of Left Neglected.3 out of 5 stars I felt intellectual while indulging in Lisa Genova s latest novel, Left Neglected I wish my chemistry textbook was as interesting as this book, maybe then I d be inclined to actively participate in class.Anyway, reading this book was a vicarious experience It is about a self proclaimed overachiever, Sarah Nickerson She manages a position as vice president of a prominent consulting company as well as her husband and three kids This Harvard graduate suffers from an overbooked schedule, but still strives for success despite the strain placed upon her One fateful day, an unexpected car accident completely erases her ability to process anything on her left side she even loses the capability to move her left arm and leg Now Sarah must climb an entirely different mountain one that doesn t detail spread sheets or coworkers, but regaining half of her entire world.In Driver s Education today, my teacher had students wear vision impairing goggles and attempt to pass a mock sobriety test The probable purpose of this lesson was to show the negative effects of impairment through illegal substances, but the entire time, I was thinking about Left Neglected I struggled saliently when I wore the goggles for about two minutes I could not walk in a straight line, keep my balance, or throw a ball accurately to someone two feet away from me When I finally removed the goggles, a sense of relief flooded through me.But what if I had to keep the goggles on Permanently, instead of ephemerally Even worse, what if I lost half of my whole vision irrevocably That is what Sarah must deal with, a frightening disorder called Left Neglect This book was not as intensely depressing as I assumed it to be, however there are prevalent poignant moments where Sarah s recovery truly touched me She goes from being averse to wasting even a minute of the day, and then being forced to receive help while doing daily tasks such as dressing and eating.I not only learned about Left Neglect by reading this book, but the effect it has on people I am already awaiting Genova s next great book.Want to read of my reviews Follow me here. DNFI stopped reading this at a little under the half way mark It s terrible It s boring It s repetitive The main character is self absorbed, insufferable and unlikable I got tired of hearing about how great she is, how great she is at her job, how well educated she isover and over again eyeroll The dream sequences at the beginning of the earlier chapters had me scratching my head I m not sure what the significance was.I also found her reaction to the traumatic brain injury she sustained in the car accident to be unbelievable The minute she regains consciousness, after surgery and being unconscious for eight days, she starts to worry about her hairy legs and chin hairs I stroke my chin, expecting to feel my Little Pig beard, but touch only smooth skin My leg feels like a farm animal, which suggests I haven t shaved in at least a week, Really I don t know if the book improves in the second half and I don t particularly care enough about Sarah to bother finding out.I loved Still Alice but this was a big disappointment I find it hard to believe it was written by the same author.I hated it I didn t find this book as powerful or influential as Genova s other two books, Still Alice and Inside the O Briens, in fact the medical tragedy theme is starting to become quite a repetitive and predictable pattern, but I still love this author s prose and the way she captures everyday life shattered by the unthinkable. I found the topic of this book, that is the disability suffered by the main character, to be very interesting indeed and some of her problems and therapies were fascinating.However I found I could not like her at all and this detracted from my pleasure in the book There was a good story in there which kept me going to the end but I can t say I enjoyed all of it It was okay but not one of the better books I have read this year so far. First of all, I think that the title of this book is very clever, just like the novel When I picked up this book and even after reading the blurb, I had no idea that this book was about a neurological condition in fact, I d never even heard of Left Neglect which is a condition also known as hemispatial neglect This book definitely opened my eyes and taught me about this condition which I previously had no idea about It was interesting to hear about the main character, Sarah, both before and after her accident and seeing the impact that her condition had not only on herself but upon the people around her, too The other, emotionally based neglect regarding Sarah s relationship with her mother was also well written and rather emotional The way it was intertwined with the dealing of Sarah s condition was very sensitively handled I also thought it was very positive that the message of not using your phone whilst driving was reinforced near the end of the book There was some light hearted humour which ran through the book too, which made it easier to read Genova really managed to get into Sarah s character and really sympathise with her The other family members felt strong too and I found Charlie facing ADHD and trying to tackle it alongside his mothers different condition very heartwarming The whole book was interesting and although there weren t any cliff hangers , I felt compelled to keep reading on, simply because of the subject and the simple writing I look forward to of Genova s writing and she s definitely an author I d recommend to those who enjoy novels by authors such as Jodi Picoult. Sarah Nickerson is an extremely busy wife and mother to three beautiful children who also works long hours as the vice president of human resources at Berkley consulting Every morning Sarah is always in a hurry trying to get the children ready for school in between making their breakfast and their lunches to take to school Then it s a mad dash out the door to get them to school on time.One morning whilst taking the children to school, Sarah takes her eyes off the road for a split moment Before she knows what s happening, Sarah is in a terrible accident an accident that will alter her life forever Sarah is left with a terrible brain injury after the accident Finding the strength to get through each day is a constant battle for Sarah and some days she feels as if she can t go on But with the support from family and friends she knows she must give it all she has, no matter how hard it is most days This is an astonishing story about how quickly your life can change in an instant A really moving story which will touch the hearts of many including mine Highly recommended. This is the worst book I ve read in a very long time I was attracted to the story idea an over achieving, American life script following business lady is changed dramatically by a brain injury that leaves her without the ability to register the left side of her body or anything in her left field of vision I thought it would be interesting to hear about her existential fears, fear of change, etc, and how she figures out that her lifestyle was ridiculously unsustainable, bravely moving out of the mold and into a happier life I also thought it would be well written, as the author holds a PhD in Neuroscience and could provide a lot of detail But no This book and it s main character lady were shitty The first 1 3 of this boring read was page after page of disgusting recitations of all the possessions this lady owned, congratulating herself on how well bred she was and how awesome she was at her job but barely able to manage all of its demands , and detailing the multitude of ways in which she ignored her husband and three children despite being intensely bitter about having been ignored by her own mother growing up that comparison is never acknowledged, by the way She is the most superficial person I ve ever read about I was truly apalled She looks down on everything that isn t designer or expensive or in The author makes HORRIBLE analogy after horrible analogy your inner babysitter is falling asleep really , she barely uses correct grammar eg, I was not not going to do that and drops name brands repeatedly like she s in high school and desperate for admiration and acceptance into a materialistic culture that sucks And she mentions her Harvard education than Toofer Spurlock OK I GET IT, YOU RE TYPE A AND YOU WENT TO HARVARD, I heard you the first 150 times and I didn t care then, either Jesus If I wanted to read page after page of a crappy blog written by a whiny, entitled robot I would ve just gone to Wordpress and searched on Jimmy Choo or whatever the name of that impressive home espresso machine contraption you wasted my time describing is.There was one plotline in the entire book, it was repetitive, and it involved following a whiny, ungrateful, unlovable lady through her barely emotional journey through recovering from an intense brain injury The last two thirds of the book taught me some amazing speed reading skills that I don t normally have time to develop since I usually just recycle my junk mail before I get to read it Ok, you hate rehab, you refuse to accept your handicap, but you want everyone to do do everything for you and get you lattes You suck, and I don t care about your life.To be fair, in the end she does convince her almost un convincable husband that moving to their second home in a ski town in Vermont is probably better for the family, and she may have eventually come around to deepness at a later, un documented in this book, date But all I heard was negativity and self centered defeatism for the first 95% of the book.The only reason I read this whole book is because I m trying not to start books and then never finish them Also, I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt, and hold out for some goodness That goodness never came.Books like this are why I don t read a lot of fiction Ha, this was harsh Also poorly written my apologies I hate shitty books so I felt like venting and warning and didn t feel much like editing Perhaps in keeping with the bad writing theme HEY O