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The London Season Is In Full Fling At The End Of The S, But The Honorable Phryne Fisher She Of The Gray Green Eyes And Diamant Garters Is Tiring Of Polite Conversations With Retired Colonels And Dances With Weak Chinned Men When The Opportunity Presents Itself, Phryne Decides It Might Be Amusing To Try Her Hand At Becoming A Lady Detective In Australia Immediately Upon Settling Into Melbourne S Hotel Windsor, Phryne Finds Herself Embroiled In Mystery From Poisoned Wives And Cocaine Smuggling, To Police Corruption And Rampant Communism Not To Mention Erotic Encounters With The Beautiful Russian Dancer, Sasha De Lisse Cocaine Blues Charts A Crescendo Of Steamy Intrigue, Culminating In The Turkish Baths Of Little Lonsdale Street

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    As part of my ongoing quest to read both women writers from around the globe and a variety of mystery series, I was lead to the work of Kerry Greenwood Greenwood is the author of over thirty novels, and Cocaine Blues is the first of her Phryne Fisher cases Set in the 1920s in her native Melbourne, Australia, Greenwood delivers a historical mystery that is fast paced summer fun Phryne Fisher is part of the English upper classes and has no desire to marry any time soon despite the best wishes of her parents and their friends Having flown an avroplane during World War I and lived for a time in Paris, Fisher has the adventurous spirit of a modern woman When an aristocratic friend of the family happens on a chance meeting with Fisher and through small talk reveals that their daughter has fallen upon trying times in Australia, they suggest that it would be suitable for a young woman to check up on her Fisher is raring to go an embarks on a long ocean voyage to the land down under in her attempt to rescue Lydia Andrews from her marital troubles Once in Australia, Fisher checks into the ritzy Hotel Windsor, employs Dorothy Dot Bryant as a maid, and goes undercover as a sheila amidst Melbourne s upper classes This first book in the mystery series reveals a large cast of peripheral characters, and we encounter the taxi driving duo Bert and Cecil along with Fisher s old friend Dr Elizabeth MacMillan who runs the Victoria Maternity Hospital Like Fisher, MacMillan is ahead of her time in that she established a safe haven hospital for women at a time when the male medical establishment kept female doctors out I found her to be a conscious to Fisher as she begins to solve crimes and needs both a scientific mind to analyze evidence and a female friend to lean on Together the women with Fisher leading the way act as though they are back fighting in World War I In her attempt to rescue Lydia Andrews, Fisher is lead to a cocaine ring as well as an abortion doctor and desires to bring both to justice simultaneously As Dot lends her clothing after each skirmish and MacMillan warns her to be careful, Phryne races around Melbourne in a Hispano Souza automobile, hoping to crack both cars before its too late Reading about a forward thinking woman in 1920s Australia at a time when most women were still content to stay home, especially in the upper classes was a fun idea for a novel Thus I read through this case quickly as I grew to enjoy Phryne and all of her escapades and brushes with the law As I enjoy reading both mysteries and detective stories, especially those featuring female investigators, I found Phryne Fisher to be a fun, upbeat character With a large cast of characters in this case, Greenwood has set the stage for Fisher to embark on a large number of adventures It is always fun for me to read stories set in the 1920s, and this series set in Australia appears as fun as other stories I have read set in the United States at the same time I have a feeling I will be back for Phryne Fisher as she is a quality female protagonist who was fun to read about Cocaine Blues was a great introduction to this series for me, which I rate 4 stars.

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    The Publisher Says Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher solves theft in 1920s London High Season society, and sets her clever courage to poisoning in Melbourne, Australia She of green eyes, diamant garters and outstanding outfits is embroiled in abortion, death, drugs, communist cabbies plus erotic Russian dancer Sasha de Lisse The steamy end finds them trapped in Turkish baths.My Review First mysteries aren t to be read for their mystery value, but rather for their potential to amuse and engross one in the series character I offer my dearly beloved Russell Quant s series debut, Amuse Bouche, as evidencemoderately good mystery craftsmanship, wonderful character development Another example, perhaps better known to all and sundry, is Donna Andrews s Murder With Peacockspromising craftsmanship, delicious character building.This book is no exception The mystery is meh but the sleuth and her supporting cast are either immediately endearing or anathema I fall on the endearing side because 1 the 1920s are very interesting to me, and the series is set in 1928, and 2 Australia fascinates me Phryne, our heroine, is a nicely imagined flapper of the day, and her background on this anon is pleasantly complicated which goes a long way to explaining how she got to be the free spirit that her social milieu would not obviously produce.Melbourne, Australia, isn t exactly on any international map as a cultural hotspot in 1928 A book set there has a lot of splainin to do, to quote Ricky Ricardo from I Love Lucy Greenwood does comparatively little of this splainin and that is a problem for this reader Greenwood also shorts the background of Phryne, named for a famous prostitute of Classical Greecewhat the hell We really see here, or less, a character sketch, a piece designed to introduce a particular attitude and mood, to the reader.The book itself is rather too short This goes a long way to explain the missing details I ve pointed out, and the others I can t comment on without the dread spoilers Had I bought this hardcover edition for 25, I would be a lot testy than I am in my review A trade paper edition for 12 would have irked me, and a mass market edition for 7 would merit a grumble.And that s a good sign I liked every one of these series characters and I wanted of them Several incidental characters could profitably bear beefing up too, like Sasha the dancer and his Princess granny I suspect, though, that somewhere in the next 15 or so books these folks will reappear.I ve already read book two in the series, review forthcoming, and have the library looking for three and four So do I recommend the series, flaws and all Yes Most definitely I do I caution against getting your expectations too high, only because I want Kerry Greenwood to have your business for all sixteen books in the series She s a writer with the pleasant and rare gift of being fun to read from giddy up to whoa AND NOW THE TV SHOW EPISODE REVIEW The completely scrummy Essie Davis in the title role of The Hon Miss Phryne Fisher She is visually perfect, in that she matches precisely my internal portrait of the character, and she is a very charming actress with a beautiful lilting voice and that something that stars haveyou want to keep watching her.The show is as beautiful as the star to look at, and the flaws in the novel become the virtues in the episode based on it The very things I found so annoying in the book, the telegraphed developments and so on, make the adaptation just about perfect for a delightful hour of TV Netflix has the first season available, and I have watched the first five A definite recommendation from me Melbourne looks charming, the actors are all than up to their roles, and the story is perfect for an hour s visit What s not to love

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    4.5 Dangerous, Miss Yes, but only I can do it, and it s better than being bored She was quite cool The tremor had been hunting arousal, not fear Phryne was enjoying herself Phryne Fisher Familiar to many from the Aussie TV series, Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries Delicious, glamorous, naughty, daring, and most of all, surprising Dirt poor childhood in Australia until her English father moved up the family inheritance ladder to be called home to the Mother Country and the estates.Phryne has obviously had a colourful, lusty youth on the Continent and parts unknown when she finds herself bored and accepts an offer to check on the health of a friend s relative in Australia Why not Phryne leaned on the ship s rail, listening to the sea gulls announcing that land was near, and watched for the first hint of sunrise She had put on her lounging robe, of a dramatic oriental pattern of green and gold, an outfit not to be sprung suddenly on invalids or those of nervous tendencies and she was rather glad that there was no one on deck to be astonished It was five o clock in the morning. She fumbled in her pocket for cigarettes, her holder, and a match She lit the gasper and dropped the match over the side That s a pretty good introduction to her penchant for the unusual and her careless independence I m sure nice girls didn t hang over the side of a ship, smoking in a robe And I have to say, this is one of her few early starts She s often active well into the night and then sleeps in.She s not sure if Melbourne s the right place to look for excitement, but at least it might be interesting to check the circumstances of a wealthy young woman whose family in England suspects is being poisoned by her uncaring husband who stands to inherit her fortune Phryne sets herself up in the posh Windsor Hotel, and from there we follow her as she charms, intimidates, or simply overawes everyone She is an outrageous flirt with both men and women, but at least she s in no danger of being overlooked There is an incident when she attends her first big function, and she immediately takes charge of the situation as all the dignitaries stand around gob smacked Come into the ball room They followed her biddably The gardener s boy erected the ladder Mounting it fearlessly and displaying to the company her diamant garters, as her mother later informed her Phryne People seeing her diamant garters is just the sort of action she craves I ve seen only snippets of the TV series with Essie Davis, but she sure seems to have the look perfectly.Essie Davis as Phryne Fisher in Miss Fisher s Murder MysteriesShe mixes with everyone from cab drivers and politicians to royalty The Princesse is an interesting old girl, and Greenwood leaves us in no doubt as to her manner The Princesse pierced her down to the undergarments with her old, needle sharp eyes, The Princesse nudged Phryne in the ribs with an elbow evidently especially sharpened for the purpose of compelling attention Then there s a dodgy chap who is horrified to realise she recognises him from the Old Country he sent her a look in which pleading and fury were so nicely mingled that Phryne wondered that her hair did not catch fire While carrying on her investigations, Phryne hires a car Not just any car, but a Hispano Suiza racing car Well, of course She was taught how to race, how to fly, how to do all kinds of things most nice girls miss out on Might as well make the most of it.A 1923 Hispano Suiza as used in the Miss Fisher s Murder MysteriesGood good guys and good bad guys, one of whom took his cigarette out of the corner of his mouth and ground it out in the palm of his hand Did you see that asked Phryne Yair Used to be a bricklayer, said Bert, unimpressed And some delightful side characters She was built like a box so much so that Phryne wondered if she might still have Cox s Orange Pippin stencilled on her bottom It s a wonderful romp around post WW1 Melbourne with a beautiful, rich, young daredevil who gets up to all kinds of mischief in a most entertaining way.There s plenty where this came from, as the saying goes, and I look forward to catching up with her many escapades.

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    This is the first in the Phryne Fisher series written by Kerry Greenwood and published by Poisoned Pen.Phryne is a wealthy heiress with a talent for solving crimes Bored with polite English society, Phryne heads to Australia to see about a woman that could be a poisoning victim Phryne plans to stay in Australia and start her own private detective business This first case has Phryne chasing down hack abortionist, a cocaine ring and of course finding out if her friend s daughter is being poisoned.Set during the 1920 s, the sharp dialogue, excellent descriptions, and a fast moving story with a shocking outcome left me wishing for .Phyrne is quite modern, non conformist, witty, sharp and very likeable The secondary characters are equally charming This series has been going on for awhile, with I think about eighteen books, at this time But, nearly all of them are under three hundred pages, so it wouldn t take long to catch up, which I intend to do.Very impressed with this one A solid A

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    4 starsThis is book 1 in the Phryne Fisher series Phryne is a wealthy single woman living in England,when she is hired by Colonel Andrews to go to Australia to find out if his daughter Lydia is being poisoned by her husband Phryne is actually from Australia, having moved to England at the age of 12, when her father became an Earl and inherited a large estate Prior to that she was living in poverty with her family.She agrees to go to Australia and investigate, but on her own terms Phryne finds herself investigating a cocaine ring and an illegal abortionist who rapes the women who come to him for abortions I first became aware of this series through watching a tv series on my PBS station and resolved to read some of the books I enjoyed this one and will read .Phryne is a bit of a clothes horse, with detailed descriptions of her outfits Some wonderful characters are introduced Bert and Cec taxi drivers who agree to do odd jobs for PhryneDetective Inspector RobinsonWPC Woman Police Constable JonesDr MacMillan who meets Pryne on the ship to Australia.Dorothy Dot Bryant, who Phryne hires as her maid.The series takes place in 1920s Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.Phryne outfit Thanks I need the the black silk stockings, the black camiknicks, and the high heeled black glace kid shoes This was an purchase.

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    I first read this book a long, long time ago and I had forgotten just how good it is Since then I have read the whole series up to date and have enjoyed every one of them In this first book we are introduced to the amazing Miss Fisher and we quickly find out the basic facts about her charmed and charming life I enjoy all the little details about life at that time, about the clothes they wore and Phryne Fisher wears lots of different clothes Sometimes she changes four or five times in a day We also meet many of the characters who will take part in future stories I had a lot of fun with this reread and I may just find the time to keep going and read some Some good things are worth doing at least twice

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    A fully enfranchised flapper in Melbourne after the first War, Phryne Fisher is a heroine after anyone s heart, and Greenwood s prose does her full justice Take this, for example Phryne Fisher had a taste for young and comely men, but she was not prone to trust them with anything but her body.Or Phryne, carrying the cocktail, decanted it unobtrusively into a potted palm against which she had no personal grudge, and hoped that it would not give her away by dying too rapidly.In this first novel she busts up a Melbourne cocaine ring and contrives the arrest and later the hanging, as this is back in the un PC day of capital punishment of a back alley rapist abortionist Strong characterization, great setting, and a lot of talk about what she s wearing which makes you feel like you ve wandered into an episode of The House of Elliott, but so what A very enjoyable read.Fabulous cover art, too.

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    I am madly in love with the savvy, promiscuous, and fashionable Phryne Fisher The best part is that I just now discovered the series 19 books in all so far Cocaine Blues is the first I picked up the newest in the series at the lib and read a few pages and was hooked I forced myself to put it down and go get this one and start at the beginning Such fun Five stars

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    Greenwood is a prolific Australian author that I was yet to explore until I read her first Phryne Fisher series book, Cocaine Blues This great Australian mystery based novel also provided me with the opportunity to mark off a square on the personalised book bingo I am completing this year Specifically, Cocaine Blues satisfies the book bingo category of a book with a mystery Cocaine Blues is a fantastic romp which entertained me for the entire length of time I spent with this book.Kerry Greenwood s first outing with her enigmatic female lead and sleuth, Miss Phryne Fisher, begins in the height of the 1920 s In London, Phryne is bored with the endless and tedious parties she attends, as well as dreary company to match When Phryne foils a plan to steal some jewellery at a party she is a guest for, her aptitude for solving a good old fashioned mystery catches the eye of a friend An offer to embark to Australia to continue her successful detective work soon ensues After setting foot on Australia s shores, Phryne quickly gets caught up in number of cases These range from a poisoning, to cracking a cocaine ring and dealing with the corruption present in Australia s back streets All the while, Phryne fits in a romance with a dashing Russian dancer, in between her detective capers.Phryne Fisher, as a character there is so much to say about this one of a kind super sleuth My initial impression of Phryne was that she is sassy, independent, intelligent and enthusiastic She also has her heart in the right place and will go to great lengths to help others, in any shape or form As the book progressed she seemed to grow on me and .As much as I loved the divine Miss Phryne Fisher, I also developed a soft spot for her entourage Phryne s team is compiled in this pivotal first novel First, Phryne gains ladies maid Dot Dot is a wonderfully drawn character and works as a support system to Phryne Then, Phryne recruits Bert and Cec, best mates and cab driving extraordinaires, with a few other skills under their belt, who both bring much to the fold While Phryne s friendship with Doctor MacMillan gives us a glimpse of what is to come for the women of Australia who are trying to break free from gender restrictions.Greenwood pays perfect homage to the period in which her novel is set I felt a strong sense of place in both her locales of 1920 s London and Australia Greenwood s dialogue, social norms and references to the fashions of the day than adequately reflect the era in which her novel is set While reading this novel, I felt like I had stepped into a 1920 s time warp It was a wonderful experience The crime mystery aspect of the novel, which is the main theme of this book, offers the reader a great puzzle or two to solve Cocaine Blues defines escapist fiction and it is accompanied by some snappy writing indeed It kept me busy for an afternoon or so as I got caught up in Phryne s investigations Although this is a fun romp style mystery, there are some deeper issues underneath the facade These include illegal abortion operations, drugs rings and corruption in high society, which are all brought to the forefront by the talented Ms Kerry Greenwood.Cocaine Blues is a superb first edition to an enduring series, featuring the iconic leading lady, Miss Phryne Fisher I hope to discover much of this series in the not too distant future In the meantime, I have indulging in the television series adaptation of Greenwood s novels, via my Netflix subscription It is currently my guilty pleasure Cocaine Blues is book 9 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge

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    2.5 Phryne leaned on the ship s rail listening to the seagulls announcing that land was near, and watched for the first hint of sunrise She had put on her lounging robe, of a dramatic oriental pattern of green and gold, an outfit not to be sprung suddenly on invalids or those of nervous tendencies and she was rather glad that there was no one on deck to be astonished It was five o clock in the morning As much as I love the tv series, the book series will not one that I will continue with All that I love about the tv series the 1920s atmosphere, the banter between the characters, the quirky fun bits like Dr Mac s dry sense of humour I just can t get a feel for in the first book I get that the book is different and that the characters and back stories are different, but I can t even get a sense of setting any setting from the book The writing is sparse and focused on dialogue, and except for whatever clothes people especially Phryne are wearing, there seemed to be hardly any description of anything This strongly reminded me of the Murder, She Wrote tv tie ins, which rely on the reader s knowledge of the series to fill in the missing parts with the knowledge of what the tv series had already communicated visuals of place and characters Except of course that the tie ins were written to correspond with the tv series, which is not the case with the Phryne Fisher book as the book preceded the tv series and has a slightly different story line and characters.What s probably worse than not getting a sense of place and I was really looking forward to reading about Melbourne in the 1920s was that I didn t even get a sense of the 1920s So, yeah, this is where I am glad I got a copy from the library I still love the tv series, tho So much so that I consoled my disappointment with the book by re watching a couple of favourite episodes on Netflix until the wee hours.