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It’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls in this hilarious novel Recipe for disaster 4 parties Add 2 friends and 1 crush Divide by 1 mean girl out to RUIN Nikki Mix well put fingers over eyes and CRINGEI thought it would NEVER happen but my life is FINALLY going well for meI’m adjusting to my new school and hanging out with my BFFs Chloe and Zoey And get this My crush Brandon has asked ME to be his lab partner—a seriously awesome developmentHowever when I overhear mean girl MacKenzie bragging that Brandon’s taking HER to the Halloween dance I’m totally BUMMED and sign up instead to spend Halloween at a kid’s party with my bratty little sister BriannaLucky for me I find out Mackenzie is lying and my dream of going to the party with Brandon could actually become a reality But can I juggle TWO events at the exact same time and survive a wacky assortment of trials tribulations and disasters? HELP

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    Nikki's character teaches young teens to handle bullying in a mature and civilized way There are times that Nikki thinks that she just let Mackenzie do whatever she wants with her But in the eyes of an adult we could see that she's acting appropriately on handling this kind of bullying rather than taking revenge

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    This book was a pretty good It was a little overdramatic in some parts though I think the title fits the book well It says Tales from a Not So Popular Party Girl and it is about a girl named Nikki who is unpopular setting up a Halloween party for her school She must make a dance for the students in her school I think this book title suits the book well also because Dork Diaries is a good name for a unpopular girl writing a diary If I had to be one of the characters in this book it would be Brianna Nikki's little sister Her sister and her make suirt guns to kill the tooth fairy because Brianna is afraid of the tooth fairy It sounds like Brianna is a funny little suirt too She annoys her sister sometimes but it's funny She is a fun character in this book This book made me laugh laugh in pity of some of the characters and frown I laughed at some parts of this book like when Brianna wanted to kill the tooth fairy I laughed in pity at some parts when she said Mackenzie the mean girlis such a jerk I HATE HER That was a little too overdramatic I also frowned when some parts of this book didn't make sense Overall this was a pretty good book

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    Dork Diaries is an amazing series I like this book because your life might be like Nikki's when you're a teenager For example Nikki tries to be at 2 parties at the same time That might be something you might do Sometimes it's okay to just please one person instead of everybody at the same time Another reason I like this book is because it's really funny There's funny parts in one chapter than in any of the other books I've read The last reason I like this book is because it teaches life lessons I love this book and you will too

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    Just as fabulous as the first one uick enjoyable read that I completely related to Middle school was so awful The memories

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    awesome and hilarious

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    The second of the Dork Diaries books Rachel Renee Russell hit a whole in one again with her eually funny purple covered female version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Nikki's tween voice rings true yet again with her worries about being popular the craziness of her family and friends and the troubles she has with mean girl Mackenzie I just HATE when she sashays and her oh so adorable crush Brandon 45 because like Dork Diaries #1 this book is truthful happy and easy to understand while also being funny and a correct portrayal of a 13ish year old's life Now all they have to do is make a movie of the series right? That's what they did with Diary of a Wimpy Kid Why not hey?

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    My Rating 35 starsBefore we begin this review I would just like to clarify that I will not be reading the whole series; I will only be rereading the books I own just to get back onto track with my reading goal for this yearOkay I'll admit I liked this slightly better than the first one Nikki was a little less annoying although she's not uite tolerable just yet than the first book and I definitely had a better understanding of her character I also really liked the plot a lot It was also really cute and definitely a lot Solid In the first book the plot was flying all over the place as opposed to this book where all the events in Nikki's diary entry built up to the danceI still don't like the over exaggerations in some parts though Nikki literally is so ungrateful in some parts and Mackenzie is too mean to be real I really wish that Russell would stop painting her characters as such bitches so that her target audience would not get the wrong idea that the only popular girls are the mean ones and that you should always whine and complain if things don't go your wayOverall this book was slightly better; although I still didn't like it that much I hope that the next book will become even betterWhat's next on my reading list? THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER by Sarah Dessen

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    This book is great It's like a book about friends love and happiness

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    Nicki the sweet nice hard working plus artistic seventh grader that no ones pay's attention to trying stay out of drama finds her self lost in middle schoolBut it's hard with her her two crazy friends Zoey and Chloe and the most popular girl in school that Nicki hate's and she hate's Nicki back Makinze Rich for some rising was out to make Nicki's life miserable one way or anotherHowever Nicki forgets about everything accept for her crush Brandon witch Nicki goes crazy over every time she's around him or speck's to himBut will Nicki find her self into drama or middle schoolThe lesson that I learned from this book is that it OK to be yourself and don't let people bring you down or get to youBecause if you do then you'll give the person who's making you feel bad and get to you Cause then you give that person the satisfaction plus your want that power and you don't I recommend this book to any girl who like the catty drama and who like a girl character and who likes the whole romance thing and if you just feel like having a good laugh about girl problems

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    Nikki Maxwell's troubles are far from over Mackenzie has invited her to her birthday party again But this time she actually goes just so she can talk to Brandon and hopefully get him to invite her to the Halloween party But before she can even talk to him Mackenzie bullies her into leaving the party The next big party coming up is the Halloween party and Nikki Zoey and Chloe have agreed to be on the planning committee – which really only means that if the party fails they'll be the one's the whole school blames One Halloween party uickly turns into three – how is Nikki supposed to be in three places at once? I know I said the first book was pretty terrible but I already had the second one checked out from the library as well as a beautiful sunny day so I decided to go ahead and read it on the back deck I didn't find it to be as annoying to read as the first but the writing was still very ditzy I loved how this book was written in 2010 and is supposed to be from the perspective of a 14 year old girl obsessed with fashion and getting the latest iPhone and yet she also dreamed of having a DVDVCR in her locker I don't know anyone under 20 who even knows what a VHS is