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With OverMillion Copies Sold, Hinds Feet On High Places Remains Hannah Hurnard S Best Known And Most Beloved Book A Timeless Allegory Dramatizing The Yearning Of God S Children To Be Led To New Heights Of Love, Joy, And Victory In This Moving Tale, Follow Much Afraid On Her Spiritual Journey As She Overcomes Many Dangers And Mounts At Last To The High Places There She Gains A New Name And Is Transformed By Her Union With The Loving Shepherd Included In This Special Edition FebruaryRelease Is Hannah Hurnard S Own Account Of The Circumstances That Led Her To Write Hinds Feet, And A Brief Autobiography Special Edition Also Features A New Cover Design One of those childhood books that will forever leave a hand print upon my life I read this book so many times when I was small, staring at the illustrations, mulling over its words, meditating on their meaning Ever since I was small, I was quick to recognize analogies and entranced by Biblical allegories Before Narnia, there was this book, sinking it s spiritual truths into my heart The story we have all lived from the beginning of time, until the end of time the personal journey of a child who is very Much Afraidto draw closer to a Father and King that loves us.Reminiscent of Pilgrim s Progress, this is a lovely and timeless book that I would recommend to everyone. This book is for me a beautifully written allegory that touched me deeply and made me think. I didn t read this book until I was on old lady and I saw my own story written in every detail in every page, finding understanding of why God expected me to travel such hard roads during my life as a slow learner A must read for every Christian woman, maybe men, too, especially those like me whose lives have been compressed, narrowed, and limited by their fears and worries, for those who value security over growth To paraphrase Beth Moore, we will never find our way to our Promised Land until we are willing to step out of our UR Usual Routine. Every girl needs to read this book And then, every woman needs to read this book We can all relate to Much Afraid s journey, and we can all be blessed, encouraged, and challenged through it And who doesn t need to know that The Shepherd is good and loves us and knows what we need Seriously, it s a must read In my opinion, Hinds Feet on High Places is much better than Pilgrim s Progress GASPS Oh, yes This book is much better While Pilgrim s Progress focuses on the Christian journey as a whole, this book focuseson the transformation of self from sinner to saint The part that I really connected withso than the rest of this awesome book was how Much Afraid held the hands of two black cloaked figures Sorrow and Suffering At first, their hands stung and she wanted to scream and get away from them, but eventually she found herself grow stronger This is my favorite allegory If you haven t read it, you should Make haste, Beloved, be thou like an hart On mountains spicy sweet And I, on those High Places where thou art, Will follow on hinds feet As close behind the hart, there leaps the roe, So where thou goest, I will surely go. This book is so good.there just aren t words.I hope not to let so many years go by before I reread it again. When I first started reading this book I thought it would be too simplistic Even the names of the characters, like Much Afraid and her companions Sorrow and Suffering, seemed to scream spoon fed spirituality As it turned out, I only had 10 minute chunks to read this book in and it allowed me to time to really chew on the story and how I could relate my own life and experiences to it It turned out to be a beautiful meditation of God s love for us and our journey to our own high places This version has an afterward written by the author that explains how she came to write this book based on her own experiences and journey with God I didn t find the afterward nearly as compelling as the story, but it was interesting to note her background.I think this is a book I will read multiple times in my life as I endeavor to develop a closer and closer relationship with God. It was simply providence that inspired this book It does not cease to be exact The author knew just what she wanted to portray She was able to use the tools she acquired to delightfully array a series of unforgettable, eloquent sentences in an artistic, yet factual manner The dialect is profound, refined and very beautiful, though in certain areas it can be slightly wordy The story itself illustrates the beauty of obedience, and the importance of life choices that are produced from the sacrifice of our Lord The first and most apparent key to this story is that it is undoubtedly a reflective picture of an intimate walk with Jesus Christ, despite trials, hardships, and the most dreaded of them all, fear The main character, Much Afraid, embarks on a very noble journey representing the Christian walk with God before going to Heaven where she will find that faith is not only the key to the unseen, but a necessity to overcome the things that are seen, such as fear, and the world that so loves to tower above us This book is encouraging and the writing is fantastic These words create an interesting story line, and a God inspired message It truly proves that Jesus, the redeemer of life, has overcome the grave so that we might overcome sin and live for a higher pledge, under a higher Authority I would recommend this book to anyone needing to overcome fear and experience perseverance in its place This book helped me to realize the rewards received when one mirrors the life of Christ to bring Him glory so that we might know, and share truth Abigail