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Rowland Sinclair Is An Artist And A Gentleman In Australia S S The Sinclair Name Is Respectable And Influential, Yet Rowland Has A Talent For ScandalEven With Thousands Of Unemployed Lining The Streets, Rowland S Sheltered World Is One Of Exorbitant Wealth, Culture And Impeccable Tailoring He Relies On The Sinclair Fortune To Indulge His Artistic Passions And Friends A Poet, A Painter And A Brazen SculptressMounting Tensions Fuelled By The Great Depression Take Australia To The Brink Of Revolution

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    This was a very interesting introduction to a series which I think I am going to like very much Why only three stars then The three stars are for The characters, especially Rowland who has the makings of being a book hero He is charming, rich, honest, thoughtful and smart What could you ask for His friends and family are all interesting characters as well The period setting 0f Australia during the Depression years We get to visit the city and the outback and see the vast difference at that time between social classes That beautiful, perfectly appropriate cover The loss of two stars is due to the fact that the author placed her fictional story into a big chunk of historical fact, which would have been great except that it was political fact And I hate politics, current and past So sadly I found a big chunk of the book boring.The good thing is that I can look forward to of the charming Rowland and hopefully anyway less of the political stuff in the next book

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    3.5 Don t you do anything asked Edna.He smiled I m the youngest son, Ed My role is to keep bad company and squander the family fortune And Rowland Sinclair does Well, he keeps some pretty questionable company, and although he s not squandering the family fortune, he s housing several dissident artists in one of his wealthy family s homes in Sydney By dissident, I mean left leaning and Communist far left activists who love nothing better than orating from soapboxes in the park Rowly goes along to sketch the crowd He s a talented artist who s seldom separated from his notebook and generally sports paint spots on his clothes and in his hair He also drives a yellow, supercharged Mercedes Benz, while many other people have put their cars up on blocks rather than try to afford to keep them running.This is 1932, during the depression and the Jack Lang government left of NSW The Sydney Harbour Bridge has just been built and is about to be officially opened If you re interested in Australian political history, you d enjoy this If you re not, you can just enjoy it for the characters and the warmth of the extended family of artists, left, right and in between This story hinges on the exploits of several political factions.After a conversation with his grazier brother, Wilfred Sinclair, on the family s rural property, Rowland asks him What was that all about The Riverina Movement is full of good men, many of them ours, Wilfred responded curtly But Hardy is making alliances with Campbell, and Campbell is as dangerous as the bloody Communists Oh It occurred to Rowland that perhaps these good men were confused as to which secret Fascist army they belonged, but he decided against voicing this Those good men weren t the only ones who were confused It s like trying to figure out the different factions within today s political parties Right and Left both incorporate sliding scales from the centre to the lunatic fringes, and whoever isn t of your particular mindset is classed as anything from a bit misguided to dangerously unhinged There s the Old Guard right thinking , the New Guard extreme right thinking , the Communists extreme left , the NSW Labor Government left , and oh, I don t remember who belongs to what, but some of them are armed and dangerous, so it pays to stay awake Thought we might go out and look at Ernest s new pony, Wilfred said curtly Dressed for a day on the property, he wore a tweed waistcoat and jacket over his crisp white shirt his wool trousers pushed into knee high gumboots It was early, but already the day was hot Yes of course, Rowland replied, standing Don t you want your jacket For God s sake, Wil, it s over a hundred degrees If you wish to be taken for one of the shearers Rowland groaned He d never seen a shearer dressed as he was and he didn r really care, but it was clear that Wilfred did I m not wearing gumboots, he muttered It hasn t rained in six weeks you look like you re going for a walk in the marshes at bloody Balmoral Wil is definitely one of the Old Guard the Riverina Movement , bless their traditional hearts Many are returned soldiers from the Great War, but Rowland was too young to serve, which puts him at a disadvantage They re determined to be prepared to defend their traditions against any Communist activity bound to be coming from the unions and the Labor Party.Then there s the New Guard as dangerous as the bloody Communists , who obviously subscribe to the adage that the best defence is a good offence They are armed and belligerent and pro active What s , they seem to have a secret offshoot of shadowy vigilantes who are taking matters into their own murderous hands.The Sinclair family suffers a murder early in the book, and as the police investigation seems to drag, Rowland is convinced to infiltrate the New Guard as a spy using another identity His well known family name opens many doors, but they re the wrong doors for finding the vigilantes who are probably responsible for the murder Intrigue, spies, political mayhem, rallies, meetings and beatings, and, oh yes, sly grog shops This little history has it all Sydney had 6 o clock closing in those days the six o clock swill, as it was referred to with men drinking as fast as possible before being sent home for dinner No liquor was sold after 6pm but there were various private clubs where a password got you in, the girls were plentiful, and patrons snorted freely from the bowls of angie cocaine on the tables.But our Rowly isn t interested in these girls His heart belongs secretly, he would like to think to Ed Edna a beautiful, talented sculptress who often models for the other artists in the house Yes, she s one of the boys, so to speak, and they all adore her Lively, fun, quick witted What s not to love Her father has raised her to be independent and never rely on a man for anything Don t give up her art as her mother did for him So she doesn t But the author lets us see her secretly pining a bit for Rowly.I enjoyed the story and the history I ve seen such good reviews of subsequent books that I wanted to start at the beginning, and I m glad I did Not only did I learn something, but I also got attached to these people, surely a good sign for a series.P.S If you re interested in the historical aspect of it, the Governor of NSW eventually dismissed the Lang government for various misdeeds and installed the opposition right thinking in its stead, in the same way the Governor General of Australia dismissed the Whitlam Labor government left in 1975 in an affair known widely as The Dismissal Here are a couple of Wikipedia articles if you get serious about it.https en.wikipedia.org wiki Jack_Lahttps en.wikipedia.org wiki 1975_AuUPDATE I ve just discovered that an alt right fascist group in Australia calls themselves the New Guard Now there s a development that we could do without.https www.abc.net.au news 2018 10 1

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    Rowland Sinclair Rowly to his friends was dining with his elderly uncle, Rowland Sinclair and as usual, enjoying the lively banter between the two of them But when Rowly was informed a day or two later by the police that his uncle had been murdered, he was shocked and saddened With the police seemingly doing nothing to find his killer s, Rowly vowed to find them himself With the country in the throes of tensions caused by the Depression, and agitators on both sides of Parliament firing things up, Rowly was setting himself up for trouble His straight laced and staid brother Wilfred, who had returned from the Great War, not entirely unaffected, was at his wit s end with his younger brother Wilfred had certain views and expected Rowly to follow his ideals But Rowly was on the bench he had no leanings either way For this artistic, peace loving gentleman, it seemed scandal was about to hit in a big way Rowly was prepared to take risks but would he take one too many A Few Right Thinking Men is the first in the Rowland Sinclair series by Aussie author Sulari Gentill, and is one I thoroughly enjoyed Mystery made interesting by it being set in Sydney in the 1930s when the Great War is over, and the Depression is in full swing The character of Rowland Sinclair is an excellent one a gentle man who has no hesitation in using his considerable wealth to help those less fortunate, especially his dearest friends, Edna, Milton and Clyde A new series for me to start, and I m looking forward to the next Highly recommended.With thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for my digital copy to read and review.

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    I enjoyed this introduction to Rowland Sinclair and his artistic friends Set in the Great Depression of the 1930s with high unemployment and poverty, political factions communist, fascist, conservative are competing for power and either trying to disrupt or defend the current government As the son of a wealthy grazier, Rowland doesn t want for money but lives a bohemian life as an artist, sharing his wealthy home with fellow artists and poets When his favourite uncle is assaulted and killed in his own home, Rowland must infiltrate a fascist organisation called the New Guard to find the perpetrators.As well as liking Rowland and his friends, Milton, Edna and Clyde, I enjoyed the newspaper excerpts inserted at the start of each chapter as well as the insertion of real life characters into the plot which both gave context to the unfolding events I m looking forward to reading the next book in this series, particularly as Rowland and his friends have just embarked on a cruise to Europe.

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    This is the first book in the Rowland Sinclair series which covers the doings of the rich, charming, talented artist Rowland Sinclair and his group of equally talented and artistic dissident friends in the Australia of 1930s which is in the midst of both an economic Depression and a potential political revolution I enjoyed the historical, social and cultural aspects of this era the political aspect not so much but it s only because I personally don t like politics.Also, the cover picture is gorgeous My thanks to NetGalley, the publisher Pantera Press and the author Sulari Gentill for giving me an e ARC of the book 3.5 rating.

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    DNF I gave up after 150 pages It s very slow going, so much so that I really got annoyed with it and the subject of politics didn t help.

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    4.5 sA Few Right Thinking Men is the first book in the Rowland Sinclair series by award winning Australian author, Sulari Gentill When gentleman artist Rowland Sinclair s favourite uncle dies following a savage beating in his own home, the police seem fixated on his elderly housekeeper at the expense of doing any real investigating Information volunteered by the victim of a similar attack leads Rowly to suspect that it s the work of the New Guard, the face of an increasing fascist presence in the country, but his uncle wasn t a communist, Rowly was certain, so why was he targeted With his quirky artistic friends Edna the sculptress, Milton the poet and Clyde the artist , he devises a clever, if perhaps dangerous, way to learn about those he suspects But then it comes to light that his old uncle had a certain asset indicating an unsavoury connection, which muddies the waters a bit Soon, he finds himself, much to his older brother s disapproval, deeply involved in what looks like becoming a civil war When ultimately, they do discover who was responsible for the attack, Rowly and co are a little slow to figure out the why of it, and then events overtake them before they have time to react.Gentill gives the reader an excellent plot with an exciting climax and a believable ending While none are perfect, most of Gentill s characters are endearing, with a few despicable ones to even things out And of course, there s Rowland an appealing, can do sort of guy, intelligent, a bit unconventional but full of integrity, which is reflected by loyalty of the friends he attracts Quotes from press articles of the time that preface many of the chapters cleverly serve the dual purpose of providing some of the background political climate and giving the reader a clear timeline of events Gentill s extensive research is apparent on every page, but this is no dry history lesson the facts drop into the story unobtrusively there s also plenty of humour, especially in the banter between the friends And she bestows on the reader a front row seat for an infamous event of 1932 As always, Gentill captures the era perfectly This is a superb dose of Australian historical fiction, and readers who enjoy it will be pleased to know they can look forward to a further eight at least instalments of this award winning series, beginning with A Decline In Prophets.This unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by NetGalley and Pantera Press

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    Life throughout the world was unsettled in the 1930s, with the Great Depression, mass unemployment and political unrest In Australia, depending on your own circumstances, you were a part of, or feared, Communism, Facsicm or the Old Guard conservatives who wished to maintain the status quo established pre World War One.The story of these unsettled times in New South Wales is told through Rowland Sinclair, wealthy young gentleman who has turned his back on his privileged upbringing and works as an artist His comfortable home in one of Sydney s best suburbs is also home to several other artists who are down on their luck Well, they were until Rowland invited them in, anyway His older brother, Wilfred, who served in the war, is stongly aligned with the Old Guard, while friend and house mate Milton leans toward Communism Wilfred remonstrates with Rowland on his life style, demanding he live up to his family name and support the lifestyle men fought for, and for which his eldest brother Aubrey died When Rowland s uncle, also named Rowland and another who lives a scandalous life, is beaten to death in his home, young Rowland fumes at the lack of police progress in solving the killing He suspects that the Fascist New Guard is involved and he infiltrates their ranks, posing under the name of fellow artist Clyde, painting a portrait of the Facsict leader Eric Campbell for the Archibald His double identity lands him in trouble from both sides of the political spectrum, who either see him as a spy or of betraying his own kind.One of the problems of compressing a period of history into book length is that the issues can feel over tressed The distrust, the belief of each group that it alone is right, the violence towards those who think differently is unrelenting throughout the first half I don t say that this is a fault, or can be avoided, but it meant I had to take a breather and read something lighter before I could finish That probably says about this reader than about the book It is in fact an excellent rendition of the period, well written, well told, well constructed It works on the level of history as well as mystery Recommended.I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley for an honest review.

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    Sulari Gentill s historical mystery series featuring Rowland Sinclair has long been on my radar I regret that it has taken me a decade to start it, though on the plus side, there are a further eight books ahead of me to enjoy.A Few Right Thinking Men is set in New South Wales, Australia during the early 1930 s It is a period of great political upheaval where, in the wake of The Great Depression, tensions are mounting resulting in the rapid growth of extremist organisations Rowland Sinclair, affectionately known as Rowly to his friends, is content to stay out of politics As the youngest son of the wealthy and influential Sinclair family, he has largely been left to his own devices, allowing him to pursue his passion for painting, and support a revolving cast of fellow artists at his well appointed home, Woodlands House, on Sydney s North Shore.That is until Rowly s uncle, for whom he is named, is killed during a home invasion, and rumour places the blame on an aggressive group within the New Guard, a far right political organisation focused on destroying the red threat of communism.Till now, he had crowded his mind with his work and with things mundane, but as he stood where his uncle had died, he was staggered by a deep sense of loss, and outrage.Though Rowly s goal is to bring uncle s murderer to justice, the mystery surrounding his death is not really the focus of this novel With the local detective reluctant to investigate, Rowly is convinced by his friends and houseguests Milton, Clyde and Edna to take on Clyde s identity and infiltrate the New Guard, unwittingly putting himself at the epicentre of the dissent It is the clandestine machinations of the various political organisations that is center stage here.He d just have to hope to God that democracy would survive all these right thinking men.The authors research is meticulous, sadly I m almost wholly ignorant of my country s past, but it s understandable that Gentill would enthusiastically delve into this fascinating and ludicrous period of Australian history The situation, as the conflict between the spectrum of ideologies escalates, would be farcical if not for the seriousness with which they regard themselves Each is convinced they are the only right thinking men fit to lead the state, if not the entire country You are who you are Given your gilded background, you could be insufferable, but you re not I wouldn t have you be anything else I thought the characterisation of both the main and supporting characters was very well done Rowly is kind, generous, thoughtful and loyal For the most part apolitical, Rowly is well aware that his background makes him an enemy of the far left, and his lifestyle pits him against the far right His older brother Wilford is contemptuous of his youngest brother s ways, but Rowly is wonderfully supported by Edna, a beautiful sculptress with whom he is in love, communist poet Milt, and fellow painter, Clyde, and not just because he funds their modus vivendi.A Few Right Thinking Men is an entertaining and astute novel, rich with history, drama, and engaging characters I m looking forward to continuing with the series.

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    I was given this book as a gift I have no working knowledge of Australian history, so I felt a little intimidated, but that disappeared as soon as I read, Rowland wiped his hands on his waistcoat Not so many months ago, it had been a quality item of gentleman s attire Now, it was stained with paint and smelled of turpentine Rowland preferred it that way He looked again at the painting with which he had battled all day and which, in the end, had defeated him This is Rowland Sinclair, a young, compelling man possessing eyes of intense blue, incredibly generous and friendly, open minded, casual, a committed artist, who yearns for the love of the bohemian sculptress, Edna, but keeps his mouth shut about it He s thrown open his house to Edna and other artists who have fallen on hard times during the 30s Depression, for his family comes from wealth and status Rowland, the embarrassment of his right thinking brother, lives life as he wants to live it, rather than obeying the rules attached to the higher classes He doesn t realize until he s fallen deep into the pit how history will affect him personally, will drag him into the thick of things, although his only desire is to live life in peace and acceptance of others, whatever their beliefs.It all begins when his friend, Milton, drags him to a Communist meeting From there the reader is pulled into history with Rowland we delve into the New Guard, a fascist group run by the historical figure, Eric Campbell, who, along with his compatriots, want to turn Australia into a fascist state Then there s the Old Guard, the original group from which Campbell split, the group loyal to King and Country, Traditionalists all.Against the backdrop of this history, impeccably researched we flow along with Rowland and his friends as they try to get to the bottom of a brutal murder, and end up discovering than they ever dreamed of Their very lives fall into jeopardy as the politics of the times overtakes and surrounds them.One of the highlights for me was the wit, the humor, and the dialogue between these characters This is all masterful, and I was guffawing even in the midst of a grim reality that could have ultimately changed Australia from the lovable place we know albeit filled with the world s most poisonous snakes and spiders, not to mention crocs and jellyfish to a place of dictatorship Thank God that didn t happen Quotes You don t need to worry about my discretion, Wil, Rowland said angrily I m not about to tell anyone that my brother is raising some clandestine, tweed jacketed army because he thinks Stalin is heading south Ernest nodded solemnly Are you going to see the King Shall I give him your regards Don t be silly, Uncle Rowly, King George has his own guardswith big furry black hats Civil war Who would Milton clapped his hand on his forehead in realisation Bloody Catholics I knew the Tykes were planning somethingall that bloody Hail Marying Clyde, who was a Catholic of sorts, clipped the side of Milton s head as he got up to refill his glass.As far as the romance between Rowland and Ednawell, I ll let the reader discover that for him or herself A Few Right Thinking Men could have been a dark account, almost a documentary, one event leading into the next But the addition of Rowly, Wilfred, Ernest, Kate, Edna, Clyde and especially Milt I love him and their enduring friendship, the barely contained romance which is masterfully done, draws one in and makes this a story where the reader is completely invested in the lives, emotions, and outcomes of these people From the first page to the last, everything flows, woven perfectly, so that we see the big picture of Australian politics in the 30s along with the microcosm of Rowland s life, friendships and family.A Few Right Thinking Men merely introduces Rowland and his friends Rowland s adventures, I m happy to report, will continue on in future books.