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Of the many different kinds of anti Semite Eliot was the rarest one who was able to place his anti Semitism at the service of his art This study looks both at the detail of Eliot's deployment of anti Semite discourse and at the role it played in his greater literary works

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    I found this to be a generally convincing and engaging work of literary criticism Julius explores the place anti Semitism occupies is TS Eliot's work both prose and poetry over the course of six chapters He focuses especially on how anti Semitism makes itself felt in the poetry of Eliot's second book poems like Gerontion and Sweeny Among the Nightingales He focuses in the first four chapters on the relationship between poetics and content in making poems that are anti Semitic and do not simply depict anti Semitism and concludes that Eliot was an anti Semite and one who failed to make amends or even acknowledge his wrongdoing while also claiming that these works have a place in literature even if we must first grapple with their political ramifications before we think about them as works of art I found the book to be generally convincing and well researched although I also found the best and most interesting portion of the book to be the first three chapters where Julius really takes apart the relationship between anti Semitic content and Eliot's formal strategies with really powerful readings of Gerontion and Sweeny Among the Nightingales both of which are possessed of notable anti Semitic feeling lines like The Jew suats on the window sill and so on Recommended for those who have read Eliot extensively since it covers a great deal of his work including out of print prose writings and some suppressed or unpublished poems which I was not familiar with but may have gotten from the work had I read them and so I expect not being familiar with at least the famous pieces dealt with in the book might make it difficult to enter into Julius assumes a great deal of knowledge although his endnotes are often helpful

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    This book began as a PhD thesis so starts the acknowledgement page of British author Anthony Julius's explication of the context nature and relationship to form of TS Eliot's anti Semitism; in thus doing so the author perhaps points out a weakness of an otherwise excellent analysis of bias and prejudice in the poet of high Modernism For the style of the book its sometimes overly obvious didactic tone and substance does detract from the visceral pleasure of reading It is as if as appropriate for a thesis the points have been highlighted with a black felt pen and the asterixes have all been stylistically at least made all too obvious for the reader But perhaps this a uibbling point since the book is otherwise an accurate rightly acerbic and righteous condemnation of hate in Tom Eliot's prose and poetry Moreover Dr Julius's command of the tools of poetic criticism is all encompassing with explications of the poetry of a high and acutely accurate nature Also the author provides a context for Eliot's infractions comparing him to Pound and his virulent anti Semitism and to James Joyce a writer devoid of hate and cant Julius even analyzes the prose of Eliot and in a fine coda section points out Eliot's refusal to atone for the hurt his work inflicted on his Jewish readers This book is a rich compelling piece of literary criticism and of moral outrage a combination which does service for the triad of proper writing to instruct to entertain and to liberate

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    Julius analyzes the pervasive influence of anti Semitism in Elliot's work both his poetry and his prose While the ugliness of Eliot's poetical imagery was never hidden Julius uses his skill in literary criticism to make his case that rather than being a minor element anti Semitism animates his poetry

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    A scurrilous hit job in the form of a critical work on the part of a man whose previous claim to fame was his role as Princess Di's divorce attorney