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Filled With Humor, Adventure, And Imagination, These Seven Short Stories Go From The Lighthearted To The Bizarre From A Teenager Who Drives A Museum Curator To Mummify Him For Signing Phantom Snake An Anagram Of His Name All Over His Exhibits, To A Boy Who S Dared To Visit The Tomb Of A Vampire At Midnight Only To Discover That The Vampire Boy He Meets Has A Mother Who Nags Just Like His Own, The Eerie And Chilling Settings And Characters Will Captivate Readers

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    Of the two collections of original scary stories that Brian Jacques penned during his writing career, I d say Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales is definitely the better offering Brian Jacques was at the height of his game when this book was released in 1991, having in the previous five years come out with the first three installments in the Redwall series Redwall, Mossflower and Mattimeo , and the fact that he was in the zone as a writer throughout this time period is evident in everything he wrote Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales is a good mix of stories strange, eerie and sometimes even very funny, and a few of them stand out particularly well as perhaps having had the potential to be expanded into excellent full length novels Of the seven stories on display in this collection, I would mention two as being especially good, and close enough to each other in terms of quality that designating one of the two as better might be splitting hairs The first is the tale that leads off the book, The Fate of Thomas P Kanne A thirteen year old graffiti artist of high intelligence enjoys doing the town every so often, spray painting his signature everywhere he goes and thereby challenging the police and any other concerned authority figures to catch him if they can One of his favorite places to haunt is the Middlechester Museum, but he meets someone capable of finally taking him on in an evenly matched battle of wits when the museum s caretaker attendant, Mr Bausin, makes it his personal mission to end the reign of the Phantom Snake However, there s much here than meets the eye The second of the two best tales, and perhaps the finest out of all seven if I were called upon to make a choice, is The Sad History of Gilly Bodkin Set all the way back in the 1600s, a lad named Gilly meets a tragic accidental end one day as he begs for a piece of candy from one of the four daughters of the landowner for whom his father works Sadly, Gilly s request for a sugar stick isn t granted by the daughter before he suffers his fatal accident, and thus begins a bit of unfinished business for Gilly that will sober us in its sheer scope and create some of the memorable moments of the entire collection of ghostly tales Brian Jacques has done some solid work in the creation of these seven stories It s never easy to come up with truly original ghost stories that aren t just twists on famous tales that have been told many times before, but Brian Jacques succeeds in doing exactly that, and doing it well On the whole, I would at the very least consider giving two and a half stars to Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales.

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    I was hoping that despite the audience for the book being young people that I would still find some spooky or unsettling stories Unfortunately I think the collection is too juvenile for me, with the exception of Allie Alma which actually might be too mature for young readers maybe I still enjoyed the collection overall, particularly the opening story The Fate of Thomas P Kanne It takes place in the Egyptian exhibition at a museum and has a great ending The author was also the narrator for the audiobook and he did a great job

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    I love short story compilations because each story requires so little investment If the story is so so, skip it or just wait it out and in 15 minutes you will be to a new story These were fun ghostly tales that were dark but not too scary Just fun and spooky Appropriate for 12 and up.

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    It was a good little set of stories Had the element of spooky with life lessons and no lastingly scary bits Great for kids I am sure.

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    From the author of the Redwall books comes this strange book Strange TERRIFYING bwahahaha OK this book should only be read by older middle school up Only if horror is their thing The first story alone should be enough to give a sensitive child nightmares for years Some of the others, not so much We have a vandal, thief, an abusive uncle, 3 bullies get their just desserts The rest are just kind of goofy.

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    I listened to the audiobook that was read by Brian Jacques.Each of these stories are middle school age scary stories meaning they re meant to entertain, not terrify, so the ghosts and monsters are used comically than anything else.That being said, it was an enjoyable thing to listen to Jacques voices and accents helped to bring everything to life.

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    I love all of Brian Jacques work I especially enjoyed his mastery of Storytelling via audiobook

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    A fun, surprisingly diverse book of stories from one of my favorite childhood authors.

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    Short, as short stories should be, with chills Just what I needed for the Halloween season.

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    Amazing short stories with beautiful endings Loved it