MOBI ↠ פתאום בעומק היער MOBI ¶ פתאום

In a village far away deep in a valley all the animals and birds disappeared some years ago Only the rebellious young teacher and an old man talk about animals to the children who have never seen such mythical creatures Otherwise there's a strange silence round the whole subject One wretched little boy has dreams of animals begins to whoop like an owl is regarded as an outcast and eventually disappearsA stubborn brave girl called Maya and her friend Matti are drawn to explore in the woods round the village They know there are dangers beyond and that at night Nehi the Mountain Demon comes down to the village In a far off cave they come upon the vanished boy content and self sufficient Eventually they find themselves in a beautiful garden paradise full of every kind of animal bird and fish the home of Nehi the Mountain Demon The Demon is a pied piper figure who stole the animals from the village He too was once a boy there but he was different mocked and reviled treated as an outsider and outcastThis is his terrible revenge one which has punished him too by removing him from society and friendship and every few years he draws another child or two to join him in his fortress Eden where he has trained the sheep to lie down with the wolves and where predators are few He lets the two children return to the village telling them that one day when people are less cruel and his desire for vengeance has crumbled perhaps the animals might come back

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    Fairy tales appear deceptively simple when in fact the reverse is true They must work on than one level they must include interesting characters and a fast paced plot to keep children interested; a moral a child can identify and often there is a third layer a moral lesson for adults to dig into in detail a take away life lesson for lack of a better term to keep the story compelling enough to keep the adult reader readingSuddenly in the Depths of the Forest is an intricate story with many plotlines interlaced There is the primary surface story about an isolated mountain town in which there are no animals insects or life forms other than plants and humans and along with that the bullying and ridicule suffered by anyone either outside the mainstream or anyone who does not fall in line with those who've conveniently forgotten how the animals went missing in the first place At this level there is significant tension within the community as those who remember are treated as though they are defective in some basic way And in fact a few of them are eccentric to the point of being grotesue such as the wife who pushes her husband around in a baby carriage as he makes sheep sounds remembering but not uite remembering a time when there were animals on the farmsNext there's the relationship between Matti and Maya two school children who care enough to pursue the uestion of what happened to the animals despite vague warnings of the evil that lurks out there in the forest and the legend of a creature so evil it wisks off every life form in its path While Matti is by far the cautious and afraid his friend Maya takes the lead role when a decision must be made becoming a strong female character when it's necessary for her to leadAnd finally the stories of both Nimi and Nehi the two people farthest outside the mainstream who chose to shun the villagers altogether rather than deal with being ostracized and ridiculed Both of them are very close to the earth perhaps pagan and in touch with the pulse of nature They are as a result the most feared charactersThe complexity of Oz's book is impressive the world he's created authentic to the last detail He's managed to be concise without skimping on either plot or character His prose as translated by Sondra Silverston blends well with this sort of created folklore It is lyrical in every positive way never slowing down the pace of the story while creating a romantic somewhat surreal world in which the impossible is possibleThe story also comes full circle while leaving the ending ambiguous Do Maya and Matti find a way to bring the animals home and restore their community or are the forces of social pressure and denial of culpability too strong to overcome? It is an enjoyable deep read satisfying for a wide age range Very highly recommended especially to those interested in the fairy tale or fantasy genres

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    One of the most beautiful fairy tales that I have ever read and I have read uite a few One of those rare achievements a profound work of literature that is accessible to both children and adults Like in some classic fairy tale its protagonists are two brave children a boy and a girl They live in a village from which all the animals disappeared long ago Adults refuse to talk about this event but they can’t help to recall it at times Only two adults an old man and a spinster school teacher still talk about animals If other adults won’t admit that there were animals among them if they don’t approve children learning or inuiring about them they cannot completely hide a sense of emptiness and sorrow that accompanies the mere mentioning of other creatures The adults can’t help alluding to animals mentioning them at least occasionally thus confusing the children The disappearance of animals can have many metaphorical meanings When you read this book I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with many interpretations yourself For the sake of an introduction perhaps it is enough to say that the disappearance of animals is a taboo Oz managed to present a society that is ruled by fear that is unable to face its past or speak of its taboos A society that won’t admit that there is something wrong Now isn’t this often the case with human societies? I mentioned that our protagonists are brave As funny as it may seem the foundation of this bravery seems to be fear These two children aren’t afraid to admit they are afraid Both of them are outcasts in a way What makes them outcasts is nothing extraordinary The boy for instance dreams of animals He tells his dreams to other children even if he knows he will be mocked This boy and this girl are willing to face their fear They are aware there are things they do not know about but they don’t let that stop them I think children will find it easy to relate to them Their portrayal and character development is wonderful Little by little we get to see we get to know the souls and hearts of these two childrenThere is simplicity in the writing but the fact that it is written for children doesn’t take anything from the beauty of the writing Even without using big words this novel is written in a very lyrical way Its prose is enchanting and it flows ever so naturally It invokes strong sensations and emotions yet it does it so softly and effortlessly Sinking into this world is so easy and it feels so natural almost like falling to sleep and dreaming a beautiful dream Once you finish reading this novel you’ll have a feeling that you’ve woken up from a dream Not just any dream One of those deeply meaningful dreams that made you realize something you failed to grasp while you were awake One of those dreams that make your heart full I would make this book a mandatory reading in schools everywhere Its speaks about bullying without bitterness it speaks about love and friendship without sentimentality it speaks about the need to overcome our fears without being pretentious This fairy tale manages to explore in depth so many difficult yet important subject that I cannot call it anything else but amazing The story is well constructed and is surely capable of keeping the full attention of reader whatever age heshe might be Moreover it conveys such a powerful message of hope I read it in a heartbeat It warmed my heart It uplifted my spirit Read it to your children If you don’t have any read it to your baby cuisines or children of your friends Read it to yourself Let the message sink in deep

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    This is an enchanting fable targeted at the younger reader yet it has themes which might reuire a bit maturity for understandingStarting off in an isolated village near a mysterious forest we soon learn that this is no ordinary village Curious things have happened The most puzzling being all the animals birds and insects vanishing leaving the older generation with vague memories of the creatures and the younger generation with myths and legends It is up to the heroine an intrepid girl called Maya to unravel this mystery Her faithful sidekick is a boy called Matti who although supportive but has much less gumption than MayaThe main theme of the story is that everyone should be treated fairly even if they look or act differently from the majority No one should be ridiculed ostracized or discriminated against And how would we live and amuse ourselves without occasionally humiliating someone? Without a touch of abuse without mockery without occasionally stepping on someone else? but from the time we’re little we’re taught to be ashamed of the truth and take pride in lies And they train us not to be happy about what we have but only about what we have that others don’t And even worse they teach us from the moment we’re born to believe all sorts of poisonous ideas that always begin with the words ‘After all everyone’view spoilerAlmost all the named characters in the story had been ridiculed or mocked in one way or another The characters also responded in different ways The older ones would carry on and just live with their memories The younger ones would run away hide spoiler

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    Matti and Maya two children who live in a village in which all the animals disappeared years before they were born set out on a uest up the mountainside to meet Nehi the Demon who is responsible for the animals' disappearanceOh book I am disappointed This had such potential but the story itself was so full of problems that I just didn't enjoy it at all The author wrote with such a passive style that I often found myself zoning out and having to re read passages two or three times I don't enjoy having to force myself to remain engaged with a bookThere were also times in which the plot was sorely lacking in detail and I had to check to make sure I hadn't accidentally skipped several pages There were other times where the author needlessly described the same character or situation over and over again or anthropomorphized objects or animals in weird abstract ways that made absolutely no senseI'm not sure if certain aspects of this story were simply lost in the translation from Hebrew to English or what but I think this needed to spend a few months on the drawing board before publication

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    DescriptionIn a gray and gloomy village all of the animals—from dogs and cats to fish and snails—disappeared years before No one talks about it and no one knows why though everyone agrees that the village has been cursed But when two children see a fish—a tiny one and just for a second—they become determined to unravel the mystery of where the animals have gone And so they travel into the depths of the forest with that mission in mind terrified and hopeful about what they may encounterFrom the internationally bestselling author Amos Oz this is a hauntingly beautiful fable for both children and adults about tolerance loneliness denial and remembranceI have actually never heard of Amos Oz so I am not really aware of his fame or books This book which is targeted towards upper elementary age has an edge of mystery and fantasy at the same time The author shares a story that begins in a village entirely without animals No one really knows what happened to them and even most of the adults act as if they never really existed Its as if they have a secret of their own A few older inhabitants such as Emanuella the teacher or Almon the Fisherman still remember what dogs cats and goats looked and sounded like but people treat their memories with unconvinced indulgence Almon of course is no longer a fisherman because there are no longer fish to catch; he spends his days talking to his scarecrow even though there are no birds to scare away No woodworm either to send him to sleep with the sound of their gentle chomping on his furniture One night all the animals suddenly disappeared taken up presumably into the dark forest clad mountains surrounding the village The inhabitants lock their doors securely at night for Nehi the Demon is liable to come prowling and snatch children away as he has already taken the animals which again is treated as a folk tale that the adults take very seriouslyTwo children Matti and Maya who are friends share a secret and decide that they must go find out for themselves what happened to all of the living non human creatures They discover so many things at the top of the forestbut you will have to read the book for yourself to find outMr Oz's Hebrew translates beautifully as he contrasts humans with lower animals the languages of animals and birds have many fewer words than the languages of people and they have only the present tense there's no past or future at all and they have only verbs nouns and interjections no other forms Creatures even have special words that express joy excitement amazement and pleasure Other creatures even have certain words that resemble prayer special words of thanks for the sunlight And they have words of longing But none of the creatures' languages have any words meant to humiliate or ridiculeAt the heart of this little gem of a story is Mr Oz's message we should not ridicule or humiliate those of us who are different And he asks a hard uestion if we are humiliated or reviled are we justified in running away andor seeking revenge? In his perfect world we would not eat the lower animals eitherMr Oz works his magic by the things that happen in the forest certainly a device that has been used by writers of all nations and ages from Dante to Hawthorne He contrasts the mystery and danger of the forest with the beauty and sublimity of a garden another device as old as the Genesis storyMy thoughtsThe first half of the book was enchantingwritten in beautiful imagery and I was very curious to learn about all of the people who lived in the village as well as the mystery of what happens at night where did all of the animals go and who was Nehi the demon?The plot is very captivating and makes you yearn for but I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the ending I felt that I did not get my uestions answered I won't share them here for sake of ruining the book for you future readersbut I just don't understand why it ended that way To read about the book it on Will be published 32111 Thank You so much Net Galley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for allowing me to read this book I cannot wait to read books from you in the futureDisclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher through the Net Galley review bloggers program I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

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    Not one detail in this book was not planned You can see how much Oz stuck to his ideas and how well he developed them Also the story was beautiful and touching Only thing I overall did not like was execution of those ideas Writing style was phenomenal at times but sometimes also bland and repetitive This was my first Oz book and I really hope that this is not his regular writing style Rating 36

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    An intriguing premise There are no longer any animals in this particular village and the allegory begins Nicely written also This is written for young readers and billed as a fable for the younger set allegory for adult

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    this is the kind of book in which the meaning the saying of the book is not in the actions and the happenings but in the hidden meaning behind them yet it is very breezy to read and does not reach the cluttered heaviness other philosophical oriented books tend to do

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    This is a wonderful story suitable for both children and adults It focuses on empathy and acceptance but covers several other topics as well Although it is very different from everything else I've read from Amos Oz there are certain connections with his other books

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    I have always been a fan of Amos Oz and was very exited when my reuest for 'Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest' was acceptedIt will be published on the 21st of March 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt It is a childrens book and recommended for 10 14 year oldsPages 144I got this book from netGalley for freeThe main characters in this book are Matti and Maya and they live in the village This village doesn't have a name but the name isn't important Something tragic has happened in the village Some years back all the animals in the village disappeared The entire flock all the pets and even the insects and birds Matti Maya and all the other kids only know about animals through the tales of Teacher Emmanuella Parents don't want to talk about it and every night all the houses are locked out of fear for the Night Demon Nehi The forest near the village is forbidden territory because that is where Nehi lives The story goes that he once passed through the village and took all the animalsA little boy Nimi is the childrens scapegoat and he makes a fool out of himself in order to be liked by them One day he dissappears and nobody can find him After a week he returns from the forest muddy and with torn clothes and all he does is whoop He is excluded by the village community even because they think he has whoopitis Sometimes a child talks about a dream he had about animals in school but they are always stopped by the harassment they face if they would continue talking about itMaya and Matti are different from the other children because they have a secret They never told anyone about their secret because the knew nobody would believe them and everybody would thin kthey have whoopitis But they know what they saw they saw a living fish One night Maya decides to stay up and see whether the Demon Nehi actually visits the village at night to steal little kids All she can see are the nine trees in the valley The next morning however there are only eight She tells Matti and he stays up at well and the same thing happens to him Together they decide to go into the forest to see whether Nehi actually exists and whether he has all the animals They go into the forest and climb up the mountain They come to a cave where thye suprisingly find Nimi who tells them he only whoops so that he is left alone by everyone They continue to climb but they loose each other Matti decides to look for Maya and finds a gate from behind which he can hear Maya's voice calling him He goes in and feels as if he has been there before Maya has a kitten in her arms and they are so focussed on stroking the kitten that they don't see the man He turns out to be Nehi who's real name is Na'aman He lived in the village years ago and was harrased just like Nimi I won't tell you any because I want the ending to remain a secret Will they get away from the demon? What about the animals?The story is written in a simple and incredibly sweet style that can speak to both kids and adults It will definitly be a favourite if you like to read books to your kids The book makes a very strong case against bullying and shows how lonely and bitter it can make people A character that I really loved was Solina the Seamstress She is in my opinion the tragic hero of this boo Her husband tried to get their animals back and when he was found in the forest he had gone mad He started to shrink to the size of a baby and started to bleat like a litle goat But Solina stayed at his side and every night she puts him in a stroller and walks him through the village And sometimes she stops and strokes his head when his bleating becomes very desperate She is avoided by most vilalgers but she doesn't seem to mind She still loves her husband and wouldn't think of leaving him While reading that I couldjust see Solina walk through the village all alone Isn't that beautiful?Matti and Maya are really sweet characters and are also complete opposites Maya is headstrong and Matti is a little bit insecure and easily frightened It is very clear that they need each other in order to survive