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As The Dying Planet Of Krypton Tears Itself Apart, Jor El, Krypton S Greatest Scientist, Launches A Tiny Interstellar Ship Into The Frigid Void Of Space Bearing Its Hold His Only Child The Infant Who Will Become Earth S Superman From His Childhood In Smallville, To His Emergence As Metropolis Newsman Clark Kent, Through His Battles With His Arch Enemy Lex Luthor, His Story Is Told Anew And As Never Before, With All The High Drama And Excitement That Have Enthralled Three Generations Of Fans

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    Best thing about this book Lex Luthor properly characterized Ignore the cover image this book has nothing to do with the first Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve Also ignore the 16 pages of movie pictures included this book is an original adventure featuring Superman.If not for the interest generated by the movie, this novel likely wouldn t exist, but it s quite a bit different Clark Kent has moved from newspaper reporter to tv anchor And while the book seems to start out similarly to the movie by delving into Superman s origin leaving Krypton as a baby , events quickly diverge Example Albert Einstein personally selects the Kent family to raise the young Kal El Mostly the book is forgettable genre product, but it does develop a very satisfying version of Lex Luthor, including his formative years impacted by Superboy and his later villainous but ingenius and admittedly downplayed evil deeds This Lex doesn t really seem to be evil, just driven, and often humor is used to make Lex a sympathetic character In fact, Lex teams up with Superman to the extent that it serves his purposes in this book to face an alien threat to Earth.Funny and original, the book does however sputter and doesn t always keep its focus enough to suit me I won t be saving this for a reread, but I don t regret the few hours it took me to read Admittedly, I m not a Superman fan at all only interested tangentially due to my fondness for Batman.3.5 stars for Lex admirers foremost.

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    The degree to which these two little novels Last Son of Krypton, Miracle Monday have shaped my idea of how a novel works is a long standing, embarrassing little secret of mine Personally, despite the pop culture nature of the very idea of a Superman novel, I have always felt Maggin accomplished some powerful and noteworthy storytelling here This is Superman at his most godlike, but it s also a deeper, thoroughgoing examination of his lifetime and psyche than I ve ever seen attempted anywhere else Lex Luthor, too, becomes a character with his own past and preoccupations, and dozens of projects underway at all times few of which have anything to do with Superman The ensemble cast around them is drawn on familiar characters from the comics, each done in similarly loving closeup, plus a pile of others from the author s own head Maggin is a deft writer of dialogue, with a light comedic tone most of the time.But structurally, these books are pretty intricate, with the main action often deliberately buried in a flurry of unrelated or tangentially related incidents Maggin is also a great maker of lists, which may be a stylistic tic or may just be the inevitable result of larding on so much byplay while the plot goes sneaking along underneath It s not hard to read them a couple times before you re strictly clear on which characters were actually Luthor in disguise all along, for example, because Maggin is quite content to let disguises of that sort go unmasked for many chapters in a row When a new character or scene is introduced, its importance to the story can take quite a while to emerge, but you do need to pay attention if you want to catch it when the reveal comes.Well worth your time whether you re particularly interested in the comics or not.

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    Turning comic books into novels is always hit or miss kind of like turning them into movies but Eliot s Maggin manages to do it and not lose a drop of silver age comic magic as well as giving us one of the best Superman Lex relationships in any format The story is a goofy silver age feeling thing involving Einstein, aliens and features a guest appearance by one of the Guardians of Oa from the Green Lantern comics.Superman can fly through space and Lex has a personality as well as a couple dozen really cool, mad scientist gadgets He feels like a guy smart enough to go up against Superman None of that evil businessman junk.It s all silly, larger than life, yet some how believable and reminds you how cool Superman is and how much fun comics used to be.

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    As a child, I adored Superman, and I LOVED this book In retrospect, however, it really wasn t that good The plot is rather silly by today s standards.

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    There s one of two things I ve come to expect the typical Superman novel weakness to be cheesiness that s hit or miss with its blatant quirkiness, or dryness which makes characters too distant if the author doesn t dampen the moment every so often It s obvious there s going to be some cheesiness after all, it s a novel about superheroes, just goes with the territory, but you can establish a setting which stays true to the legend while holding enough intellect, enough fun, to keep it worthy.In this case the novel came highly recommended I checked the reviews on Paperbackswap, Goodreads, and , surprised to see the three sites united on raves not common I hadn t read a Superman book in awhile, thought why not, so ordered it and then waited in almost embarrassed to admit impatience and dorky eagerness I first opened it to be a bit glum at the size, pretty thin for the 270 or so pages The writing is a slightly small so there s a decent amount of story in there, just not something that s going take long to read if you get absorbed.Even though the book totes that Superman is now a motion picture, and includes photos from the first film in the center of the book, the story has nothing at all to do with the movie In fact, it s very important to note that the Superman Clark Kent persona is the older almost pre Crisis type, and the Lex Luthor is the complete opposite of the comedic movie role Here they go to the roots in between plot points a flashback or so occurs telling a little about the younger Luthor in Smallville, a friend of sorts with the Kent Superboy, but absorbed in his scientific endeavors These backflashes fascinated me, and it was a different take some of the common things were there just sketched out and altered slightly, while other things were changed pretty dramatically such as what happens with Clark s adoptive parents Of course Lois Lane is in the novel but it also should be mentioned that nothing at all is brought up about any romantic interest on Clarks part or hers The author chose to not focus on that at all apparently Clark is working for a TV station and they do not even work together any longer Superman is of course still her savior and hero when times heat up This includes a scene that surprised me and almost seems anti Superman as he melts a gun and gives a mans hand third degree burns I ve already said Lex is different, and they focus on the mental illness aspect of youth and then the theories as an adult that he is the perfect balance for Supermans heroics Clark is interesting when he s Superman and it finally shows thought later on At first he just seems so distantly sketched but I felt toward the ending with the character and think it was easier to then see him as realistic.Pacing was pretty swift, a good deal happened The story turned a surprising 180 in that it changed course midway through the book in a way The first half was between Superman and Lex Luthor and their rivalry, while the second half they had to work together of all things to leave Earth and solve a situation on another realm While the author made the man of steel and the villain super geniouses, I sadly was unable to keep following along with some of the scientific, mid dimensional stuff later on There was plenty of it, and that keeps my interest little, so I didn t focus on much other than the action.Apparently I keep rambling, so I ll start wrapping this one up Rather than cheesy, this book took itself as seriously as it could It really tried for a very different type of backstory and intriguing plot that stands out and had it complex with other characters Green lantern system, etc The author chose to concentrate solely on Lex and Clark rather than anything with Lois besides a few saving scenes, and the writing style was easy to follow and well penned I have to say I agree with the reviews on the other sites it was a worthy, unique story that actually had a real story, not just a scene play by play with the characters My least favorite was the very beginning, where it was less captivating than the rest and almost slightly full for a chapter or so Besides occasional dryness it was the best I ve read yet in this genre.And yes, the pictures were fun to look through

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    Last Son of Krypton is the first of two Superman novels written by Elliot S Maggin during the Bronze Age of Comic Books It s a story of ancient prophecy, strange alliances, and daddy issues.Maggin captures the feel of 1970s Superman comics, but the world is also appropriately fleshed out in this different medium I was impressed by the whimsical inclusion of the Clark Kent part of Superman s life although Lois Lane gets little than a cameo The retconned elements of Superman s origin are fun and shouldn t offend the purists too much.Maggin nails the characterization of this Pre Crisis Lex Luthor It reminded me of the Luthor in All Star Superman brilliant, egotistical, and tragically deluded The story of Luthor s entry in the Smallville Science Fair was a real highlight of the book.My one complaint is the story never felt that consequential Maybe I was hoping for Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow or The Amazing Story of Superman Red and Superman Blue Last Son of Krypton would have been an incredible annual issue for Action Comics or DC Comic Presents, but Superman never really feels threatened and the iron clad status quo isn t even scratched The galactic scope of the story is a hoot, but it made for a shallow villain.The story isn t world changing, but the tone, characterization, and world are rock solid I d recommend Last Son of Krypton to fans of classic Superman or folks looking for a lighthearted, well written superhero story.I haven t read the second book, Miracle Monday, but it s on my to read pile.

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    Maggin wrote the best Superman comic books of the 70s, so it s not surprising that he could bang out a decent Superman novel, too The plot is a little silly Lex Luthor steals Einstein s lost papers that turn out to have something to do with Krypton or something but the characterization is where this book really shines Having the time and space to really dig into the characters heads, Maggin takes full advantage of the opportunity and really gets into why these people do what they do, especially Luthor Under Maggin s pen, Lex becomes than just another mad scientist arch criminal he truly sees himself as the equal and opposite reaction to Superman s every action You may not walk away remembering much of the actual story, but the different look at familiar characters will remain with you for a long time.

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    This is from a very special era in Superman s history, so the camp may not be for everyone Really neat Silver Age story though with some neat additions to the legend The Luthor here obviously influenced Mark Waid s exemplary Birthright You may be surprised at how SF this story is.

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    I ve read this book a few times since 1978 More than, perhaps, any other novel, this feels like reading a really good comic book It definitely reflects the time in which it was written, which for those of us who were alive at the time is comforting, but might seem old fashioned to younger readers As I mentioned in my review of Miracle Monday, Elliot s Superman is smarter and compassionate than most other portrayals His Luthor is also sympathetic, and both characters are completely compatible with Jerry Siegel s portrayals of the characters, For someone who grew up reading Superman comic books in the 1970s, this story s portrayal of Superman s world is definitive.

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    I picked this up because I ve been on this serious Superman kick I can t seem to shake I m really happy I decided to read it though It was a pretty great version of the story I m not sure why it makes such a huge deal about the Superman movie when it s a different take on him maybe it was a marketing thing for the movie Though I did like the iconic pictures of Christopher Reeves I loved the part with lex and Superman Clark together I just loved this lex I could easily picture Michael Rosenbaum from smallville as this lex and he is my favorite Lex I was a little worried when I first got this that I wouldn t be able to like it because it s an older one, I thought it would be hard to get into but I m happy to say that isn t true It was very easy to get wrapped up in I wish I got to see a little of Lois but that s my own thing I love Lois and Clark together Lol I d definitely recommend if you love the man of steel.