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The truth was he had sold out It was the coward's way But it was at least a way out His head was spinning as he boarded the red line just down the street from the hospital He was headed toward the city center Trent needed to get lost and he had a plan Besides the way he saw it he was already lost Long lost Trent Atkins felt a call to help people and be a minister but quickly discovered that his real job was to be a junior CEO and manager That's what all the leadership books taught him and it was all there in black and white on the job description handed to him He and his wife Natalie played the role of the perfect couple yet their long drift away from friendship and intimacy have left them cold toward one another So Trent plots his escape His plan is so thorough and careful that neither the members of Baylor's Bend Community Church nor his wife had any idea it was coming or where he'd gone But Trent discovers that no matter how many miles you run your troubles always follow you

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