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This is one of the hilarious books ever It s also an incredible history of an incredible family The Gilbreths are absolutely incredible, and their stories are ridiculous to the point of unbelievability but they re true Mr Gilbreth Dad is the best, but I really like Ernestine, too and Anne and Mrs Gilbreth is pretty neat and everyone else xDI m not going to try to list all the amazing stuff about this book you should read it yourself Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews HILARIOUS An AWESOME story Anyone who has a family, or wants to have a family, will love this book Especially people with a lot of kids in their family my mom or very eccentric dads me This is the true story of a family of twelve children, whose father is a motion study expert and believes that what applies to workers in a factory also applies to children at home, and vice versa Mykle and I are reading this together right now, and we cannot turn a page without him busting up laughing.The only thing I hate about this book is the cover on my copy, which is a picture from the movie Cheaper by the Dozen starring Steve Martin I HATE this because the movie and the book are completely separate stories, and the image of one should NOT be used to endorse the other the one and ONLY thing that the family in the movie has in common with the family in the book is that they have twelve children That is IT The rest of the movie is 100% Hollywood, and it SUCKS I would gladly trade my like new copy of this book for a run down older version with yellowing pages. Adapted Into Two Classic Motion Pictures, This Bestselling Memoir Is The Unforgettable Story Of Two Parents, Twelve Kids, And A World Of Laughter And Love Translated Into Than Fifty Languages, Cheaper By The Dozen Is The Unforgettable Story Of The Gilbreth Clan As Told By Two Of Its Members In This Endearing, Amusing Memoir, Siblings Frank Jr And Ernestine Capture The Hilarity And Heart Of Growing Up In An Oversized FamilyMother And Dad Are World Renowned Efficiency Experts, Helping Factories Fine Tune Their Assembly Lines For Maximum Output At Minimum Cost At Home, The Gilbreths Themselves Have Cranked Out Twelve Kids, And Dad Is Out To Prove That Efficiency Principles Can Apply To Family As Well As The Workplace The Heartwarming And Comic Stories Of The Jumbo Size Gilbreth Clan Have Delighted Generations Of Readers, And Will Keep You And Yours Laughing For Years I read this as a school assignment when I was in the sixth grade I think it was first published in 1948 I have seen, within the last year, about a half hour of the old fifties era movie of it, starring Clifton Webb as the beloved father I have not seen the Steve Martin one If I m not wrong, there s a second one with him, too I grant that this extremely light memoir of family life in pre World War One America paints an extremely rosy picture, but it is not unrealistic There is room in this world for fond reminiscence.Basically, this book is a tribute to the parents of a family of twelve children The family is clearly upper middle class, but the quality of life described is not available to those who fit the upper middle class bill today One reason this book is worth reading in our fear stricken age is that it is a reminder that, at least on the surface, a self made man in the early 20th century could set up a virtual palace for his family, perform civic duties cheerfully and give his children a sense of well being.The obvious question for anybody reading this review is, Is CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN a lie Ultimately not I believe it appeals to a sense of idealism It is free of the snobbery of most memoirs of the privileged It is not Jacob Riis Look him up, my Goodreads pals But it is not a flashy reflection of gaudy times What I took from this book in sixth grade was that a family could believe in diligence, good works and duty and still be happy If it s not true that most diligent people who do good and fulfill duties are happy, it probably is true that any happy person is diligent, does good works and fulfills duties. Although this book was sold to me as a 7th grader as a heartwarming memoir of children raised by an efficiency expert, I realized not too long thereafter that the book presented an insidious hidden agenda In real life, the Gilbreth father was an acolyte of efficiency engineer Frederick Speedy Taylor 1856 1915 , considered the founder of the theory of scientific management Taylorism, as it had come to be called, destroyed the craft underpinnings of much of the manufacturing industry in the US, and segmented factory workers activities into simple, repetitious, mind numbing tasks While this may have increased the wealth of the owners, and, over time, provided a steady wage for some industrial workers, a fairly decent critique of Taylorism, and in particular management s treatment of workers as replaceable cogs in a well oiled machine, rather than human beings with inherent capabilities and imagination, can be found in Harry Braverman s Labor and Monopoly Capital If I were subjected to the indignities inflicted on the Gilbreth children by their father, I would have gone on strike, or run away from home as soon as possible The recent Steve Martin movies, of course, have little to do with the raison d etre of the book any movie with Steve Martin and Eugene Levy can be guaranteed to yield plenty of laughs Not so the book. Yup, still as delightful as it was when I was a kid Somehow I missed, back then, that Mother, too, was an engineer And the bonus of re reading it now is that I can go online and find out that the Time Motion analyses were real, and even see some of the films and promotional pictures My family values efficiency economy to a very high degree, but we re pikers compared to Gilbreth I would have loved to learn Morse code the way these kids did Really too bad Dad died so young, but many men did back then Anyway, yes, if you haven t treated yourself to this yet, it s about time you did Oh, and I have no interest in a movie version. 11 12 17 1.99 for Kindle version. Lovely tale of a huge family with great parents who were masters of economy at home and on the job, both were efficiency experts It ends sort of abruptly when their father passes at a young age. Read this book to meet the father and the rest of the Gilbreth family A family with twelve kids He is an efficiency expert designing machines and organizing tasks so time and in turn money can be saved The Mom works alongside him as an industrial organizational psychologist It is watching the family as a whole that is the attraction of the book I guarantee you will laugh We are given a real family, albeit exceptional because of its size They live in Montclair, New Jersey, Providence, Rhode Island, and Nantucket, Massachusetts, in the first half of the 20th century Small details mentioned about these places are all correct I know Nantucket and Providence While the story is extremely amusing what we are told is also true While the negative is not emphasized neither is it totally ignored The father spanks the kids and his temper is not hidden At the same time we see his loving nature, his kindness and his sense of justice His overall enthusiasm and belief in the value of his mission is engaging and extremely funny The whole is refreshing, if at the same time absurd Therein lies the book s humor The reader gets a real feel for the trials and joys of being part of the family It is two of the family s twelve children that are the authors of this book That one of the twelve children dies of diphtheria at the age of six is not mentioned Even if family roles are somewhat dated, mom often defers to dad, it is nevertheless clear that when Mom says something the whole family listens and adheres.The audiobook narration by Dana Ivey is absolutely excellent I loved it from start to finish Her intonations used for the father and mother are priceless Forget that wretched Steve Martin movie and read the charming original Authored by two of the 12, this is the first of two memoirs about a large family s madcap adventures In tone it reminded me most of Gerald Durrell s The Corfu Trilogy.Frank and Lillian Gilbreth were pioneers in the field of motion study, often hired as efficiency experts for industry and they ran their home like a well oiled machine too Nevertheless, there was than enough love and humor to go around Frank was the kind of man who, never having touched a brick in his life, would walk up to a bricklayer and tell him just how best to do his job and be completely right , but he also took a personal interest in each of his children and was to be seen loitering around their schools and chaperoning the girls on dates Lillie gave birth to six boys and six girls between 1905 and 1922 For a joke, a neighbor once sent round a birth control advocate When all the children were in Foolish Carriage, their Pierce Arrow car, they looked like an orphanage on an outing For their summer vacations on Nantucket, they had to buy not one but two lighthouses to fit everyone And when the 1920s hit, Frank had the challenge of multiple daughters trying on flapper identities all at once.The Gilbreths also had than their fair share of medical drama On a train trip back to the East Coast after visiting Lillie s family in Oakland, California, all seven children extant at the time came down with whooping cough Later they all had their tonsils out at once an experiment in efficiency that nearly turned disastrous when the doctor confused Martha s tonsils with Ernestine s.The book ends with a death, something I certainly wasn t expecting But overall it s a sweet celebration of life when asked what he was saving time for, Frank answered, For work, if you love that bestFor education, for beauty, for art, for pleasureFor mumblety peg, if that s where your heart lies For all his bluster and brisk efficiency, he knew what mattered in life Lillie, too, had mastered living in the moment she once turned to her children and marvelled, Right now is the happiest time in the world For a book published in 1948 that covers the first few decades of the twentieth century, Cheaper by the Dozen is still remarkably fresh The only element that seems somewhat dated is a description of a Chinese cook I read the 2013 Open Road Media edition via NetGalley, which has bonus end material including mini biographies of the authors and a terrific series of black and white family photos.This book gave me plenty of laughs at a time when I really needed that distraction I highly recommend it as lighthearted and heartwarming reading.