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This is a decent medical thriller, but for me was memorable for personal reasons.I read this the summer I had to have a minor bit of surgery I won t give the book away, but the plot revolves around a new anaesthesia that has certain effects After my surgery my recovery from anaesthesia was similar to the positive aspects described in the book which obviously freaked me out.Happily I didn t get the negative effects The positive effects were only due to how little anaesthesia I was given, not because of some new anaesthesia.Still Bad timing If you re going in for a short procedure where they re only going to lightly knock you out, this is not a good book to read the week before. This was a new author for me A very good book I loved it. Very interesting story It reminded me of the show that featured people who woke up during their surgeries These people was conscience while the surgen was operating on them This novel is a scary thing that doctors can do to people to knock them out for before surgery Very scary The first part is boring Skip pages It gets interesting towards the last, from chapter 30 onwards And a total of 38 chapters The tension was intense at times, and the one character, the father, who I felt was the most drawn out, the one that kept me on edge, technically was not the main one, although he did play a pivotal role While not the nicest man, and his views in general are black and white, I felt I connected to him as he connected to nearly every character.As a whole, I enjoy Palmers s novels, but this time, I felt he relied too much on flashbacks of the family, mainly of the two children as they grew up Some of those flashbacks felt disconnected as they didn t fit into the storyline very well, especially since one event where one brother sabotaged the other in a skiing race Brought up repeatedly, as the brother who was sabotaged clearly, a couple decades later, was unaware of the action his brother had taken to ensure he lost It did show how far one brother would go to succeed, but the reader, not the main character was privy to that information.The evil character, if you well was two dimensional, where as the main character felt one dimensional He was flat, I think that s the problem that I had.Technically the novel is about an experimental anesthesia that is not supported in anyway by the industry, the hospital, or the FDA And that fact, is made clear to the reader, hence the title One of my issues is that the reader is told there are 500 test patients without their knowledge but we are shown two The implication is there that far patients must have endured horrific side effects but no research or followup is done As the reader, we have to take the author s word I wanted to see.I also wanted to see of the present moments with the characters in play At the same time, other characters just seemed there as they weren t flushed out One example is the administrator s family They played little, if any, part to the novel To me, they just took up space That space could have been used to back up suspicions that the drug being used was harming others especially as it s made clear that the hospital is located in a town, not a city That, going by numbers, would make many of those who received the drugs locals Why not add another case or two Instead of showing a family that takes up space, doesn t play a pivotal role, and appears to add nothing to the plot, I think far tension and believability could have been added with the addition of patients succumbing to side effects In my opinion, that would strengthen the novel and add believability for the reader.It is a decent tree, but it s not one I would put high on the list of must read books This was my first Michael Palmer medical suspense novel and I must say, although it was somewhat predictable, I enjoyed it Not too much medical jargon, just enough to explain what was going on, characters I could relate to the good guys, anyway Being one of five children, I could also relate to the sibling rivalry, although in my family that ended when we matured into teenagers Zack and Frank are two brothers who have a very strong willed father, The Judge Frank is the administrator of a corporate hospital in New Hampshire, and his younger brother, Zack, has just been hired as the neurosurgeon It doesn t take Zack too long to realize that something strange, bad, and perhaps even evil is happening at the hospital, but because his brother s everyone s boss, no one will believe him But Zack won t give up in his efforts to save the lives of two people who he believes have been threatened in the pursuit of making a whole lot of money It was a very quick read If I find another book by Michael Palmer, I ll read it This one was good. The nice thing about reading a medical thriller written by an MD is accuracy in detail Dr Palmer writes a very interesting book about an MD who returns to his small hometown to practice at a local hospital run by his brother As always, Dr Palmer grabs the reader in the first chapter by outlining the issue via a character s personal experience In this case it is a young child named Toby who is undergoing a hernia operation He is supposed to be under during the surgery but something is wrong Toby is unconscious to the surgical team but awake in his own mind and can feel and hear the entire operation After surgery, he wakes very quickly and recovers well, but as time marches on he begins to have flashbacks that result in a steep decline in his health and odd behavior Meanwhile, Zach returning MD is dealing with an overbearing father, competitive and cocky brother, and an increase in patients with issues similar to Toby s The book continues with focus on Zach s budding relationship with another MD, his quest to cure Toby and his investigation into the cause of Toby s illness I found his brother s dialog to be too condenscending and hard to relate to His frequent use of the term bro when conversing with his brother Zach was so far off in the professional setting and his dialog with others was equally annoying I know he was supposed to be cast as the antagonist but he came off as a cheap used car salesman and felt slimey from the beginning I think a classier approach to his character would have been subtle making him believable and even devious All in all a good, fun read. Another masterpiece by Micheal Palmer I have always been a fan of medical thrillers And though Robin Cook is famous for this genre I find Micheal Palmers books varied Each story is different and you get pulled into the story Makes it tough to put down one of these books until you have read it completely.This story revolves around Zach who has just moved back to his hometown and joined the hospital managed by his older brother All seems bright and shiny at the hospital until he starts coming across situations where the hospital seems to be run as a corporate machine than a center for healing All this comes to a head when Zach comes across a child who seems to be suffering from flashbacks of a surgery he should not have remembered Now it is up to Zach to find out what happened and how the hospital is involved in this.. A definite page turner, the author has managed to keep readers hooked Full marks to him for keeping the readers engrossed Not too much medical jargons used like Robin Cook does and the language is easier to understand by laymen unlike some of the terms used in Cook s book Would definitely pick up another Palmer given the opportunity Toby Is Eight Years Old He Had A Routine Operation It Was Fine Now He S Gone Home To Terror Months Have Passed But Toby Still Bursts Into Tortured Screams Because Something Is Very Wrong Toby Can Remember Every Moment Of The Operation All The Trauma All The Pain He Relives Every Horrifying Detail Of Surgery While He S Awake Now Someone Must Expose The Unspeakable Truth About This Hospital Or Else An Innocent Child Will Die And He Won T Be The Last The Next Victim Is Being Wheeled Into Surgery Right Now