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In Letters from the Land of Cancer award winning writer Walter Wangerin Jr offers his profound insights into the greatest challenge we face confronting our own mortality Shortly after the cancer had been diagnosed I began writing letters to the members of my immediate family to relatives and to lifelong friends The following book will consist mostly of those letters They will invite you into my most intimate dancing with the cancer even as that partner and I have over the last two years swung each other around the tiled floors of ballrooms and bathrooms Dizzy still and day by day I sat and wrote This is what I'm feeling right now This is what I think From afternoon to afternoon of radiation Wangerin wrote about confronting his mortality about living with the messiness of undone tasks and bodily weakness He wrote about the medical procedures he endured the wild mood swings that unbalanced his days and the fragilities and strengths of the relationships that surrounded him Letters from the Land of Cancer is made up of these writings Cadenced within the letters are Wangerin's eloquent meditations derived from his pastoral experiences with the faithful passage of death to life Seldom has the great adventure of life and death been as beautifully presented as it is in this testimony to faith love and the shocking reality of hope

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