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Responding to major shifts in literary studies over the past thirty years The Longman Anthology of British LIterature was the first collection to pay sustained attention to the contexts within which literature is produced even as it broadened the scope of that literature to embrace the full cultural diversity of the British Isles Within its pages canonical authors mingle with newly visible writers; English accents are heard next to Anglo Norman Welsh Gaelic and Scottish ones; female and male voices are set in dialogue; literature from the British Isles is integrated with post colonial writing; and major works are illumined by clusters of shorter texts that bring literary social and historical issues vividly to life Volume 2B focuses on the literature of the Victorian Age

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    One of the decent textbooks I've read It is good addition to a Victorian Literature survey class

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    College textbook

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    The Longman Anthology of British Literature 2B 0 321 10669 5This anthology belongs to the three volume set of The Longman Anthology of British Literature Volumes 2A 2B 2C Each volume contains gorgeous color plates of contemporary artwork and portraits The authors are arranged not only by the dates they represent but also by the causes that they provide perspective on This arrangement makes the literary selections meaningful when read as a group and provides a great deal of insight on pertinent issues which influenced the authors' writings This arrangement does mean however that many selections are scattered throughout the work so if you wish to read all the selections by a specific author then you will have to wade through the index to find the three or four places where their writings are locatedThe authors represented in this volume are Alfred Lord Tennyson Arnold Matthew Ashford Daisy Beerbohm Max Beeton Isabella Belloc Hilaire Bird Isabella Bronte Anne Bronte Charlotte Browning Elizabeth Barrett Browning Robert Burton Sir Richard Francis Carlyle Thomas Carroll Lewis Clough Arthur Hugh Cobbe Frances Power Colenso John William Darwin Charles Dickens Charles Disraeli Benjamin Douglas Lord Alfred Douglas Lady Alfred Olive Custance Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Eliot George Ellis Sarah Stickney Engels Friedrich Fitzgerald Edward Gaskell Elizabeth Gilbert WS Gosse Sir Edmund Hardy Thomas Hopkins Gerard Manley Hughes Thomas Huxley Thomas Henry James Henry Johnson Lionel Kemble Fanny Kinglake Alexander William Kingsley Charles Kingsley Mary Kipling Rudyard le Gallienne Richard Lear Edward Leverson Ada Macaulay Thomas Babington Mayhew Henry Mill John Stuart Morris William Nesbit Edith Newbolt Sir Henry Newman John Henry Cardinal Norton Caroline Nightingale Florence Pater Walter Potter Beatrix Rossetti Christina Rossetti Dante Gabriel Ruskin John Stanley Sir Henry Morton Stevenson Robert Louis Strauss David Friedrich Swinburne Algernon Charles Symons Arthus Trollope Francis Whistler James Abbott McNeill Wilde Oscar Ana Mardoll

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    Not the greatest anthology for me I'm partial to the Nortons It drove me crazy how sometimes they would cut off poems and put the final few lines on the next page It was just annoying to read I found the selection okay but I think there was a lot left out that could have made it into the book

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    Women had absolutely no existence back in the day

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    A dreary sad story of passions gone awry Poor TessMaybe I'd appreciate it now but don't plan to reread it