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What do you do when everything in your life falls apart? If you're Chris Mitchell you run away from home all the way to Disney World a place where no one ever dies and employees known as Cast Members aren't allowed to frown Mitchell shares the behind the scenes story of his year in the Mouse's army From his own personal Disneyfication to what really happens in the hidden tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom and what not to eat at the Mousketeria it was a year filled with adventure and surprises than he could ever have imagineeredFunny and moving Mitchell tracks his ascent through the backstage social hierarchy in which princesses rule and his escapades in the Ghetto where Cast Members live and anything goes Along the way he unmasks the misfits and drop outs lifers and nomads who leave their demons at the stage door as they preserve the magic that draws millions to this famed fantasyland the same magic that Mitchell seeks and ultimately finds in the last place he ever expectedChris Mitchell is an action sports photographer and journalist who grew up in Los Angeles He was a senior at UCLA when he started his first magazine an inline skating publication and sold it to Sports Fitness Publishing Within a few years he was working on five magazines within The Surfer Group He continues to work closely with a number of publications and websites as well as event and TV production companies like ESPN ASA Entertainment and Lifelounge He is a recognized expert in action sports and as such has stunt coordinated dozens of productions including Batman and Robin Brink and Airborne He is also the Chairman of the International Inline Stunt Federation for the advancement of extreme skating as a healthy and safe activity After spending a year working as a photographer at Disney World in Orlando Florida he moved back to Los Angeles where he currently lives

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    Any Cast Member will laugh their way through this one It's mostly embellishment with a few shards of truthemphasis on a few And referring to the classic beloved attraction the Haunted Mansion as the Haunted House? Referencing Jack Sparrow when the author says he worked at WDW in 2000 yet the first Pirates film wasn't until 2003? Not to mention the geography was all over the place While the author may have worked at WDW it seems like he took alot of stories from many different Cast Members pieced them together to make one big fairy tale