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In This Thrilling New Novel From The Author Of Industrial Magic, A Pregnant Werewolf May Have Unwittingly Unleashed Jack The Ripper On The Twenty First Century And Become His Next Target Ever Since She Discovered She S Pregnant, Elena Michaels Has Been On Edge After All, She S Never Heard Of Another Living Female Werewolf, Let Alone One Who S Given Birth But Thankfully, Her Expertise Is Needed To Retrieve A Stolen Letter Allegedly Written By Jack The Ripper As A Distraction, The Job Seems Simple Enough Only The Letter Contains A Portal To Victorian London S Underworld, Which Elena Inadvertently Triggers Unleashing A Vicious Killer And A Pair Of Zombie ThugsNow Elena Must Find A Way To Seal The Portal Before The Unwelcome Visitors Get What They Re Looking For Which, For Some Unknown Reason, Is Elena Book In The Otherworld Series

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    3.75 We are back to Elena as the narrator and after three years of wandering if they should even consider having children, ever, Clay and Elena are heavily pregnant and having no idea how to cope with it While trying to deal with the anxiety, they decide to mingle with friends so they have less time to think about it This is how eventually they end up back in Toronto dealing with an interdimentional portal back to Jack the Ripper time London, which is spewing killer zombie rats, infection riddled zombies, and all types of old time diseases It is interesting, but above all, it is disgusting It is a fun addition to the series, but I am a bit disappointed that all of our beloved wolves and necromancer turned blind and stupid all at once, because the readers figured out who and what the killer was waaaaaay before they did Probably the least of the plots so far However, the series is still fun Now I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come

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    Some spoilers ahead This was boring, sorry I developed no interest in Elena or Clay Clay was one dimensional Elena was whiney All other characters stayed flat The pregnancy lacked interest Usually supernatural beings with a pregnancy have some interesting character development going on Not here.These are some of the most boring werewolves ever Not impressed with the world building in general.The sex scenes were not sexy They just seemed like a required plot point to tick off The portal and the Jack the Ripper angle sounded like fun at first, but then devolved into a zombie hunt that lacked tension How inept are these werewolves, that they can t catch them Over and over again TWO zombies The apocalypse can be boring, who knew And the bad guy was dull, too Plus it was the guy I suspected from the start It all seemed pretty pointless After 250 pages I was hoping for Clay to fall deadly ill from his infection or to start changing into a zombie, just so something interesting would happen.I can t believe I liked some of the books of this series so much and others just dragged Maybe it s me, who knows Maybe if the book had been a hundred pages less, it would have had momentum I guess I am finally calling it quits with the Women of the Otherworld, at least for now.

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    After re read in 2019, changing rating to 3 stars We sacrificed a mosquito I bet that s what did it It was probably a virgin too I was happy to finally return to Elena s point of view after being away from her voice for a few books This turned out to be the weakest of the first three starring Elena s POV, but it s still worth checking out.We get plenty of Elena, Clay, Jeremy, Jaime, and the setting of Toronto with an unusual historical mystery involving magic The Jack The Ripper lore was certainly unique although not my favorite side plot of the series I kind of missed Stonehaven, but the dirty, gritty feel worked well.The book focuses mainly on Elaine s pregnancy, how overprotective Jeremy and Clay are about it, and her personal fears about changing and endangering the child Some of it got a little tiresome, but overall I liked the overprotective wolves and thought it cute Elena s fears were justified but I m glad she got over some of it I would worry about shifting causing a miscarriage, so can understand the reasoning.Jaime comes aboard and I enjoyed her scenes She s one of my top favorites and I love her crush on Jeremy She gets awkward and trips over everything when the alpha shows up On the downside she was kind of treated like crap a few times I definitely wouldn t keep crushing on someone like that without some reciprocity by now Zoe is a new charactershe s fun I m not as crazy about the vampires in this series but she s humorous and quirky Tee fascinated me with her creepy, insane energy Villains worked I kind of saw the hidden twist but guessing in advance didn t deter from the story line The zombie angle was definitely different, and the story line was a little cheesy, but it was over the top creative and well structured.

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    As much as I hate to say it, but Broken is the weakest Women of the Otherworld installment so far My dislike has nothing to do with the main characters I remember not really liking Dime Store Magic strictly because I didn t really care for Paige or Lucas , but has a lot to do with the fact that Broken has a wish fulfillment filler quality about it Allow me to elaborate.The focus of this novel is Elena s pregnancy That s right, not a zombie outbreak accidentally caused by Elena when she opens a Jack the Ripper s old letter, but her growing stomach I am all for babies and weddings and such fluff, but not in so much detail The constant clutching of Elena s stomach, the vitamins, the eating, the buying of baby furniture, Clay s and Jeremy s relentless hovering over her, it just gets annoying very, very quickly Even , the way both guys act in this novel totally emasculates them IMO, they behave like two middle aged aunts instead of paranormal hunks I ve known them to be I think Elena s pregnancy should have been completely edited out of this book, with the exception of a couple of flashbacks maybe It has a place in the Otherworld universe, but it should have been realized as a short story novella a la Beginning and Savage As a part of the novel, it overpowers the story in a painful similarity to Breaking Dawn My second complaint is the story itself, or rather lack of it Normally Armstrong s books are filled with fresh mythology and engaging mystery of some sort Not here No new mythology is introduced The zombie lore is paper thin and evasive and even Elena s strange pregnancy is never explained it is accelerated and what happens during the Change is still a mystery to me The case itself is convoluted, there is a lot of running around and reuniting with various familiar characters from other Otherworld book for no other reason than to help fill the pages because they obviously add very little to the investigation And finally, the bad guys are just a joke Two zombies who can be killed with no efforts and the main guy whom I will not name who wants to get to Elena for some stupid reason After this assessment you d think I totally hated the book That s not the case It is somewhat enjoyable I still love the characters, the old ones Elena, Clay, Jeremy, Jaime, Antonio and Nick and the new ones Zoe Takano There is some great dialog and overall the story is fast paced and a quick read But I just expected Elena s and Clay s novel to be much better Broken is nowhere nearly as good as Bitten and Stolen Although I am disappointed, I am however not giving up on the series yet I ve already flipped through No Humans Involved and there is quite a bit of hot Jaime Jeremy action Something to look forward to

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    Reading Broken and Men of the Otherworld simultaneously allowed me to realize what I had long been suspecting, I read Armstrong for the men of her Otherworld, not the women Strike that, I read Armstrong for the Werewolf men of her Otherworld, not the women.I ll admit that I shamelessly passed over Dime Store Magic,Industrial Magic and Haunted to get right down to business with Broken I appreciated, even enjoyed inclusions of other supernatural races in Stolen, but it was Armstrong s werewolf lore that got me addicted to her writing, and ever shall be I thought for sure, that because this book contained a majority of my most favorite Armstrong characters, that I would love Broken but no such luck Perhaps writing so many non Pack focused books prior to writing Broken caused Armstrong to lose sight of what made her books so special in the first place, her werewolf lore The story was mildly entertaining, though incredibly far fetched and certainly breached into wish fulfillment territory I don t like babies with my smut, and I pray to God that Armstrong will omit excessive mentions of the twins from Frostbite I like Elena, I truly do, but she definitely became a Mary Sue in this installment There simply isn t a snowballs chance in hell that a woman, werewolf or no, in her third trimester could kick ass when she could barely tie her shoes I m sad to say it, but all the characters became shells of themselves Clay and Jeremy were worrying mother hens and while I could certainly see Clay as being overly protective, when is he not The Clay of Bitten simply wouldn t do mother hen He would be appalled by what was done to him in this story Armstrong crippled him, literally Gah Regardless of all the many, many flaws contained in Broken, I still enjoyed it Let s face it, a sub par book by Armstrong still trumps most of the other Urban Fantasy out there And damn, that woman can pen some steam

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    3.5 5 stars Mini Review Broken was a decent bounce back from Haunted, with the added benefit of Elena once again as the POV I d heard this was another Elena book before diving in, and I admit to setting some expectations that it would also be another werewolf book with all the same intense feels as the first two Er kind of not the case If anything, I d call this a zombie book with a hybrid of Elena s great POV and the plot structure of the Paige books Not a bad combination, because it made for a fun mystery read, but I d be remiss if it didn t admit I missed a little of that carnal component that was so strong in the first book not just the sex, but the overall intensity between every character Even so, I m at the point in the series where storylines and characters are starting to cross and I m loving the convergence enough to keep my enthusiasm pumped for what s to come As with Haunted, Armstrong incorporated a mystery based on real world infamous criminals Jack the Ripper, in this case , and I appreciate how creatively they re being integrated into this supernatural world I hope this book marks the upward swing of the series Via The Obsessive Bookseller at www.NikiHawkes.com

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    OMG I just can t believe how freaking amazing this book was I loved every page of it It just kept getting better and better Definitely the best book in the series so far Much better than the rest, actually I was expecting an amazing read but never one such as this one, with drama, adventure, suspense, and so much The best Urban fantasy book I have read in a while.I have been hooked with this series since book 1 and have not been able to stop reading it since then one book right after the other, but I never was so thrilled with one of them as I am with this one right now My favorite supernatural species in this series the wolves, and this book is all about them, so what can I say A damn terrific read I m not gonna write what the book is about as you can all read that in the book summary, I m just gonna say what I think about it instead So let me tell you that if you re a fan of Shape shifters and enjoy reading Urban Fantasy, this is the read you have been looking for I just got to the point where I become extremely obsessed with a series It has been so long since I added a book to my obsessions shelf that I can t even remember which series was the last one to get in it But I m happy to let you all know that here is another series that deserves a place in that shelf with others like The fever series, Guild hunters series, Dark hunters, Night huntress,BDB, LOTU, IAD, Demonica, Midnight Breed and Psy changeling Right now I don t think it is better than any of them but it s really getting there, definitely has the potential for it I still believe this series can do much better Can t wait to finally get to book 7 Starting it right away I have so much to do right now with work and study and this series is the only thing I can think about Boy I m gonna have a big problem if I can t stop reading it I just hope after book 7 this obsession slows down a bit.

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    So we are back to Elena and the werewolves in Broken, not my favourite character I have to admit, I much prefer Paige maybe that makes me a witchy person Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this book, just not as much as the others This series is becoming almost like a supernatural detective series, and it seems now we are adding a bit of history into them, the previous including the story of Lizzie Borden This one combines the story of Jack the Ripper, and I have to say I was really intrigued when I read this on the back However, do not let it mislead you The Jack the Ripper theme does wear a bit thin, I m not really sure where she was going with this but again, its supernatural and fantasy so who knows The beginning of the book leads you into the story without giving too many details into the plot too soon Kelley takes her time setting the scene and bringing you up to date with Elena and Clay as we have been away from them for a few books Kelley is so good at explaining the way things work in her world, and reminding you of all the different species traits, their strengths, their weaknesses and so on You really can get a good understanding of this world she has created Most of the book is set in Cabbagetown, Toronto A nice normal town where supernatural occurrences should not be happening I like the fact that the book is set in the real world and isn t over complicated by being in a complex fantasy world So what didn t agree with me Well, we got dribs and drabs of action, this is not as gory as the others in the series although there is one pretty disgusting bit I could not see where the story was going and in some ways it dragged, but not enough to stop me reading It was a little far fetched, even for a fantasy book I get the feeling it should of been a bit eerie and scary but to be honest I literally laughed my way through it It really didn t feel like it was all that life threatening as others I have read So, it s a 3 stars from me Can t wait for the next one, hopefully it picks up again.

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    Oh my gosh, my heart is so so full right now I loved this book It s about Elena and Clay and Ohhh I want to yell it but I don t want to give away the story I just love this couple could it be because I read the first book 3 times Who knows, all I know is I am always rooting for them and when Jeremy is in the story I want him to get a HEA he seems like he has been alone too long This was an interesting story with zombies from another time We get to meet vampires too Oh and Jamie comes back for I want to know why I guess I will have to keep trucking through the series to find out The, T thing was interesting makes me wonder why all these supernatural beings never want to die Why they some fell like hundreds of years isn t long enough I liked the narration but for Clay, I don t know I always think of the first narrator as his voice.

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    Kelley Armstrong s books are becoming and difficult for me to rate and review On one hand, her characterization and world building are some of the best I ve read But on the other hand, she apparently wants to be a mystery writer, and her plots have become formulaic Le sigh Here is what kicks ass about this book The Otherworld is amazing Armstrong s strength as an urban fantasy writer definitely lies her her ability to create a believable, well defined, and engrossing world without ever overwhelming the reader with info dump In Broken the story revolves around Elena, Clay, Jeremy and the other werewolves We also are confronted with sorcerers, ghosts, zombies, necromancers and vampires oh my There may be a few others I am missing But my point is that Armstrong is able to weave so very many beasties and mythologies into an amazingly complex and enjoyable story Another strength is Armstrong s characters Whether I love them or hate them, they are all incredibly well rounded, authentic and have distinct voices So many urban fantasies rely on secondary characters who are defined by their paranormal type The people we meet in this series are fairly unique in addition to their Otherworldly persona Here is what is not so awesome about this book Speaking of characters, I would love to see them grow and change a little bit One of the things I loved so much about Bitten is seeing Elena struggle to accept her wolfiness and the pack lifestyle Since then, Armstrong has written stories with protagonists who face external struggles rather than internal ones Not really a big deal, but when we are seeing the same characters over and over again granted, not all books feature the same protagonist I would love to see I want to say character development But that really isn t the right word because they are already so developed I just want to see characters change some as a result of their experiences Regarding those character experiences at the beginning of each novel the protagonists and her partner are faced with a mystery One that seems quite simple and straightforward but becomes convoluted as the quest to solve it continues At this point in the series, I know to expect lots of Scooby Doo type chases down different pathways, old fashioned detective work you know, based on finding the right clue or talking to the right person rather than scientific evidence and introductions to lots of new and old people, and lots of new and old mythologies Here is where Armstrong s books leave me so conflicted I ve read through bad urban fantasy plots when I am in love with the characters and want to see where they are headed cough Charlaine Harris cough And of course so many urban fantasy books are dependent on awesome plots without a lot of character growth Unfortunately at this point in the Women of the Otherworld series I know what to expect from the plot And the characters The result is a reading experience that doesn t make me feel nearly as much as I would like to The twists and turns while mystery solving become annoying and the life threatening situations are lacking intensity All in all, I am faced with a skim worthy, blah book If any of my local libraries happens to get the rest of this series on audio, I will continue with it After all, I love Armstrong s writing style mystery stuff and weak plot aside as well as her Otherworld This series is great to listen to as I am driving to work or completing errands But as far as sitting down to read a novel I m moving on to books with a little surprises in store for the reader.