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In the beginning there were field reportsBefore there were any books by Neil Strauss or Mystery before there were pickup boot camps or DVD box sets pickup existed as a loosely knit community on Internet bulletin boards There would be players shared their field reports strategies and results They compared notes exchanged critiques and figured out a body of knowledge that defied everything men had ever been told about getting women what has since come to be known as gameThe undisputed king of the field report was a player named jlaix This was the handle of Jeff Allen who would go on to be a founding member of Real Social Dynamics with Tyler Durden and Papa all of whom play major roles in Neil Strauss's The Game the bestselling expose of the world of pickup artists In an arena founded on one upmanship Jeff Allen did it bigger and better than anyone Get Laid or Die Trying presents in utterly shameless hilarious and graphic detail Jeffy's gritty 100 percent real and jaw droppingly astonishing feats of seduction revealing exactly how one goes about Attracting the girl you want by sleeping with all of her friends Getting into the pants of the hottest girl at the party a total stranger in less than thirty minutes Deflecting last minute resistance with a single word Pulling a chick who is surrounded by ten jealous guys Cutting out enormous dudes that could easily pound you to a fine red mist Getting threesomes as your default extraction Having a stable so big you have to trim it down and other quality problems Convincing a girl you just met that before you fuck her she must mow your lawn Jeff's tactics produce superhuman results yet he doesn't do anything you couldn't do now that you've seen it done The worst part? You could have been doing this your whole life

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