Diablo eBook ¼ Paperback

Meet the Texans rough hewn heroes as bold and rugged as the Lone Star State itself in a sweeping new series only Georgina Gentry could bring to heart pounding hard riding lifeDiabloThey call him Devil and with good reason The half breed Santee Sioux bears the twisted scars that made him the fastest deadliest gunfighter in Texas Diablo will never forget the kind cattleman who once took him in but it is his torturer who haunts his every thought And when some powerful Wyoming ranchers come looking to hire ruthless men for a wicked job Diablo seizes the opportunity to settle a scoreHer name is Sunny and she than lives up to it She's a dazzling ray of light and the bride to be of Hurd Kruger the man who scarred Diablo What better way to destroy Kruger than to capture dishonor and dump his greatest prize? It's a perfect plan except for the one thing Diablo never counted onthe only thing that could turn him away from the dark side the angel who could save his bedeviled soul

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