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Let The Secret History Of The World Be Told Of The Alien Virus That Struck Earth After World War II, And Of The Handful Of Survivors Who Found They Now Possessed Superhuman Powers Some Were Called Aces, Endowed With Powerful Mental And Physical Prowess The Others Were Jokers, Tormented By Bizarre Mind Or Body Disfigurements Some Served Humanity Others Wreaked Terror Now, Forty Years Later, Under The Streets Of Manhattan An Evil Genius Unleashes The Powers Of Darkness And Aces And Jokers Alike Must Fight For Their LivesHere, In The Third Volume Of The Wild Cards Series, Seven Of Science Fiction S Most Gifted Writers Take You On A Journey Of Wonder And ExcitementIncludes Stories By Edward BryantLeanne C HarperGeorge R R MartinJohn J MillerLewis ShinerWalter SimonsMelinda M Snodgrass This is the third of the series, the Wild Cards series edited by George R.R Martin It s a shared universe to which a number of authors have contributed In 1946, an alien virus called the Wild Card virus infects New York City and the rest of the world The virus mutates the survivors, most of whom are modified in some way the jokers , with a tiny minority gaining superhuman abilities the aces That s the fun of the series, discovering what the superhuman powers are of the various characters and also seeing how those characters interact Of course, some aces are villains, and some are good guys In this, the third book, we have such aces as Sewer Jack, who can change into an alligator and navigate the sewers, The Wraith, a meek librarian who can pass through walls, and is, thus, a master thief, Bagabond, a bag lady who can control pigeons, rats, and other animals, Roulette, who kills men with sex, Kid Dinosaur, a boy who can change into a small dinosaurand others There s also Dr Tachyon, an alien, who tried to save Earth from the Wild Card virus I give this book only because there are so many characters running around that it gets confusing The idea of the Wild Cards would make a great role playing game and, of course, it is Will I continue with the series Maybe I will jump ahead to the later ones and see what new aces get introduced into the series. A different format than before the chapters are divided by HOURS then all PoV characters shuffle thru that particular slice of time, It honestly does the overall book no favors as each person s writing style occasionally clashes painfully24hours Wild Card Day lets celebrate 40th anniversary of virus release A few seemingly random events oriental syndicate VS local italian mafia turf war, mcguffin theft one joker s revenge drag plenty of Aces and Jokers into it as those major plots overlap tangle everyone upWould have liked itif there was waaaay less Fortunato Just. there are freakin annoying characters then there s that asshole Bagabond s parts were alright when with Sewer Jack, but booooring with Rosemary her plot was lame Wraith plotline needed less of the book practically tripping over itself reminding us of her black string bikini alright, we get iteven when near passing out from lack of energy teh girl will still keep that part of clothes on and err. Tachion Roulette plot was a thing.. The third book in the Wild Cards series by George R.R Martin editor , this is a shared world series, where various authors get together and write in the same world The world is one where an alien virus was dumped into the air shortly after WWII, and still randomly infects people nearly forty years later.The virus called the Wild Card for its very random results proliferated in earth s atmosphere First, nine in ten people who contract the Wild Card virus draw the Queen of Spades, and die Of the survivors, nine in ten people draw a Joker, and end up hideously disfigured Of the non Joker survivors, some draw a deuce, and get a power or ability that s pretty much useless I can change my hair colour at will , but many who survive as non jokers draw an Ace, and gain super powers The massively telekinetic Turtle, the projective teleporter Popinjay who I really liked in this book , the any lizard shapeshifter Kid Dinosaur these are some of the Aces They re solid, fun to read, and quite well drafted.This story all takes place in one day, and the novel is very well sewn together especially given the different tones and styles of the various authors and has a very complicated and complex interwoven plot Kudos to Martin for wrapping it up so well.This forty years later is the anniversary and what is likely to be the largest Wild Card Day celebration ever except one recurring villain is using this day to kill off all the Aces who bested him in the previous books Who will survive As Martin is well known for in his A Song of Fire and Ice series there are no holds barred in these books heroes die And horribly Very solid stuff. M s novela coordinada, por fin G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta El d a del cuadrag simo aniversario del D a Wild Card, el despiadado villano conocido como el Astr nomo comienza su plan de venganza y destrucci n que implica terminar con los h roes que abortaron su ltimo plan El submundo de la delincuencia de Nueva York est inquieto y sus actividades se relacionan, de cierta manera, con el ataque de el Astr nomo Tercer libro de la serie Wild Cards Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite