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Sixteen Year Old Damien Locke Has A Plan Major In Messing With People At The Local Supervillain University And Become A Professional Evil Genius, Just Like His Supervillain Mom But When He Discovers The Shameful Secret She S Been Hiding All These Years, That The One Night Stand That Spawned Him Was Actually With A Superhero, Everything Gets Messed Up His Father S Too Moral For His Own Good, So When He Finds Out Damien Exists, He Actually Wants Him To Come Live With Him And His Goody Goody Superhero Family Damien Gets Shipped Off To Stay With Them In Their Suburban Hellhole, And He Has Only Six Weeks To Prove He S Not A Hero In Any Way, Or Else He S Stuck Living With Them For The Rest Of His Life, Or Until He Turns Eighteen, Whichever Comes FirstTo Get Out Of This Mess, Damien Has To Survive His Dad S Flying Lessons That Involve Throwing Him Off The Tallest Building In The City Despite His Nearly Debilitating Fear Of Heights Thwarting The Eccentric Teen Scientist Who Insists She S His Sidekick, And Keeping His Supervillain Girlfriend From Finding Out The Truth But When Damien Uncovers A Dastardly Plot To Turn All The Superheroes Into Mindless Zombie Slaves, A Plan Hatched By His Own Mom, He Discovers He Cares About His New Family Than He Thought Now He Has To Choose Go Back To His Life Of Villainy And Let His Family Become Zombies, Or Stand Up To His Mom And Become A Real Hero 4.5 really, a terrific book First of all, keep in mind that this is an advanced copy, so any and all items are subject to change That being said, I doubt much will change I m not a great editor and was too caught up in the story to pay much of attention, but I didn t note any typos or or other obvious errors and I often do.Anyway, the experience starts with the great cover The design is echoed on the cover page and the first page of each chapter The font type for both the text and page numbers are very cool and set a graphic novel like tone Although I would have liked the type font to be a bit larger, it didn t actually bother me, which surprised be me because I m used to my adjustable font ebooks now Maybe because it was so dark The premise is very cute, about a kid, Damian Locke, raised by his supervillain mad scientist mom to aspire to heights ha he s afraid of heights of supervillainy, only to find out suddenly on his 16th birthday that his dad was actually a hated superhero So it s sort of a nature vs nurture exploration But the writing takes the story well beyond the cute premise into being a really fun and thoughtful book with tons of humor, sarcasm, irony, adventure, and heart The author captured the best elements of superhero stories and turned a few upside down and inside out As most of us realize at some point, very little in this world is black and white It turns out that even heroes and villains have to deal with shades of gray And that goes double triple, quadruple for teens growing up and trying to figure out what the heck their parents and friends are thinking and doing The author did a great job of writing Damian, his best friend Kat and his new friend Sarah All three really ring true, especially Damian He s that sarcastic, witty kid with the hard shell and inner softy we all want for a best friend except I m not good enough with the banter to keep up with him It was so easy to get swept up in his story that I read the entire book in 2 sittings It had a great flow and just kept my interest the entire time I also identified with, or at least recognized, his mom and dad all too well, both good points and bad I d like to think that his mom was a bitcartoonishly obvious as a supervillain, but unfortunately selfishness and neglect aren t restricted to the villain genetic lines His dad seems pretty obvious at first and has a few lines that just floored me with his one track mentality, but he got a bitinteresting by the end.This is a book that will appeal to a really wide range of readers It s good for both adults and teens, male and female Younger teens or tweens would have to be pretty good readers, but there isn t really anything inappropriate for kids who aren t super sheltered there are mentions of where he was conceived, kissing in school Overall it was a great, entertaining story and I hope you guys will all pick it up and support this newly published but long suffering writer And make sure there will bebooks to follow WOW This book This book came super close to getting a 5 star rating from me, so closeUnofficial rating First half 5 out of 5 starsSecond half 2.5 out of 5 starsThe StoryImagine a world, where seeing a superhero flying through the sky, or being mugged by a super villain in a back alley isn t that unusual But there is one place, Golden City, where the chances of this happening are even higher due to the high percentage of super powered people Damien, a witty and mischievous teenager, is about to become one of them.The story begins with his 16 th birthday party, a day when every gifted child receives a new thumb print V for a villain and H for a hero Being the son of a notorious villain himself, Damian has no doubts that he would follow in his mother s footsteps What he doesn t take under consideration, before inviting hundreds of people to his extravagant party, is the identity of his father So when the times comes, instead of a V, something worse appears on his thumb an X which means he has superhero blood in him How did this happen something to do with his mom, a superhero and a train s public toilet Naturally, it doesn t take long for Damien to discover the identity of his father and, unfortunately, he s no other than the famous tv celebrity Crimson Flash Not only is he the most annoying too perfect to be true goody goody, but his ability is FLYING and if there is one thing Damien is afraid of, it s heights The Rise of Renegade X is funny, imaginative and highly entertaining If I had to describe the whole book in a couple of sentences I would say imagine Pixar s The Incredibles but with the kids being the main focus of the story And instead of a superhero, we follow Damien, a super villain wanna be.My opinion First half phenomenally good action, humor, original, fast paced Second half still good, but rather disappointing.What did I like The concept it s original, refreshing and kind of ridiculous in a good way The protagonist Damien is sarcastic, snarky and hilarious He s obviously the son of a super villain, so he tries to be ruthless and vindictive, but never cruel The interaction between the characters is hilarious Any dialogue with Damien in it is priceless Unpredictable plot at least the first half of the book.My enjoyment level fell after around 60% in I won t spoil anything, but if the focus of the first half of the book was on Damien s relationship with his super hero father, step mom, siblings and his nerdy classmate minion wanna be, Sarah the second half concentrates on Damien s love life aka, a rather unbelievable and frustrating love triangle that made me want to slap the characters with their own book The rape threats were a little bit out of place, and although we finally get to see Damien in action, the ending was rather rushed and anti climatic Will I get the sequel Yes I even heard it s better Will I recommend to friends Hmmm, it s not Vicious or Steelheart, but it s still one of the most refreshing and funniest superhero books I ve read. English review at bottomBeing a superhero wasn t exactly in my life plan Honestamente, esperaba m s.Cuando t lees que es una novela sobre superh roes no puedes m s que empezar a gritar y decir YO QUIERO LEER ESO YAAA, pero despu s resulta parecer una serie mal presupuestada de h roes de Warner Channel.Bueno, m s o menos as es mi relaci n con Renegade X.Al principio me pareci un concepto interesante el protagonista, Damien Locke, es un villano, o eso piensa porque su mam es una supervillana en Golden City donde todos son supers o villanos, una de dos Damien est seguro de que es un villano hasta que el d a de su cumplea os n mero 16 en vez de aparecer una V en su pulgar aparece una X a este punto ya yo dije clich ee la X significa que no eres un villano completamente, solo la mitad, y qu eres si no un villano Un h roe Damien Locke es mitad h roe y quiere encontrar a su padre el superh roe para, bueno, decirle que arruin su vida o lo que se sea que ten a pensado antes de que su madre le dijera la verdad y bla bla bla bla Clich Ah empez el clich Se va con su pap el super y bueno, ya su identidad como villano empieza a borrarse hasta que aprende que no necesariamente somo malvados o buenos, somos algo en medio que lo definen nuestras acciones.No por favor, as termina Pues s , as termina.No me gust que cambiara la voluntad del protagonista Un d a era villano y al otro ya no, hubo un d a en el que plane un atraco con una amiga villana y plane el contraataque con una amiga superh roe que era su sidekick seg n ella No me gust eso.Tampoco el personaje de la mam porque esperaba m s villan a de ella, que fuera m s mala, aunque s fue bastante mala porque deshered su propio hijo.Otra cosa, que creo que s me gust , fue que al final, ni su mam ni su pap lo quieren, ambos terminaron decepcionados del p simo h roe villano que Damien pudo ser Al final su madrastra y sus medios hermanos lo quisieron m s.Por otro lado, no me gust el rollo amoroso entre Damien, Kat, Sarah y Peter Fue excesivo No me gust O quieres con una o no quieres con nadie.Al final, le d otra estrella porque el estilo de Campbell es muy bueno Su escritura es comprensible y bastante buena Eso s me gust.Gracias, Chelsea, por ense arme que tal vez no podamos ser h roes, pero no podemos pretender que somo villanosBeing a superhero wasn t exactly in my life plan Honestly, I expected .When you read that it is a novel about superheroes you can t help but start shouting and saying I WANT TO READ THAT NOWWW, but later it seems to be abudgeted heroes series of Warner Channel.Well,or less that s how my relationship with Renegade X is.At first I thought it was an interesting concept the protagonist, Damien Locke, is a villain, or so he thinks because his mother is a supervillain in Golden City where they are all supers or villains, one of two Damien is sure he is a villain until the day of his 16th birthday instead of appearing a V on his thumb appears an X at this point I said clich ee the X means that you are not a villain completely, only half, and what are you if not a villain A hero Damien Locke is half hero and wants to find his father the superhero to, well, tell him that he ruined his life or whatever he had thought before his mother told him the truth and blah blah blah blah.Cliche That s where the clich started He leaves with his dad the super, and Damien s identity as a villain begins to disappear until he learns that we are not necessarily evil or good, we are something in between, what our actions define.No please, that s how it ends Yes, that s how it ends.I didn t like the change of the protagonist s will One day he was a villain and the other he wasn t any, there was a day in which he planned a robbery with a villainous friend and planned the counterattack with a superhero friend which was his sidekick according to her I didn t liked that.Neither the character of the mother because I expectedvillainy of her, that she could be evilest, but she was quite bad because she disowned her own son.Another thing, which I think I liked, was that in the end, neither his mom nor his dad want him, both ended up disappointed in the terrible hero villain that Damien could be In the end his stepmother and his half brothers loved him even .On the other hand, I didn t like the love story between Damien, Kat, Sarah and Peter Excessive I didn t like You love one or you donot love anyone.In the end, I gave it another star because Campbell s style is very good Her writing is understandable and quite good I really liked that.Thank you, Chelsea, for teaching me that maybe we cannot be heroes, but we cannot pretend that we are villains, either The Rise of Renegade X begins with its protagonist, Damien, waiting to become sixteen and get the V on his thumb that signals he will become a supervillain With his supervillain mother the Mistress of Mayhem aka Marianna Locke , his friends and a bunch of strangers on hand at his birthday party to witness this milestone in his life, Damien eagerly waits for the clock to turn to midnight Unfortunately, when the clock does strike twelve, Damien s thumbprint forms a horrifying X, which basically means the inconceivable his father is a superhero with an H on his thumb Determined to find out the truth about how this could have happened, Damien asks his mother for details but she refuses to divulge anything So, he resorts to snooping through his mother s diary and then creates a list of potential superheroes that may be his father.When Damien does finally meet his father, his dad manages to convince Marianna to let Damien stay with him for a while so that Damien can see what it s like to be a superhero Much to Damien s shock, Marianna agrees because it s a great opportunity for Damien to learn about the enemy and it allows her to not have Damien underfoot as she works on her super secret nefarious project With an X on his thumb, Damien better be prepared to work extremely hard to have it changed to a V or risk having the X become an H The Rise of Renegade X does a great job of looking at the power of choices Normally those born with the super gene are fated to either go to Vil and become a supervillain or go to Heroesworth Academy and become a superhero However, Damien has the luxury of being able to choose who he becomes because it s ultimately his actions that will determine whether he becomes a supervillain or a superhero.Speaking of Damien, I absolutely adored his character He had such a snarky voice and I loved all the high jinks he got up to For example, the girl Damien is interested in thinks he s a supervillain and the girl who is sort of interested in him thinks he s a superhero, and Damien doesn t hesitate to use the situation to his advantage Naturally, it backfires.I also really loved the ending which was surprising but in a good way Sometimes tough decisions need to be made and you have to do what you consider to be right despite the fact that not everybody will be happy with your choices.One of the things that was unclear in The Rise of Renegade X though was the genetics behind how superpowers were inherited and what triggered the H, V or X to show up on one s thumb specifically on their sixteenth birthday Since I m in the science stream, that stood out for me right away but I m not sure if most people would be putting as much thought into that. I wish there were books like Rise of Renegade X on the shelves at my school library when I was that tender, impressionable age Maybe I would have gotten into reading earlier than I did This novel is perfect for boy readers who have a hard time making the transition between comic books to novels Author Chelsea Campbell does well in transplanting the action of a superhero story into a novel Yeah, there are clich moments and tongue and cheek dialogue, but regardless I had fun The novel does not take itself seriously and so it s charming It Is Fun More often than not, I found myself grinning from ear to ear like a crazed fool.Each of the characters here has his or her own voice, a unique personality that distinguishes them More importantly, no one is wearing a black or white jersey Well, some characters do Most are wearing grey It s the supervillians who tend to be typical and who live up to expectations What I found wonderful and interesting are the moments when the heroes act like villains I won t throw out a example and ruin the fun of a particular scene This is what makes main character Damien Locke so fun to read, though He s in a moral grey area Like his codename Renegade X suggests, he s caught between two worlds, his mom is a supervillian and his dad s a superhero Are villainy and heroism products of how one is raised or somethingdeeply seeded That is the question in the novel that Damien has to answer Nature or nurture And you know what, though he does some maniacal, evil things, I was cheering for him every step toward the climax.Another thing about Damien that makes this novel shine is his voice, the first person narrative style Damien is our narrator from beginning to end and his voice is snarky, smart, and wickedly fun His comments on the world around him are hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking Everything comes at the reader fast, which moves the story along at a great pace.One other point I want to make The narrative, Damien s thoughts and actions as well as the actions of people around him, can veer into adult situations There is talk about sex, promiscuity, and the characters do curse None of this marks the book as R or NC 17 In fact, I applaud the author for being so bold as to not shy away from these issues She handles everything tastefully and with tact Kudos, Ms Campbell, for adding a little steam to the story that makes the narrative realistic but not smutty boy s won t gag over some of thetender or explicit scenes either.Bottom line, this is a fun and awesome read for a teenage boy Damien Locke is trying to discover and struggling with who he s supposed to be, and every teenage boy will relate to the journey he takes in Rise of Renegade X. To see the review with gifs click here.If you re not a fan of comics, the Silver Age was a period in comics that is sort of akin to the 1960 s Batman series Rather, than having gritty series that depict super heroes in a relatively realistic way, you get some goofy stuff And I love it Sometimes.The Rise of Renegade X sort of takes the idea of the Silver Age with it and forms it into a YA book Which surprisingly works even though there were a few cringe moments just because Silver Age.What worked best for The Rise of Renegade X was that the main character had an amazing voice Damien is snarky and hilarious, and his snark actually comes off as being fairly realistic there are consequences for him opening his mouth Also, he acts like a teenage boy would act In a lot of YA novels, I roll my eyes all the time with how the male point of view is written Here it actually comes off as realistic.In addition to liking Damien s point of view, I also liked how the book focused on aspects of Damien s life that didn t necessary include his romantic life.While there is a subplot that deals with Damien s romantic life, most of the book focuses on his family life And this book does a good job focusing on his relationships with his mom, dad, half siblings, and step mother Each character, save for the two younger half siblings, is well formed and has pretty realistic reactions to everything that s going on.Friendships are also looked at in this book, which is something I appreciate And friendships of the opposite sex at that It s true that there s some fooling around, but overall it s primarily focused on friendship.The plot is sort of ludicrous though Which is expected because it does have a Silver Age vibe about it I think it s going to be something that people either really love or just get annoyed with The overall story really is sort of simple, which is good because it allows the kookiness to work For me, I was in the right mood for it so it worked But I still rolled my eyes a little bit.Overall, The Rise of Renegade X was a fun YA book that didn t fall on the usual tropes If you re into superheroes and like a goofy element to them, this is your book. This book is fabulous For a story that revolves around superheroes and their superpowers you d think it d all be the glitz and glamor of what our main protagonist can do with very little depth or plot around them Wrong This book has everything you could ever want I can t even begin to explain all the issues that the author tackled in this story There s a strong sense of finding your own identity while being torn in two different directions of what Damien is expected to be There s also the conflict that he has over the residual feelings for an ex girlfriend he parted with on not so good terms, but also new feelings for someone he shouldn t fall for and who s not really someone in the cool list And on top of that another layer is added when he tries to cope with finding out his father is someone from the wrong side, the good side, that his mother has raised him up to ridicule and hate all his life Damien is understandably upset, feels betrayed, and tries hard to fit in but can t get over his own beliefs This sounds very complex doesn t it and not at all like a superhero book, right Wrong again Damien is also forced to tackle and confront the powers that he knows he has within him, but is kept firmly behind denial and fear Plus there s also a rescue the friend and save the world from evil deal I mean, really, how can you have a amped up superhero book without some action But whew Pretty complex, eh But for all of these things, the story is not bogged by melodramatics or gratuitous angst It strives a perfect balance and never drags It s not fast paced and is something you should enjoy for the scope of the character s growth and maturation throughout the book There s something in here that everyone can connect even if you don t necessarily relate to the character The boy s voice felt authentic, realistic, and was at times just oh so funny when the story needs a dash of humor to lighten up the seriousness.The ending sort of disappointed me and some scenes situations didn t sit right with me but on the whole it s absolutely recommended If you want a ya book with a lotsubstance, you can t look any farther than this. This book was great Very campy Alot of superhero supervillian jokes, but even non comic book fans could relate Damien Locke is hilarious and I would love to be best friends with Renegade X Not to mention, read another book about him Here are just a few great quotes from the book I ve been kidnapped by a madman in tights and a cape.I explained that I d been homeschooled but that didn t help She must have been picturing cavemenlike supervillians in capes grunting and showing me how to rub two sticks together to make the pretty fire stuff.The last one really made me laugh and also reminded me of a Buffy quote Fire bad, tree pretty.The author seems like a really cool chick She mentions rewatching old Buffy episodes in the back of the book and I find her writing style refreshing There s not constant romance like alot of female authors but just enough to keep you involved And lots of laughs I look forward tobooks from her. Welcome to Golden City where superheroes and supervillains mingle with ordinary citizens We meet the main character, Damien Locke, on the eve of his 16th birthday the day his V is supposed to appear in his thumbprint The day his fate is officially sealed The day he becomes a REAL supervillain His V will ensure his admission to Vil, the university for aspiring villains So, standing in front of a crowd of people as the clock strikes Midnight, Damien watches as his thumbprint shifts into an X.The X has only been a rumor until now The shock of the X is bad enough to send Damien into a tailspin, but the cause of it is down right devastating The X means he has superhero in him He s never known his father but always assumed he was another supervillain like his mother, but he was wrong His fears are confirmed when he confronts his mother and she reveals she had a one night stand with a superhero in the middle of a particularly heated battle.Damien is thrust into a world he doesn t want anything to do with when his mother sends him to spend 6 weeks with his father and his superhero family He attempts to maintain his supervillain persona in the midst of the enemy and is forced to make his own decisions about right and wrong.Damien Locke is a delightful character His snarky personality fills the book with humor and causes the reader to fall in love with him Even though Chelsea Campbell set THE RISE OF RENEGADE X in a fantasy world filled with superheroes and supervillains, Damien still deals with typical teenage problems He has to deal with a rotten friend, a cheating girlfriend, a major parent issues THE RISE OF RENEGADE X is a fun story The reader will love getting lost in Damien s world I know I can t wait for the sequel.