The Great Adventures of the Dirty Pair eBook ¹

Charged with keeping the peace and investigating crime among the stars the Worlds Welfare Work Association WWWA prides itself on a reputation of safety and regard for life and property If only someone would tell that to Agents Kei and Yuri codename the Lovely Angels but better known as the Dirty Pair Part female James Bond and part walking disaster this duo gets the job done though there are no guarantees that a city or two won't get razed in the process In this adventure the Angels are called in to investigate the cataclysmic destruction of the Gravus Heavy Industry facility on the planet Dangool What they find there hurls the pair into a danger filled trek across the galaxy Created by popular science fiction author Haruka Takachiho in 1979 The Dirty Pair are among the most beloved characters in popular anime and science fiction circles

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