Kiss Me Deadly Bewitch the Dark 2 PDF µ Me Deadly

Death cocktail is what the vampires call a witch's bloodIt's poisonous a drop will destroy a vampire withinminutes Nikolaus Drake is the rare vampire whohas survived his first taste Now he's on the hunt forthe witch who almost brought him to his demise Ravin CrosseA witch who spends her nights hunting vampire tribes Ravin has three obligations to fulfill to set her soulfree One of those obligations crafting a love spell twists her world upside down when Nikolaus drawsthe spell from her veins Natural enemies rarely makethe best bedfellows but is it possible their intentionsare really truly the same? Can Nikolaus's tribal loyaltysurvive if he surrenders to desires far darker thanhis own?

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    This was one of the Harlequin freebies and once again I was reminded that almost nothing good comes for freeThe premise was interesting but the author's writing was so bad that I couldn't get past the first three chapters That was the worst world building setting that I've read in oh I don't even remember how longThis book didn't hit the wall because it wasn't a physical one but I pressed the delete key with a vengeance