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Dayna Clay struggles through the final concert of a wildly successful tour Tormented by an ever deepening depression the 27 year old rocker hands her guitar to a fan and beats a retreat Forfeiting her career she sets out incognito for parts unknown and winds up in the Badlands of South Dakota Her growing connection to the land and the people she meets there begins to heal the wounds of an abusive childhood But Dayna's disappearance only fuels her skyrocketing record sales Laboring to choose between two lives she finds herself stranded in the wilderness she has come to love Saved from a suicide attempt earlier by nature she now may perish by the very same hand

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    Unplugged is the tale of a rock star named Dayna Clay who survived childhood sexual abuse and suffers from depression On the last night of a big tour she disappears off stage to go home and attempt suicide by asphyxiating herself with carbon monoxide fumes in her garage Fortunately a suirrel falls from the rafters and she feels she can't take another life with her even a small one so she moves herself and the suirrel to safetyAfter the suicide attempt she gets in the car and retreats out west to the Badlands of South Dakota Once there she goes on a personal uest to discover who she is and whether or not she can continue with her music career On the surface it seems a lot introspective and possibly even sad book than I would go in for Despite that I found myself captivated with Dayna's story and how she becomes enchanted by the Badlands and the people she meets along her journey Even though the novel opens with Dayna in a dark place the novel proves hopeful and even fun at times as Dayna finds help for her depression and rebuilds her life I'm glad I joined Dayna on her journey to the South Dakota Badlands

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    Wow I didn't expect to be hooked from the very beginning of this book But I was and that's unusual because I'm a picky reader when it comes to things musical I've been onstage from the classical side had to consider where I was going and how I was going to deal with whatever I made of the career or not Too I'm picky because I'm a published author Paul McComas writes real He knows the rock side of music performance and people and that shows in every line He's also an excellent author whose experience gives readers a genuine view of main character Dayna Clay a rock musician Paul achieved some unusual things in this book First he's a man writing an accurate female point of view Second he details the episodes Dayna goes through regarding drugs and debilitating depression with painful accuracy Third his descriptions of nature and how they become part of Dayna's consciousness to promote healing are poetic Fourth a sprig of optimism glimmers green despite all Dayna's problems Fifth the majority of Dayna's conversations are with herself But these all work together offering a beautiful vision of the type of individual healing available to those who allow nature to seep beneath their shell of pain This book might bother some people because Dayna is bi sexual It also deals with her sexual abuse as a teen But the overall concept of her unplanned sojourn in the Badlands and what she discovers there is well worth investigation Paul includes lyrics and music to Dayna's songs a special bonus for those who read music The changes in the attitudes of the lyrics she wrote before and after her struggle give an added patina to her growth Dayna is a good character But the uirky atmosphere of the Badlands is a character in itself that sings its own undeniable song

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    This is the best and least pretention handling of this kind of plot I've ever seen Normally I wouldn't even have been able to finish a story about a bisexual rock star with a history of abuse and depression who drives west to find love and herself—such a corny set up But McComas does a really good job of telling it even if he does use wayyy too many words Loved the ending

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    Just not my thing right now

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    An older white males idea of what it’s like to be a lesbian Overworked and eye roll provoking