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I LOVE THIS BOOK and this author I have already cast the movie in my mind and it is fabulous More later This is EPIC I have enjoyed every page of this book The story of three generations of Ghanian women is so fascinating I can totally relate to the relationship between these women, even though Ghana seems like such a faraway country I guess mother daughter relationships are similar everywhere despite misunderstandings, we are connected to our families, even if we are not much aware of that connection at some points I love the author s narration style She seems to be able to effortlessly describe complex thoughts emotions a sign of a truly gifted writer Harmattan Rain Follows Three Generations Of Women As They Cope With Family, Love And Life A Few Years Before Ghana S Independence, Lizzie Achiaa S Lover Disappears Intent On Finding Him, She Runs Away From Home Akua Afriyie, Lizzie Achiaa S First Daughter, Strikes Out On Her Own As A Single Parent In A Country Rocked By Successive Coups Her Daughter, Sugri Grows Up Overprotected She Leaves Home For University In New York, Where She Learns That Sometimes One Can Have Too Much Freedom In The End, The Secrets Parents Keep From Their Children Eventually Catch Up With Them A beautifully written book that takes you through history in a fictional and memorable wayI recommend this to everyone. this book is by a young Ghanaian woman writer and chronicles the story of a woman who becomes a young adult at about the same time Ghana gains its independence, her daughter and her granddaughter.It provides a light overview of modern Ghanaian history while telling the stories of three women.I found it to be very realistic. I attended the writer s book reading This is the first book I attempted to review when I started blogging In the end I only provided what happened at the reading though I still count it as a review The following link leads to it on my blog.http freduagyeman.blogspot.com 2009Thanks Being currently in Ghana, reading this book was a joy Part 1 was certainly my favorite Later on it get a little too westernized I keep on wondering when we will get true post colonial literature that does not take you the Western world This book ends in NY. i loved this book which was shortlisted for the 2010 commonwealth writers prize about three generations of ghanaian women grappling with the vicissitudes of life against a backdrop of political unrest a very human telling of the history of ghana. See no spoilers review here This book was honestly my favorite thing to read in Ghana Once I picked it up, I couldn t put it down The story really came alive for me, because I was in Ghana at the time, but I think it s a story that people who ve never even left their hometown can relate to It s a beautiful coming of age story It will make you smile It will make you cry It will make you appreciate But most of all, it will make you glad that you picked up this book.I loved it.