TORTURED Lynndie England Abu Ghraib and the Photographs

While several books have been written about Abu Ghraib and the prisoner abuses that took place during the Iraq War to date none of the key players in this drama have given a full account of what transpired at the prison between October and December of 2003 That is until now In this book TORTURED Lynndie England Abu Ghraib and the Photographs that Shocked the World LYNNDIE ENGLAND'S ONLY AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY author Gary Winkler tells all In addition to revealing the young Army Reservist's thoughts and feelings about her role in the abuse the author delves deeper into England's twisted relationship with Corporal Charles Graner the questionable conduct of the war and the Bush era torture policies that contributed to the culture of abuse that came to exist at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq

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    I'm not particularly impressed with this one although I moved heaven and earth to get a copy It turns out that the frequent spelling mistakes and the sometimes hilarious typos I was balling my eyes out holding Carter p 234 does not refer to anything sexual were the most interesting part of the book insofar as holding your attention is concernedTo start out with I don't believe this book was objectively written I got the impression that Lynndie England might be the only famous or infamous person of Mr Winkler's acquaintance and he decided to capitalize on that acquaintanceship by writing her story He jumps back and forth during the introductory stages of the book with quotes from one relative hard on the heels of a quote from another relative or friend it was like he was at an England family reunion taking note of accolades given by a group of Lynndie fans I guess what I'm getting at is that if there was anything odious in Lynndie England's nature we wouldn't hear that from Mr Winkler The book touches too lightly on the crimes and excesses committed by American soldiers on the inmates of the American detention facility at Abu Ghraib Iraq The soldiers most of whom were Military Police reservists were operating under the apparent instructions of Military Intelligence and Other Government Agencies as well as civilian contractors England herself was not a Military Policewoman apparently she attended the jail on her time off to socialize and pose for photos with naked Iraqis Now these Iraqis are not all insurgents how can you be an insurgent when in your own country and opposing an invader? None had apparently been charged with anything Some of them weren't even suspects having been rounded up in sweeps yet they were denied basic human comforts and necessities insulted degraded tortured and sometimes killed by their keepersWhat I did get from this book is the feeling that the US Army unit at Abu Ghraib was out of control who puts reservists in charge of anything? Everyone knows that's a recipe for disaster all by itself Why were civilian agencies giving instructions to military personnel to soften up suspects for interrogation? Why were the senior NCOs not charging enlisted personnel for their excesses? Where were the officers? Why was a Corporal in charge of any goddam thing never mind a range of prisoners? Why is the US Army hiring recruits who were special needs students? The questions are endless but there is only one answer We didn't know any better We had no orders There is a quick and easy retort to this everyone knows that torture is unlawful and one of the first things taught to a soldier in basic is that they are not obliged to obey any order which is manifestly unlawfulEngland herself does not get any sympathy at least from this reader She threw over a perfectly viable marriage in order to cavort with Cpl Graner her military superior and eventually her co accused At no time does she ever really get around to realizing that this guy is no good for her Personally I think it should have dawned early in the relationship when the guy showed her dad the photos of their sexual antics She has a tendency never to accept responsibility for anything always producing excuses she was a special needs student she didn't know it was wrong Graner told her to do it she had no instructionyou get the picture And the whining is enough to make you hurl I can't imagine where she got the sand to complain that her trial was inconveniencing her because she couldn't visit her folks and get on with her life and if she was convicted of a felony she couldn't hunt turkeys Very little remorse is forthcoming regarding the detainees who suffered mistreatment at Abu GhraibThat being said England and the other co accused are scapegoats in the end A situation like Abu Ghraib can only occur when the upper echelon are neglecting the obligation to ensure that regulations are enforced but people such as these are hard to nail down in the end the common soldiery will have to bear the brunt of criticism Predictably the only corrective action taken resulted in a number of lower ranking military members being tried before courts martial Turds roll downhill and no one was lower in the valley than England and her buddies in the reserve MP unit They ended up in disgrace while the officers who should have been in control were unscathed by judicial censure The poet summed it up when he said Men crown the knave and scourge the tool that did his will