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From Kate Cann's website Well I've finally finished Art History I enjoyed writing it enormously Go to the banner at the bottom of this page and you can download it and find out if Coll and Art finally work it out or split up for good Let me know what you think of it won't you?

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    I haven't read this author or these types of books since I was around 12 which sounds so young now but I just remembered this author and how much the writing resonated within me and changed my own perspective on life I really miss authors like this who could actually impact me and leave me thinking about the books for ages nowadays I can't remember the books I read yesterday sighAnyways this was a nice uick resolution to the trilogy and I'm glad to have read Arts point of view It goes without saying Kate Cann is one of the Greats and no one does it like her any

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    This book was featured as part of a Throwback Thursday post Check out the full review reading

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    I saw this and had to read it to see if it was any goodI liked the idea but felt it was almost too brief and could have been better written in places I think it just felt a bit rushed I liked seeing things from Art's point of view and it was convincingly male I wasn't entirely convinced by the ending and wanted to know what happened to Val etcA nice unexpected instalment to the series

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    Small insight to the othersideThis book is a small and rushed look into Arts life and how he viewed his experiences with Coll It was great to find out his side of things and to have everything wrapped up nicely at the end but it was too short No descriptions blunt to the point No embellishment Coll got 3 books Art got half of 1 I needed

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    Loving ThisI would definitely recommend this product It tied in extremely nicely and fleshed out seeing it from his perspective And also adding in his feelings of his relationship with Coll I wish i could put it in on my bookshelf Anyway i think it's a great uick read

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    Loved reading through the perspective of Art and how he views Coll and espically how he views himself and changes as a person I loved being able to have an ending this this story and to know exactly how it ends I do wish however we knew how Val and Greg ended up but I understand fully that this main story is on Art and Coll's relationship It is uite a mixed ending for me I appreciate how Kate Cann is specific with detail but I also wish we had a little mystery towards the end Over all I have loved and enjoyed reading this series of books and can not describe the emotions I felt on this rollercoaster ride of emotions I laughed I cried I smiled even sometimes I yelled at Art for being so stupid I would love to recommend this book series to anyone espically teenagers who are discovering themselves and the issues and drama of first love

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    Finally there is an ending but only for Art and Coll Art fully developed as a character Coll grows up And we hear everything in Art's perspective which was well thought of but was not well written This is definitely not a book but of an excerpt It was kind of written as a plot line to follow Not very suspenseful but very full of emotion For a excerpt written than 10 years later not a bad way to end the series Just wish she explained Val and Joe too

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    I can't really describe how I feel about the ending to their story I mean yes I do love a happy ending sometimes but this one just seemed to tie up too nicely I can't shake the feeling that I really feel Colette deserved better than Art maybe it would have been a better ending had they not wound up together married with kids But all that aside I loved this series and I loved the characters and how they all just seemed so true and real A nice light read that held me with every page

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    What an ending to the series I woke up this morning thinking about the last paragraph in the book and it made me smile Ten years late and finally there is closure Thank you Kate you didn't disappoint

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    Ended too conveniently