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I For One Had No Idea That The Lighthouses Dotting The Scottish Coast Were All Built By The Same Stevenson Family That Produced Robert Louis Stevenson, Scotland S Most Famous Novelist But Bella Bathurst Throws A Powerful, Revolving Light Into The Darkness Of This Historical Tradition Robert Louis Was A Sickly Fellow, And Unlike The Rest Of His Strong Willed, Determined Family Certainly Not Up To The Astonishing Rigours Of Lighthouse Building, All Of Which Are Vividly Described Here To Build These Towering Structures In The Most Inhospitable Places Imaginable Such As The Aptly Named Cape Wrath , Using Only Th Century Technology Is An Achievement That Beggars Belief The Comparison That Comes To Mind Is With The Pyramid Building Of Ancient Egypt For Instance, We Learn That The Ground Rocks For The Skerryvore Lighthouse Were Prepared By Hand Even Though The Gneiss Could Blunt A Pick In Three Blows In Waves And Winds Strong Enough To Lift A Man Bodily Off The Rock And That It Took Hours To Dress A Single Stone For The Outside Of The Tower And Hours To Dress One Of The Central Stones In Total Tons Of Stone Were Quarried And Shipped And All By Hand It Is Mind Boggling Stuff You Ll Look At Lighthouses With A New Respect Adam Roberts Still good the second time around I really like this book.I much preferred reading about Robert and Alan Maybe that s because they were earlier on and so had to come up with creative solutions to problems instead of just building standard lighthouses in later years Or maybe because the author didn t give as much time to the later Stevensons It seems like she got tired of writing by the end of the book Or maybe they were just interesting people.I could have done without the last chapter about lighthouse keepers and how their profession is dying It just didn t quite seem to fit.First read July 1, 2009 The Lighthouse Stevensons in the story of the many generations of Stevensons whose priority was with the Scottish lighthouse building In the 18th century Thomas Smith married Robert Stevenson s widowed mother which merged their two families, and thus began from scratch the building of the lighthouses in Scotland Of the hundred thousand or so people employed on the sea in the 1750s, between 30% to 40% would not have survived to see old age Those who escaped death through disease, ill treatments, or hardship had little hope of surviving shipwrecks There had been lighthouses in England for awhile, but Scotland had other challenges such as atrocious weather, wreckers those who lured ships to claim their possessions , and most felt that shipwrecks were Providence God s will.The patriarch was the determined Robert Stevenson 1772 1850 He, and his four generations, served the lighthouse building industry for many years In 1786 the Northern Lighthouse Trust NLT was established and Robert Stevenson was the chief engineer He and his eight sons excluding Robert Louis designed and built the 97 manned lighthouses on the Scottish coast His discovery to use interlocking granite blocks to hold up to forceful winds , and the use of new lamps and lenses over their predecessor candles, was a huge move forward Anyone who was involved in the buildings of these lighthouse must have not only great patience, but great strength Many times would be solutions ended up in catastrophes For all Robert Stevenson s philanthropy, he was also remembered as a domineering man who took credit for some advances even though he was a small piece of the puzzle I can t imagine how Robert Louis Stevenson s father allowed him not work for him as his other siblings did even his daughter was his secretary Robert Stevenson s finest achievement was the construction of the Bell Rock Lighthouse Overall a great read Bell Rock Lighthouse today of the Lighthouses that Stevenson asked Turner to provide OK, there s a fair train of thought in composing this review Basically If you read one book about the building of the main and most ambitious and challenging Scottish lighthouses make it this one.Which poses the question why do you want to read this You bought this, and that book about sheep Counting Sheep, to follow is this a mid life crisis Probably Does enjoying it make it worse or better though This is an accessible book that concentrates on the human story of the family who built those lighthouses, the Stevensons Black sheep Robert Louis did nae bad out of writing, but primarch Robert Stevenson was a force to be reckoned with This book charts the development of the family and the engineering trade Robert Stevenson was the typical pioneer while his sons in later Victorian times had the benefits of shared education with the drawbacks of bureaucracy Where the kindle version falls flat is without pictures of the actual lighthouses there are some drawings etc Five minutes on google is enough to bring home just how isolated or jaw droppingly difficult building lighthouses in places like Muckle Flugga, Skerryvore or Bell rock truly were With a good balance between the family, with excellent and extensive quoting from the bank of letters left by the family, this is a comprehensive guide.It s still a book about lighthouses though. A thoroughly enthralling book on the building of many of the lighthouses around the Scottish coast Of course, the famous Stevenson family were responsible but thankfully RLS decided that the life of an engineer was not for him In fairness he did give it a try but couldn t wait to get out and start writing and in addition he did pen A Family of Engineers that recorded the Stevenson family tradition in the field, or appropriately on the water.Bella Bathurst s inspiring account of the men who planned and built the lighthouses is gripping reading How the devil they did so on perilous rock reefs with the sea battering them almost to death is beyond me and I am very much in the RLS camp Skerryvore is one that gets fully discussed and as a youngster I often wondered why RLS had a Skerryvore editioni of his works and it seems to have been one of the most difficult to complete, bearing in mind that it was 38.5 feet taller than the Bell Rock lighthouse and 70 feet taller than the famous Eddystone lighthouse.How the family ran the business and became the driving force in lighthouse development is meticulously discussed in a tale that has one rivetted to the seat and thankful to be there and not in the Atlantic wastes RLS would have been proud of Bella Bathurst s tale. Interesting I had never realized that whole villages relied on wrecks for their living, so they would be against building lighthouses And even some sailors didn t want them they were accustomed to short, dangerous lives, and trying to make sailing safer seemed like messing with God s plans It s a disturbing thought that people would stand by and watch sailors drown, because interfering might upset God, and they would sometimes even hold sailors under, because obviously God wrecked the ship so wanted them dead And even when lighthouses were starting to be built around Britain, there was often the excuse that if God had wanted a lighthouse there, he would have put one there Later the lighthouse board NLB used this excuse if a lighthouse were needed there, we would have built one there already, but we haven t, so obviously it s not needed.The Stevensons started to merge into one for me, and I had trouble remembering which was Muckle Flugga and which was Skerryvore and which Stevenson built which And I would have liked a little on Robert Louis Stevenson s life the author just assumed that his life is now legend so there s no need to talk about him in this book Personally I know next to nothing about him.My favourite thing in this whole book, and what will stay with me the longest is this Muckle Flugga lighthouse A heck of a rock to build a lighthouse on, but mostly a great name I m currently using it as an insult don t be such a Muckle Flugga , a swear word turn the Muckle Flugga TV off , an endearment thank you, my little Muckle Flugga , and an exclamation Muckle Flugga, it s hot today Husband and son are getting Muckle Flugging sick of it. Everything you didn t know you wanted to know about how the lighthouses of Scotland got built by the the Stevenson family of engineers the one that also produced the writer Robert Louis Reading this book I learned, once again, how incredibly creative and industrious our nineteenth century ancestors were How they triumphed when all the odds were against them lack of formal education, absence of adequate health care, career blocking social stratification, religious prejudice, penury, primitive technology, mortally destructive forces of nature, back breaking working conditions the list goes on and yet they plunged forward with their determination to improve whatever they found wanting.You don t have to be interested in lighthouses, or history, or science, or even Stevensons to be drawn into this story of incredible feats of engineering ingenuity and physical fortitude brought forward by sheer force of will and determination. Very interesting As a lighthouse lover, having visited over 70, I rated it a 5 if you are not a lighthouse lover, perhaps a 4 Either way, it is a very well told history of the family who was responsible for the construction of most of the lighthouses in Scotland, most of which are still standing The Stevenson s were also responsible for lights in other parts of the world, and their engineering influenced lighthouse building everywhere The book tells of the incredible difficulties of creating those lights, and gave an insight to the men behind them And yes, they were also the ancestors of Robert Louis Stevenson of Treasure Island fame A must read for any lighthouse lover. Read this after watching a programme about the Bell Rock Lighthouse, one of the lighthouses mentioned in the book In awe of the man who designed this and the men who built it over 200 years ago.To discover the family were engineers who designed and built some of the most well known lighthouses was fascinating, though I m pleased that RLS decided to write books like Treasure Island and Kidnapped. Well OK, technically, this was a gift from my daughter because she knew I had become fascinated with Robert Louis Stevenson after a trip to Scotland, but just because the Stevenson family operated lighthouses and just because someone wrote a book about does not make this volume leap off the shelves