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Let me begin by saying I enjoyed this book But it is deeply flawed A novel consists of many parts The writer should be able to write The characters should be believable The narrative should flow along to hold the reader s interest And the story must be consistent The first three parts are pretty much okay in the book I read it with interest, got the characters, and it moved along nicely But then the last part got me The book is not consistent Now, what do I mean by that First, let me say that writing a novel is very difficult It may seem easy, but it is not You have to set a style, stick to it, and have all the plots and subplots converge at the end This is true even if the book is part of a series The Girl in the Lighthouse starts out as a historical novel It tells of a young girl whose father is a lighthouse keeper in Maine A lot is made of the two boys she befriends All well and good But suddenly she is transported to Georgia and finds herself in the clutches of a romance novel with an evil grandmother Now don t get me wrong There is nothing wrong with romance novels They are usually very good stories But the people who buy them know they are buying a romance If you think you are reading a historical novel and it morphs into a romance, you might question what happened And if you are going to be sent to an evil grandmother, the reason for it must be made clear And what motivates her to evil must be hinted at, if not exactly stated It is not enough to build up to a startling ending that tries to explain it all For a hundred pages you are being told how awful this person is And for those hundred or so pages you are totally in the dark I think the author is better than this It is clear that the story is not finished You realize there must be a part two when you finish it This is very unfair to the reader If I were editing this book, I would have had Sanford chop out a good deal of the book because it does not advance the story The romance between Lillian and Warren stays in the same place for too many pages The reader gets the idea and wants to move on And if I were the editor I would have slapped her hand every time she typed his sea green eyes The beginning of the book was excellent The second half was too long, too lacking in motivation, and too much like a romance novel, when it should have been the continuation of a historical novel.This book demonstrates the problems with self published books There are two types of editing First is copy editing, which finds misspellings, typos and should have noticed that the Kindle edition does not indent paragraphs, which can be awfully confusing The second type is content editing Does the story make sense Is the flow correct Is the grandmother filled out An author will always listen to a copy editor Most think they don t need the other type Big mistake.The book has become very popular and that s good I just wish it was a little finished And I wish I had found out if Heath became a doctor without having to read the second book or the third. The Girl in The Light house Roxane Tepfer Sanford was an excellent read.Roxane Sanford writes with passion She grabs the readers by the heart and pulls you into her story Filled with emotions, shocking secrets, young love and family betrayal, makes for a page turner and all night read.Lillian Arrington lived a secluded life as the daughter of a Lighthouse Keeper and beautiful loving mother When her father is relocated to Jasper Island he life changes she is excited to meet the assistant keeper and his family, especially his two sons Heath and Ayden.Heath dreams of becoming a doctor, while Ayden wishes to follow his father and become a lighthouse keeper Soon the three become close friends Lillian s life seems perfect She now goes to a real school and as the years pass she begins to fall in love for the first time.Her days happy days on Jasper Island soon come to an end, when her lovely mother succumbs to mental illness and eventually passes away Lillian is taken to Sutton Hall, the Arrington Family plantation, where she is in the care of her sinister grandmother Eugenia She finds no love there, and longs for her loving family.Lillian soon finds out her life was based on secrets and lies As the truth unfolds her parents past is revealed, a past full of lies, secrets and deceit There is only one thing she must do, one thing to make her feel whole again, that is to find her way back home. by, Tracy Moore Apex Reviews, Surprisingly fast paced and engrossing, The Girl In The Lighthouse is quite the engaging read With a rich tapestry of characters, author Roxane Sanford paints a vivid picture of a life filled with unexpected twists and turns, the unpredictability of which is sure to hold the interest of any reader Further, her central storyline is taut and compelling, and her ability to keep the reader guessing at the real truth until the very end is quite masterful.A highly rewarding, entertaining literary treat, The Girl In The Lighthouse is recommended reading for lovers of imaginative, well crafted stories with the superb balance of action and character development Be on the lookout for from this promising new storytelling talent www.apexreviews.net The Girl in the Lighthouse by Roxane Tepfer Sanford seems at first glance to be a nice well told story about a girl growing up on an island in the North East just after the Civil War Sanford captures the period well as she introduces young Lillian Arrington Lillian s idyllic world is shattered with the death of her strange but beautiful mother and her life becomes unbearable at her Grandmother s crumbling plantation mansion Shadows of V.C Andrews Flowers in the Attic hang over The Girl in the Lighthouse but Sanford adds a surprising twist that keeps the reader guessing about Lillian s mysterious and horrifying family secret until the very end Melanie Tighe, owner of Dog Eared Pages Used Books Oh dear I was really tearing through this book until the 70% mark or so and then it all fell apart I felt like the author couldn t come up with anything to complete certain plot lines so she just gave up and moved Lillian to a different place.It starts off with great potential and was very fast paced set in post civil war times, we live with 10 year old Lillian and her family on an island off the coast of Maine She has been so isolated her entire life, that each small thing her new friends Heath and Ayden show her is amazing It becomes obvious that later in life there will be a painful love triangle between the three of them Her mother is delusional, and locked in her room Her father seems to love only her mother, and there is some secret brewing in the background, which I called out early She finds love with the boys parents, and then she is suddenly ripped away from the island by her father and dumped on her evil grandmother somewhere in Savannah This is where I start to think WTF Am I reading a VC Andrews novel Granny keeps her locked up in a room for three years, cuts off her hair, half starves her, etc We don t know why It was like I began reading a different book.The boys don t show up again, we have two ghosts milling about for no reason, we really don t know why daddy ditches here and runs away.There are a couple odder plot changes before it ends abruptly In a very VC Andrews way I might add I could start calling Lillian Cathy.After peeking at GR I noticed this is listed as the first in a series, so I may pick up the second one out of morbid curiosity. I started out enjoying this book which I would consider light reading as opposed to good literature The further into the story I got, however, the farfetched and ridiculous it became It follows main character Lillian from the age of nine to sixteen She starts out obsessed with an older boy and later in the book is obsessed with a man old enough to be her father She is abandoned by her loving father to the care of her hateful, cruel grandmother who keeps her locked up with starvation rations and even beats her She just becomes so pathetic that her character is not even particularly likeable Several story lines are left unresolved and the book itself finally just stops without really ending This is apparently a ploy by the author to draw the reader into reading the next book in the series I opted to read the synopsis and a couple reviews and saved myself the torture of reading of this drivel. I liked this book but there were a few things I didn t like and found a little overboard for me I didn t care much for how the main character seemed throughout the book to want every older male to crave her and seemed preoccupied with the poor pitiful me woes if each male character in her life didn t fall hungrily at her feet At times, it seemed inappropriate because of her young age at like 9 and 13 etc I think there was just too much of that throughout the book I had to keep reminding myself the book was set in the 1800 s so that accounted for the old fashioned dialogue between the characters I had the feeling the book was intended for a young reader until I got to the end part and then thought otherwise I did like how the book moved along at a good pace and built some suspense It seemed to twist and turn and faster as I got nearer the end but then was kind of grossed out at the very last shocker , which I feel was intended to be the main shocker of the whole book The end kind of left me dangling though Maybe that is where her next book picks up Overall, I liked the book and will probably read her next one All that is Beautiful. I won this book through Goodreads Giveaways was pretty excited to dive into it after reading the summary My expectations were high and I was definitely not let down The Girl in the Lighthouse is a historical fiction novel packed with plenty of action I couldn t help but feel my heart breaking for the main character, Lillian Arrington, as she suffered through all of the pain and strife in her adolescence As the story came to an end, there were many surprising twists that left me wanting My only issue is that I felt I didn t get enough closure on Lillian s story There was so much I wanted to know about her journey and her family s past. This book was terrible The writing was extremely repetitive and elementary All the men in the book mumbled everything they said The characters were flat and uninteresting Plus it seemed as though the author had no idea of American history The grandfather was supposed to have fought in the War of 1812, while the father was a Confederate veteran Yet Lillian, his daughter, was 10 years old in 1911 The time line doesn t seem to add up Also the whole story was just unbelievable Prepubescent girls in the early 1900s would have no idea about sex or attraction to the opposite gender, yet the author gives her 10 year old protagonist the yearnings and desires of a woman twice her age I will definitely not be reading any of this series. From The Time Lillian Arrington Was Born, She Lived An Isolated Life On A Remote Lighthouse Station With Her Father Garrett And Her Young Mother Amelia But Lillian Has Wishes And Dreams Far Beyond Her YearsWhen Her Father Is Transferred To A New Station, Lillian Is Anxious To Meet The Assistant Keepers And Their Two Sons, Heath And Ayden She Had Never Met Children Her Own Age, Had Playmates, Or Made A FriendHeath, The Handsome Teenage Boy Who Desires To Become A Doctor Someday, Welcomes Lillian However, His Younger Brother, Ayden, Doesn T Like Her And She Struggles To Win Him Over Before Long, A Secret Bond Between The Three Is Forged And To Lillian S Delight, They Become Close FriendsAfter So Many Years, Lillian S Childhood Is Beginning To Resemble That Of A Normal Girl No Longer Is She Lonely And Isolated From The Rest Of The World By Over Protective Parents Instead, She Experiences New Adventures, Attends School, And Falls In Love For The First TimeHowever, Her Glorious Days On Jasper Island Are Short Lived As Her Beautiful Young Mother Begins A Tragic Descent Into Insanity And Passes Away Lillian Is Left In The Care Of Her Sinister Grandmother Eugenia Arrington, Who, Since The End Of The Civil War, Continues To Steadfastly Hold Onto The Once Glorious Georgia Plantation Known As Sutton Hall It Is There That The Immoral Secrets Of Lillian S Parents Are Revealed, And She Is Left To Pick Up The Pieces Of Her Scandalous Past, And Somehow, Find Her Long Way Home First half period piece of 19th century little girl, daughter of lighthouse keeper, hints of family weirdness Midway through, abrupt turn to VC Andrews style evil grandmother, and a Series of Unfortunate Events from there Which makes the childhood part just an intro, which means it was way too long.Also there s not a whole lot of redemption at the end of the book, and apparently the next book gets even worse No thanks.Oh, and I almost forgot The writing was awful At least at first Either it got better as the book went on or I got better at tuning it out It felt like it was written by a high school student.