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Challis And His Team Investigate The Brutal Beating Of The Chaplain Of A Prestigious School And The Murder Of The Woman In Charge Of Punishing Local Land Use Violations But Will Hal Challis And Ellen Destry S New Romantic Relationship Interfere With Their Work

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    Blood Moon is the fifth book in the Inspector Challis series by Garry Disher During schoolies week on the Mornington Peninsular, a School s chaplain was beating Inspector Challis and Ellen Destry is on the case to find out who did it and during the investigation, a murder was committed Readers of Blood Moon will continue to follow Inspector Challis and Sergeant Ellen Destry investigation into the killing and the assault on the chaplain.Blood Moon is the four book I have read in this series, and I am becoming addictive to them I like the way Garry Disher portrays his characters and intertwines them throughout the book Reading Blood Moon, I started to see the Mornington Peninsular through the eyes of the characters Garry Disher excellently describes the problems of schoolies week to the community and law enforcement Readers of Blood Moon will learn the importance of ensuring friends or relatives you believe are suffering from family violence to seek the necessary authorities to help them Also, readers will learn about the problems law enforcement officers have if they fall in love with another staff member Blood Moon also highlights the problems of kleptomania for the suffers.I recommend this book.

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    This is an excellent,solid series.

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    Several years ago, on a trip to Australia, I read some local authors I couldn t get absorbed by Tom Winton, but Garry Disher turned out to be a really good storyteller His books tended to be expensive in the U.S., but now they are on kindle.Blood Moon starts out slowly, with many different characters going through their daily lives Of course some turn out to be criminals and their victims Others are the engaging and sometimes quite flawed detectives of the Waterloo force, all of whom I remembered from previous reads They are regular people, with families and issues This first part of the book was interesting but not riveting Patience was rewarded, however, as soon as the multiple crimes were committed and the detectives became linked with the victims and the criminals There was sufficient uncertainty and several surprises, up until the very last scene.Overall, a splendid police procedural with interesting characters, whose shortcomings make them easy to relate to Added bonuses, for me at least, are the descriptions of parts of a country I know very little about and the use of colloquial expressions Disher knows his subject Boss

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    The Hal Challis series gets bigger and better with each outing I love the character development and the personality flaws in the good guys, who are far from the stereotypical perfect crusaders against crime A well written, multi layered Australian police procedural with a definite dose of grit and realism.

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    The Hal Challis series is really growing into something particularly interesting, as well as entertaining There s a distinct edge to this story, there are obviously some issues which the author wants to talk about, and he s cleverly worked a number of elements of social observation and commentary into what is, overall, a good solid police procedural.Hal and Ellen s romantic interest at the end of the last book has developed into a live in relationship Which has a number of complications not just that they work together and that Hal is Ellen s boss Ellen s divorce is only just completed, and as attracted as she is to Hal, living together is an unexpected experience that she s struggling with And the rest of the team are well aware of what s going on, even if the whole thing is not spoken of The brass is also less than impressed, but they have given Hal a way out of the situation which he needs to decide on whilst he s also juggling a number of simultaneous investigations.The unit is busy It is Schoolies Week and Waterloo has become one of the destinations for groups of celebrating teenagers in recent years, and the workload for the police increases as a result Whilst most of the lower ranks are fully occupied with Schoolie liaison and investigating minor crimes, there are occasional bigger problems like assault and in particular sexual assault Nobody necessarily thinks that the vicious bashing of a local private school chaplain is connected to the Schoolies, although it could be possible What is definitely known is that the victim s brother works for the local Member of Parliament, and he s a Pollie not adverse to a spot of police bashing and throwing his weight around Things get even complicated in that case when a racial motive is unearthed.Meanwhile a local planning officer is having family problems of her own Her husband is obsessed and a bully following her constantly, criticising her constantly, carping and harping at her all the time She s also got a job that sometimes makes her unpopular, either enforcing breaches of planning law, or in one case, failing to stop the demolishing of a much loved old landmark.The storylines provide a real possibility for some particularly pithy and frequently funny digs at things that can go very wrong when places of natural beauty start to attract a lot of people In particular, people who seem hell bent on destroying the things that attracted them in the first place There is also some very elegant commentary about corruption, privilege, and overt and tacky displays of wealth, dotted throughout By no means overpowering or distracting from the investigation, this social observation adds a layer of understanding about the area, and the people on all sides of the investigations.It is a complicated series of threads the bashing assault of the chaplain a bludgeoned body sexual assault within the Schoolies a young man who picked on the wrong girl last year and an unsavoury event within the investigation team All of these threads make the story busy, but not messy the team feels stretched but not unexpectedly or unreasonably so and the resolutions aren t impossible or too easy to deduce as you go along.The fifth book in the Hal Challis and Ellen Destry series, BLOOD MOON is another of those great, solid, entertaining, engaging chore stopper books Whilst it could stand on its own, if you haven t read any of the earlier books, then track them down at the same time Reading the entire series does give you a feeling for how it s growing into its early promise The Dragon Man Kittyhawk Down Snapshot Chain of Evidence Blood Moon

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    Another enjoyable entry in this Australian series I m using it for my 2015 book challenge for the read a book set in a place you want to visit category in which DI Hal Challis has his personal life complicated by setting up house with his Sergeant, Ellen Destry Trying to keep this under wraps in a working situation as insular as a small CIU office is than challenging, especially during the course of several complicated investigations.I haven t read any of this author s stand alone novels, as I tend to gravitate towards series books, looking for interesting characters that develop over time, and this series definitely fits the bill Only one left in the series to catch up and that one was written 3 years ago, so I do hope it will be continuing

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    He s become one of my favorite mystery writers He writes police procedurals set in Australia, usually Victoria, and the character development over time is rich and complicated.

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    Hal Challis heads a criminal investigation unit at a seaside resort At the end of the school year, the graduates from high school, referred to as 12 year schoolies, flock to the beach and Hal and his people are kept busy trying to keep them out of trouble In addition to that, they are trying to solve two crimes One, the severe beating of a disliked school chaplain and the other over the demolition of an historic landmark Hal and his staff are very likable people and we get a look into their problems This is one book of a series and I look forward to reading the ones that follow and getting familiar with his staff to see how they resolve their issues.

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    Hal and the team are called to the beating of the chaplain at a private school The brother of the victim works for the local anti police member of parliament So the matter must be handled delicately Meanwhile it s Schoolies week and as well as the rise in petty crime there has been a number of rapes Pam Murphy is working the round whilst getting to know the new young constable A historic house has been bulldozed the day before a preservation order is to be considered At the same time the body of the Council s infringement s officer is found dead Are the two related