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Follow the line that runs through this picture book and turns itself into all kinds of things the waves above an octopus the veins in a leaf the wrappings curling around a mummy and the trapping threads of a spiderweb Candace Whitman's catchy rhyming text is brought to life by a host of creepy critters from first time illustrator Steve Wilson

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    YES this was amazing for story time It was great because we used our bodies to act out all the different ways lines can be We wiggled when the lines wiggled and made our arms wavey when the lines were wavey and it was just lovely Not very much text and no story to speak of but it's PERFECT for preschool story time I also loved at the end when it asks to find lines that AREN'T in the book and the kids all looked around and pointed out lines around the library So much fun And the pictures are SO BRIGHT and big and wonderful Use this book in story time