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What s funny about Swedish comedy my sister in law wanted to know after going to an opening at the Melbourne Film Festival Evidently the entire audience was left with that sense of right cinema wrong film It made us speculate as to whether Swedish humour is particularly impenetrable This, even though Australians have a particular affinity for Abba and Ikea.And yet.I read the first three Shane Maloneys in a 3 in 1 edition I carried it with me everywhere, laughed out loud every page It made people stop me on the street My friends formed a queue to borrow it Hey, some of them even forked out for their own copy It was about the funniest thing I d ever read.I gave it to somebody in the UK Anxiously awaited their verdict Meh was about it.So, maybe it was a culturally specific book and I didn t realise, being attuned to that culture as it happens Maybe.But gee Maybe not This series is the most brilliant fun I think it would even make people who don t get enough sun happy. The Melbourne of Murray Whelan may have changed from the eighties where this political thriller is set, the machinations of the labor party, unions and big business however remains the same.Murray is the electoral officer for a Victorian State MP, Minister for Industry Murray s remit covers a far bit which can be covered by the term fixer He is the filter between the great unwashed, the general public and the Minister A Turkish worker is found frozen in a meat storage facility of a major meat processing plant Murray is sent to check whether this has any political ramifications for his minister and to provide a sanitised report to absolve the Ministry if any workers safety issues have been breached.Simple things rapidly become complicated, both in his private and his professional life Maloney perfectly captures the day to day travails of the lower political apparatchik in Melbourne s ethnically diverse northern suburbs As a local, you love coming across familiar landmarks Murray s character is not the super sleuth or the quirky amateur detective found in many crime novels He is thrust into a situation not of his making and copes, or doesn t, as best he can This is the first in a series, can t wait to see how Maloney and Murray develop from here. When a worker is found frozen stiff in the large freezer of a meat plant, it gets passed to Murray Whelan to investigate Whelan is the general dogsbody for local Labor MP and Minister for Industry Charlene Wills No one wants this to stir up anything untoward for Charlene and Murray thinks it s liable to be pretty straight forward He couldn t bewrong.Before he knows it, someone is trying to kill him and he doesn t know why And they re pretty determined about it too, even if they re failing miserably He finds himself being stalked by a Ford Falcon that s hell bent on dispatching him to the next realm as he seeks to uncover just what was going on at the meat plant, which isthan anyone bargained for Whilst battling this Whelan is also the struggling single father to his son Red with his estranged wife off in Canberra writing public policy It s only a matter of time before Wendy arrives on his doorstep with the intentions of whisking Red off to Canberra with her and that s something Whelan doesn t want to see happen However if Wendy is going to show up, maybe he can hit her up for half the cost of the new roof that his house seems to require If he s still alive to ask for it.Last year my last session at the Melbourne Writers Festival included Shane Maloney as one of three crime authors on a panel I wasn t particularly there to see him, I wasthere to see Annie Hauxwell whose books I had recently read however I found him extremely funny both about himself and his books and given that my husband owns the two Murray Whelan trilogies, I had made a vow to read them at some stage I decided to give one a go when I was scanning the shelves for Australian male authors to include for my Aussie Author Challenge this year and so I found the first collection and settled in to read Stiff I know that a couple of these novels have been adapted for television and the lead is played by David Wenham.Because I knew this already, I pictured him in my head and delivering all of the lines I think that Wenham is an excellent choice and it really seemed to work for the character I d love to see the adaptations now, I need to get my hands on them at some stage Or wait for them to be shown on television again, which probably won t take all that long.Murray Whelan works for the Australian Labor Party as an assistant and general dogsbody to local Melbourne MP and Minister for Industry Charlene Wills Murray mostly mans the office while Charlene is in Parliament and off doing things that MP s do which means that he deals with the day to day issues, particularly the general public that wander in off the street all wanting to make a local complaint to their MP about something or other When someone is found dead in a freezer at a meat plant it has the potential to apparently be an industrial relations nightmare and something that Charlene s opponent could use against her at the upcoming election which is rumoured to be very soon Charlene s ministerial adviser at Industry needs a report on what really happened and any potential landmines that need to be negotiated, presumably to avoid any nasty surprises during an election campaign Why this is Murray s job I m not entirely sure, but he has the probable nonthreatening demeanor and just enough blokiness to get away with poking around the plant which employs mostly unskilled immigrant workers and has a high turnover Someone tries to kill him after it becomes clear that Whelan is onto something happening which doesn t quite add up and Whelan takes that rather personally He becomes determined to find out exactly what is happening.I liked Murray although he s clearly the kind of character that has a lot of room to grow As the author said in the MWF session, he s unskilled in this particular area He s not a cop or former cop, he s not an investigator He s a political pen pusher who spends most of the time in his office that looks like a cupboard He has to fumble his way through it himself and learn as he goes and mostly he has tenacity and a little bit of luck His knowledge of Melbourne helps, particularly when he s about to get run down or off the road by the mysterious Falcon He s a good dad, bumbling along in single parent life perhaps in a bit of an unorthodox manner but he s getting the job done in the best way that he can whilst also working and dealing with his long distance and seemingly disdainful estranged wife Wendy Murray tends to have a lot of things go wrong for him and he doesn t get the hot girl or glamorous promotions But I do look forward to seeing where the series takes him and what further scrapes he gets himself involved in. Synopsis Murray thinks life as a political advisor is complicated Plus, his wife wants child custody there s a frozen Turk, and planted drugs too Enjoyable, in Raymond Chandler traditionOver the top descriptions clogged the plot line and kerbed my inclination to award 5 stars Nevertheless, an enjoyable read The End twowords required by Comedy crime capers from a Melbourne writer, who I had booked to come speak to my students in a few weeks but just cancelled damn It s definitely funny and has a unique protagonist for this kind of thing an electorate officer for a Labor party politician There s some nice satire on the political world, but the plot can seem a bit contrived. I think I took too long to get around to reading Shane Maloney This one is hilarious, and a cracking story, with the run off the road, lake and storm water drain set piece being some of the best writing I ve read in a long time. Murray Whelan Thinks The Everyday Life Of A Political Advisor Is Complicated Enough But Now There Are Intimations Of Intrigue Among The Party Powerful And His Ex Wife Is Mounting A Custody Battle Over His Beloved Son So When You Throw In A Turk Snap Frozen In A Local Meat Plant, Drugs Planted Under The Bed, Fascist Funeral Rites, A Killer Car And Blood Sucking Parasites, Things Are Suddenly Spinning Wildly Out Of Control That S When Red Hot Ayisha Knocks On The Door Maloney s hero Murray Whelan is a superb addition to the landscape of political satire in this country His stories are also well written with none of the clunky contrivances that less skilled authors display. I m remarkably ambivalent about this one On the one hand, Maloney is a pretty fun writer On the other Well, it seemed to be trying much too hard to be Australian Too many cliches in terms of idioms The location setting, though, was great.