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Contents 1 Across the Gulf Henry S Whitehead Weird Tales May ’26 9 Alice and the Allergy Fritz Leiber Weird Tales Sep ’46 16 Anton’s Last Dream Edwin Baird Weird Tales May ’37 23 The Archfiend’s Fingers Kirk Mashburn Weird Tales Aug ’32 27 Berenice Edgar Allan Poe Southern Literary Messenger Mar 1835 34 The Black Madonna A W Wyville Weird Tales May ’28 37 The Black Monk G G Pendarves Weird Tales Oct ’38 44 The Boat on the Beach Kadra Maysi Weird Tales Dec ’30 50 Burnt Things Robert C Sandison Weird Tales Dec ’30 58 Cat’s Cradle E W Tomlinson Weird Tales Jan ’52 63 The Cavern Manly Wade Wellman Weird Tales Sep ’38 70 The Chain H Warner Munn Weird Tales Apr ’28 78 The Church Stove at Raebrudafisk G Appleby Terrill Weird Tales Feb ’27 85 The Closed Door Harold Ward Weird Tales Dec ’33 92 Country House Ewen Whyte Weird Tales Sep ’49 99 The Cracks of Time Dorothy uick Weird Tales Sep ’48 108 The Cripple Maurice Level Weird Tales Feb ’33; “L’infirme” Le Journal 1919 112 Cross of Fire Lester del Rey Weird Tales May ’39 119 Dark Rosaleen Seabury uinn Weird Tales Jan ’50 127 The Death Mist Captain George H Daugherty Jr Weird Tales Sep ’32 Clark Ashton Smith The Disinterment of Venus 138 The Doom That Came to Sarnath H P Lovecraft The Scot Jun ’20 143 Dream Justice E W Mayo Weird Tales Feb ’32 145 A Dream of Death Andrew Daw Weird Tales Feb ’36 150 The Dream of Death Elwood F Pierce Weird Tales Jul ’25 154 Eric Martin’s Nemesis Jay Wilmer Benjamin Weird Tales Mar ’37 161 Escape Paul Ernst Weird Tales Jul ’38 167 The Extra Passenger Stephen Grendon Weird Tales Jan ’47 174 The Feast in the Abbey Robert Bloch Weird Tales Jan ’35 180 Fidel Bassin W J Stamper Weird Tales Jul ’25 187 The Fifth Candle Cyril Mand Weird Tales Jan ’39 194 The Finishing Touches Renier Wyers Weird Tales JunJul ’31 199 A Gipsy Prophecy Bram Stoker Dracula’s Guest London Routledge 1914 207 The Girdle Joseph McCord Weird Tales Feb ’27 212 The Gloves Garnett Radcliffe Weird Tales Jan ’53 217 The Harbor of Ghosts M J Bardine Weird Tales Jun ’36 224 The Hate Wilford Allen Weird Tales Jun ’28 226 The Haunted Wood of Adoure Elliot O’Donnell Weird Tales Jul ’30 234 The Hidden Talent of Artist Bates Snowden T Herrick Weird Tales Sep ’48 239 The High Places Frances Garfield Weird Tales Apr ’39 244 His Brother’s Keeper Captain George Fielding Eliot Weird Tales Sep ’31 247 The Hunch Gene Lyle III Weird Tales Nov ’39 251 Hypnos H P Lovecraft The National Amateur May Jul ’23 257 I Can’t Wear White Suzanne Pickett Weird Tales Jan ’53 264 In the Dark Ronal Kayser Weird Tales AugSep ’36 269 The Iron Hands of Katzaveere David Eynon Weird Tales Jan ’52 276 The Japanese Tea Set Francis J O’Neil Weird Tales Nov ’52 283 The Justice of the Czar Captain George Fielding Eliot Weird Tales Aug ’28 289 The Last Drive Carl Jacobi Weird Tales Jun ’33 Clark Ashton Smith The Last Incantation 297 The Last Man Seabury uinn Weird Tales May ’50 306 The Last of Mrs Debrugh H Sivia Weird Tales Oct ’37 310 The Late Mourner Julius Long Weird Tales Mar ’34 313 The Man in the Taxi Leslie Gordon Barnard Weird Tales Nov ’37 316 The Man Who Was Saved B W Sliney Weird Tales May ’26 323 Masuerade Mearle Prout Weird Tales Feb ’37 328 Mr Bauer and the Atoms Fritz Leiber Weird Tales Jan ’46 334 Muggridge’s Aunt August W Derleth Weird Tales May ’35 340 Murder Man Ewen Whyte Weird Tales Nov ’49 348 Murder Mask Edgar Daniel Kramer Weird Tales Jun ’37 355 The Murderer Murray Leinster Weird Tales Jan ’30 361 Night and Silence Maurice Level Pan Jan ’22 365 The Nightmare Road Florence Crow Weird Tales Mar ’34 370 No Eye Witnesses Henry S Whitehead Weird Tales Aug ’32 378 Nude With a Dagger John Flanders Weird Tales Nov ’34 381 The Ocean Ogre Dana Carroll Weird Tales Jul ’37 389 Off the Map Rex Dolphin Weird Tales Jul ’54 397 On Top Ralph Allen Lang Weird Tales Nov ’33 400 One Chance Ethel Helene Coen Weird Tales Sep ’35 401 The Other Santa Thorp McClusky Weird Tales Mar ’49 409 A Pair of Swords Carl Jacobi Weird Tales Aug ’33 412 The Pale Man Julius Long Weird Tales Sep ’34 418 Parthenope Manly Wade Wellman Weird Tales Sep ’53 422 The Phantom Bus W Elwyn Backus Weird Tales Sep ’30 427 Rendezvous Richard H Hart Weird Tales Jan ’36 433 The Ring J M Fry Weird Tales Jan ’32 440 The Sealed Casket Richard F Searight Weird Tales Mar ’35 446 The Seeds from Outside Edmond Hamilton Weird Tales Mar ’37 450 The Sixth Gargoyle David Eynon Weird Tales Jan ’51 457 Soul Catcher Robert S Carr Weird Tales Mar ’27 464 The Statue James Causey Weird Tales Jan ’43 472 The Stranger from Kurdistan E Hoffmann Price Weird Tales Jul ’25 578 Swamp Horror Will Smith R J Robbins Weird Tales Mar ’26 487 Take the Z Train Allison V Harding Weird Tales Mar ’50 493 The Teakwood Box Johns Harrington Weird Tales Mar ’38 498 These Doth The Lord Hate as by Gans T Field Manly Wade Wellman Weird Tales Jan ’39 503 Thinker Malcolm Kenneth Murchie Weird Tales Sep ’49 510 Threshold of Endurance Betsy Emmons Weird Tales Sep ’46 512 Top of the World Tarleton Collier Weird Tales Nov ’35 517 The Tree of Life Paul Ernst Weird Tales Sep ’30 522 The Tryst in the Tomb M J Cain Weird Tales Nov ’28 527 Under the Eaves Helen M Reid Weird Tales Jun ’32 530 The Unveiling Alfred I Tooke Weird Tales Jan ’40 534 The Violet Death Gustav Meyrink; trans by Roy Temple House Weird Tales Jul ’35 539 A Visitor from Far Away Loretta Burrough Weird Tales Feb ’36 545 Warning Wings Arlton Eadie Weird Tales Sep ’29 551 What Waits in Darkness Loretta Burrough Weird Tales Mar ’35 557 When the Sea Gives Up Its Dead Robert Peery Weird Tales Jun ’29 565 The Witch Baiter R Anthony Weird Tales Dec ’27 572 The Witch Ball E F Benson Woman’s Journal Dec ’28

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    I like to read at night Cup of hot milk by my side I reach for whatever book has managed to nudge itself past the others during the day Occasionally a scary book will delight in keeping me up all night as I listen for weird noises while promising myself to never again read horror stories when every other god fearing soul is sound asleepThese are a compilation of short stories from the old Weird Tales magazine I never knew about them until a fellow employee at a bookstore influenced me to read weird stuff Damn him The majority of the tales are old school with the baddie getting their comeuppance but some of these are just plain weirdThe Feast In The Abbey by Robert Bloch a rain soaked traveller stumbles upon a company of the Undead Muggridge's Aunt by August W Derleth a greedy nephew too focused upon his money forgets that his Auntie owned the house before he came alongWhat Waits In Darkness by Loretta Burrough a wife keeps dreaming the same dream about her husband and it ain't goodThe Chain by H Warner Munn a very Poe ish story of the Iron Maiden and a cuckolded husbandAgain the stories are weird and not always scary Some have unexpected twists some have twists you see coming from the start But there were enough frighty frights for me to keep an extra light on after midnight which infuriated my resident felines to no end In the 1930s when the magazine was at its peak and the world hadn't gone completely mad yet these stories must have kept many a youngster in thrall Talk turned to ghosts and enchantments; old tales were told and infused with newer horror; legends recounted in broken whispers; hints of eldritch potency passed from wine smeared lips in tones sepulchrally mutedBook Season Autumn black wings beating at your door

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    100 Wild Weird Little Tales is a compilation of short stories from the Weird Tales pulp fiction magazine best known as the primary publisher of HP Lovecraft’s work I think of this format as the precursor to amateur horror sites like the Nosleep subreddit Unlike modern creepypastas however these were professional writers which means a consistent uality On the other hand they also had less creative freedom and I found most of the stories fairly predictable Still they filled their purpose of entertainment and escapismThough often lumped under the horror umbrella most of the tales are properly part of the weird fiction genre which blends fantasy and the paranormal with maybe some science fiction thrown in Others deal with the uncanny or unexplained Twist endings are commonThe collection runs from 1924 to 1953 As others have already mentioned they really should have been arranged chronologically for better context especially since most of them aren’t even dated Alphabetical order by title was an odd decisionMy favoritesThe Chain by H Warner Munn – Vivid reeling portrayal of physical and psychological disintegration under a bizarre form of torture reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum Dark Rosaleen by Seabury uinn – Wonderfully suspenseful tale of a Fae ueen with elements of Arthur Machen’s malignant Little PeopleThe Disinterment of Venus by Clark Ashton Smith – Sexist by today’s standard a statue of a beautiful woman drives celibate men to carnal madness really? but well written nevertheless Smith of course being one of the most celebrated writers of the genreThe Feast in the Abbey by Robert Bloch – A rich Gothic tale from another one of the mastersThe Finishing Touches by Renier Wyers – A Mad Artist story but I like thoseThe Hate by Wilford Allen – A WWI inspired piece exploring the enduring power of violence and rageMurder Man Ewen Whyte – Impressive portrayal of the mental state of an Everyman who wants to commit murder just for the hell of itThe Sealed Casket by Richard Seawright – Somewhat clichéd premise yet managed to evoke a strong sense of the unknown beyond the conventional ghost or curse and reminiscent of HP LovecraftThe Stranger from Kurdistan by E Hoffman Price – An atmospheric twist on the clichéd devil worshipers Gothic tropeSwamp Horror by Will Smith and RJ Robbins – Goddamn viscerally horrifying depiction of a rotted bloated swamp and the things you find thereTake the Z Train by Allison V Harding – One of the collection’s most original and artistic piecesA few notable dudsAcross the Gulf by Henry S Whitehead is a poor start to collection Weak premise that reminded me of that pennies from heaven tripe although it’s possible the author was trying to depict something that could conceivably happen in real lifeA Gypsy Prophecy by Bram Stoker had one of the worst most pathetic female characters I've ever read Stop fainting already And also creepy Roma how originalNude with a Dagger by John Flanders and The Statue by James Causey are practically the same story except one has a painting and one has a statue Starving artist gives unfinished masterwork to a stingy greedy money lender and then dies only for their work to come to life and avenge them How exactly a work by an unknown artist is supposed to have any financial value is never explained Threshold of Endurance by Betsy Emmons is one of the few stories in the collection by a woman yet ironically is also one of the most misogynistic We’re expected to sympathize with a man who murdered his nagging wife Not a spoiler – it’s pretty obvious what happened from the beginning Like I said these stories tend to be predictable

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    I had never heard of the weird tale genre until a couple of years ago But I knew I have always liked the kind of stories that fit in that genre My fiction likes are firmly entrenched in genre fiction whether it be romance fantasy horror adventure you name it And I really like unusual stories that take you out of everyday life and into a reality where the impossible does happen In a word that is a weird tale These stories are all vintage from the early 20th century and one must keep in mind that racism was prevalent it still is but not as overt so some of these stories do show how those who expoused racist ideals and actions did not face admonishment and how casually apparent it was in the behavior of a lot of people Considering that this teaches a lesson on what has been wrong with our society to those who read such fare nowadays I was able to get past this and enjoy the stories as a snapshot of that time in history You also can see the way that women were viewed has changed signficantly and observe a simplistic presentation of good and evil in these stories than what is prevalent in modern horror fiction Having said that I found the description of violence sadism borderline perverted behavior and overt sexual themes in some of the stories very surprising I would think wow I didn't know a writer could get something published like this back then There were some pretty interesting stories in this large volume showing a creativity that I found very enjoyable One of my favorite stories is of a Bean Nighe a dark fairy who steals the souls of newlyweds on their wedding nights so that they exist in a halflife for the rest of their existence It was very chilling There are also stories of adventure that have a decidely cruel edge Crime stories are present as well not my favorite genre but well written nevertheless One should keep in mind that these stories are by and large pulp fiction and go for the scare the shock and the adrenaline rush They typically are not subtle But I enjoyed this about the stories There is something to be said for telling a story with relish and enjoying the telling of it I do recommend this for a reader who wants a taste of days gone by and the opportunity to read stories like one might have read in a pulp magazine in the 30s and 40s This collection is guaranteed to fill your hours and satisfy your taste for stories that pushed the envelope and the imagination back in the early 20th century In fact I hope to read weird stories from this time period in the future

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    100 Wild Little Weird Tales edited by Robert Weinberg Stefan Dziemianowicz and Martin H Greenberg published by Barnes and Noble 1994An excellent A to Z well A to W miscellany of strange tales including some very masterful work Edgar Allan Poe's Berenice appears here along with Bram Stoker's A Gypsy Prophecy Hypnos by HP Lovecraft and These Doth the Lord Hate by Manly Wade Wellman Among the many other enjoyable if lesser known oddities here is The Cracks of Time by Dorothy uick in which the god Pan tempts a housewife From giant killer slugs to vampires to ghosts to devil worshipers this creepy anthology would be an ideal Halloween treat for anyone like me who loves stories than candy

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    Oh my god this was terrible I got about half way through and just gave up I thought these stories would be interesting they sucked Im glad I didnt pay for this but instead got it from my grandmother's house If I had paid I think I wouldve tried to return it because every time I picked it up I died a little on the inside

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    Frankly this book was 90% disappointment 90 to 95% of the stories were wordy and anti climatic I kept reading in the hopes that the stories would improve but they did not Do the editors even read what they include?

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    Really liked most of the stories in the collection but was baffled by the decision to put them in alphabetical order by title instead of grouped by author or publication date

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    Copyright 1996 this was a Barnes Noble special 100 strange stories from the magazine Weird Tales The stories date from 1924 to 1954 Some are pretty dated but most are timeless One from Edgar Allen Poe a couple from HP Lovecraft One from Bram Stoker All the others I haven't heard of before Stories that stuck out for me The Other Santa The most lighthearted of all of themThe Hidden Talent Of Artist Bates In the Dark The Seeds From The Outside

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    Some good stories mostly by the people you would expect Bloch Benson Ashton Smith etc but also a lot of forgettable stories Generally I'd advise against reading it all at once because the stories tend to blur together after a while Notes on the stories to come

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    Like any collection of short stories this was a bit of a mixed bag for me Some were fantastic and others not so much