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First in the Icarus Project fantasy superhero comic in text form.My TakeYawn I kept pushing my way through, hoping it would get better Oh, well I wish Kessler Kittredge KK had merged a bit of Meg Cabot s Princess Mia into this story to remind me that Jet was really still an innocent teen Her character was so lame that I wanted to boot her KK kept switching perspectives as well as flashbacks on a regular basis although they did provide plenty of clues as long as you read the chapter starts They were a bit clumsy in their switching your sympathies, but the empathy does finally happen, and Black and White s ending was a shocker, although it explained so much What these girls needed was communication and an open mind At least on Jet s part I suspect that part of my dislike for this story was Jet and her stupidity and constant fear It s a lousy combination for anyone, and all I wanted to do was smack her silly A little bit of thought and introspection on her part would have helped her quite a bit She has this shadow power and constantly flinches from it She should be exploring it Learning the boundaries Figuring out how to deal with the voices.The Corps Co must know how useless Jet is, and they still send her on these PR jaunts What s with the instructors at the school The bullying by teachers, staff, and other kids No, I didn t like this Snotty kids, snotty adults KK present them as kids, but they don t back it up Iridium is a know it all at 12 and just gets worse If her dad is supposed to be coaching her, he s doing a really lousy job.Okay, I m confused At one point, Lester Bradford says this city is ripe for anarchy, girl It won t be that easy Isn t this a contradiction None of em really have a clue about fighting It s like setting kindergartners loose on a battlefield.Read it at the risk of the waste of your own time.The StoryWe learn of Jet and Iridium s backstory even as we go forward in current time Their years together as roommates, their individual family stories two young girls battling the stigma of parents gone bad But it s their final battles in the now that really concern us One planning a coup while the other blindly follows her mission statement.It s that test exercise that sets the final battle line.The CharactersIridium, a.k.a., Calista Bradford, wields Light as her power I did like her quick to anger and quick to protect herself from the nastiness of her schoolmates Such a Robin Hood, and I m surprised none of the good guys ever figured this out She quickly takes up as Jet s champion and claims a chunk of lawless Chicago for her own, running it to keep the innocents safe She s considered a rabid because she doesn t toe the party line Lester Bradford is Iridium s dad he was Arclight, before Corps Co shut him up by imprisoning him.Jet, Lady of Shadows, a.k.a., Joan, was Iridium s roommate at school Now, she s the city of Chicago s Hero of New Chicago with the city as her sponsor It s a nightmare being their poster girl all that stupid PR She rigidly adheres to the RULES all bow and kiss the earth how STUPID can you get Her mother was Angelica, a Light power.Samson defends Jet in self defense when Lancer plays favorites Joseph Rogers Bruce Hunter is Jet s very sexy new Runner who slips inside her defenses.Hornblower is a bully right along with his Uncle Lancer Dawnlight is another bully Boxer Hornblower has little to no power and has thrown in with Iridium Night is also a shadow power and Jet s mentor Night insinuates what Corp Co with an s or without has done to her while Taser is a vigilante superhero Chen, a.k.a., Red Lotus, is partnered with Frostbite.Martin Moore is the on site tech guru for the EC His hero brother may have been taken down by friendly fire, but it was all hushed up Lynda Kidder is a Pulitzer prize winning reporter for the New Chicago Tribune And Icarus Biologica is missing.Dr Frank Wurthan leads the Everyman Society, an organization that sees extrahumans as a threat to the world They re not alone either the cops hate the extrahumans too.The CoverThe cover suits the title as it s all black and white with a red, raised block effect title It s a determined super heroine in a skinsuit, cape, and high heeled boots charging off on a mission, braided hair flying behind her and wearing her Opti something goggles.The title is Jet and Iridium, one good and the other bad, opposites, the Black and White of the situation But all is not what it seems. How cool Found this at borders today A superheroine and a supervillainess joining forces to save the world. We have lots of metaphors related to white and black, good and evil The line between good and evil is supposedly black and white Good guys wear white hats and bad guys wear black hats Good is light, bad is darkness Black and White plays with those crisp delineations, showing us that things are never that clear, even when superheroes or extrahumans as they re called in 2112 are involved return return Black and White is told alternately from the perspective of two extrahumans, Jet and Iridium The narrative weaves back and forth between the story s present and five to ten years in the past, when Jet and Iridium were roommates at the Academy Jet s a Shadow power, yet completely focused on following the rules and being a model hero Iridium, a Light power, is muchindependent and much less interested in rules Both had fathers who were considered insane or rabid , leading many to expect similar behavior from Jet and Iridium return return What starts out as a seemingly simple comic bookesque tale of good versus evil slowly develops into an involving tale about shades of grey, friendship, and betrayal In fact, in some respects, it reminded me of Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. I won this ARC a few weeks ago from Jackie Kessler and I m just now getting around to reading and reviewing it There s not much that I can say about it without giving away the plot so I ll try to sum it up in a word amazing.Given the facts that this novel is written by two authors, features two main characters and jumps back and forth from the past to the present, it s amazing just how seamlessly this story flows.Jet and Iridium together make the ideal heroine If the story was just about one of them, it would feel incomplete Add to that the fully realized backstory, the great pacing and the well drawn characters, and you have an almost perfect beginning to what promises to be an amazing seriesTo continue reading this review, visit my blog Undercover Book Lover. I m a sucker for superheroes Always have been and probably always will be I m obsessed with the whole good versus evil philosophy A fertility clinic figures out a way to help woman become pregnant Soon after the children are born, the clinic realizes that the children are not your average humans They have special powers Jet is a shadow power who s father killed her mother when he went insane She is told that all shadow powers loose their mind eventually Then an adult shadow power named Night takes Jet under his wing He becomes a friend, a mentor Iridium is a light power Her father became a rabid because he defied Corp and all it stands for He was sentenced to prison for being a traitor Both Jet and Iridium have suffered from tragedy They are partners and roommates at school and become friends But just as quickly they become enemies Both are fighting for the good humanity, they just happen to disagree about who s is right and who s is wrong I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes superhero or the good versus evil stories When I got close to finishing the book I felt sad I do this when I read something that I really like because I never want the story to end Luckily when I got to the back of the book I saw that there will be a sequel Shades of Gray in July of 2010 I will definitely put this on my to be bought list.If you haven t read this, I suggest you purchase a copy. 4.5 StarsSet in a future rife with superheroes under the thumb of a huge corporation Black and White is a book about good and evil and fighting crime But who are the bad guys Who is really the villain Jet and Iridium were at the Academy, where they train, or brainwash depending on your opinion, and they become unlikely friends But a disaster occurs in the last year and Iridium becomes a rabid and Jet a model hero But 5 years later they have to team together to stop a maniac intent on taking down the world.This was a great book, I loved the world that Kessler and Kittredge set up I liked the way the heroes were portrayed and the slightly twisted version of a Hero Academy with heroes that were productsthen actual people, as it said in the books, there were no secret identities, the only identity they had were their superhero alias Another point I liked about this book was the way it was set up alternating chapters between Jet and Iridium, giving you two different perspectives and two vastly different world views, making you sympathetic to both.The thing that bugged me was Jet, she really got on my nerves sometimes, but that was only minor In general I liked her and all the characters, especially Iridium, they were both sympathetic and well written and I liked watching their relationship change.I really enjoyed this book and I am definately going to be getting the next in the series Shades of Grey as I look forward to reading about the consequences of the two heroes actions from this book. I was really skeptical about this book when I first got it But decided to give it a try It really sucked me in fast I liked Iri and Jet, and as the backstory unfolded felt sorry for them I liked how the book was set up with learning about the problem faced in the present, then going back to the past and seeing what made these girls in to the people that they were I would say that with the ending they both had to face up to things that they really didn t want to, and had their worlds altered Can t wait for the next book to see what happends next. Re read this one, still love it.It s YA, so I feel a little old for some parts of it woe is me , but I love the heroes and villains, and the tension some of them have with Corp and the Academy as well.Would recommend this, and the sequel too What s a Superhero without her Supervillian , To be honest, I dragged my feet when it came to reading this book I didn t think I d enjoyed the story, being that I m not really into superheros This book done proved me wrong because I absolutely I loved it Jackie Kessler writes Joannie Greene code name Jet shadow , the superhero who is the darling Lady Shadow of New Chicago Caitlin Kittredge writes Callie Bradford code name Iridium light runs the city s underworld.This story tells the tale of two friends who depended on one another to survive growing up and started out on the same course in life, but eventually both took very different paths They say opposites attract and that saying holds true for Jet and Iridium.Jet s goal in life was always to use the power of her shadows to save people Jet is a cookie cutter representative for the man , Corp co Corp co is responsible for keeping the extrahumans in line and training them to serve the people Iridium is a futuristic robin hood, who s a thick thorn in Corp Co s side and also her so called friend, Jet Unconcerned with photo ops and fan worship, Iridium thinks, speaks and acts for the unfortunates Corp Co plows over everyday.This story was well written, the world building fantastic and the repeated pendulum swing between the past and the present flawless There was plenty of action, twists and turns, displays of heroism and very little sex scenes I highly recommend this book to dark urban fantasy readers and also look forward to the next book in the series Shades of Gray due out 6 22 2010.I also recommend The Scent of Shadows Sign of the Zodiac, Book 1 Awaken Me Darkly Alien Huntress, Book 1 Servant The AwakeningDark Time Mortal Path Book 1Dead Witch Walking The Hollows, Book 1 It S The Ultimate Battle Of Good Versus GoodThey Were Best Friends At An Elite Academy For Superheroes In Training, But Now Callie Bradford, Code Name Iridium, And Joannie Greene, Code Name Jet, Are Mortal Enemies Jet Is A By The Book Hero, Using Her Shadow Power To Protect The Citizens Of New Chicago Iridium, With Her Mastery Of Light, Runs The City S Underworld For The Past Five Years The Two Have Played An Elaborate, And Frustrating, Game Of Cat And MouseBut Now Playtime S Over Separately Jet And Iridium Uncover Clues That Point To A Looming Evil, One That Is Entwined Within The Academy As Jet Works With Bruce Hunter A Normal Man With An Extraordinary Ability To Make Her Weak In The Knees She Becomes Convinced That Iridium Is Involved In A Scheme That Will Level The Power Structure Of America Itself And Iridium, Teaming With The Mysterious Vigilante Called Taser, Uncovers An Insidious Plot That S Been A Decade In The Making A Plot In Which Jet Is KeyThey Re Both Right And They Re Both Wrong Because Nothing Is As Simple As Black And White