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The Reader draws on Oz’s entire body of work loosely grouped into four themes the kibbutz the city of Jerusalem the idea of a promised land and his own life story Included are excerpts from his celebrated novels among them Where the Jackals Howl A Perfect Peace My Michael Fima Black Box and To Know a Woman Nonfiction is represented by selections from Under This Blazing Light The Slopes of Lebanon In the Land of Israel and Oz’s masterpiece A Tale of Love and Darkness Robert Alter a noted Hebrew scholar and translator has provided an illuminating introduction

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    Timeless perspective on life in lands of conflictThe best we can expect in the usual tragic way of conflicts between individuals or between peoples is a process of adaptation and psychological acceptance accompanied by a slow painful awakening to reality burdened with bitterness and reservations that in the way of human wounds heal slowly and leave permanent scarsin Hebrew 'lo el beytam lashuv' 'not to their home to return'The Kibbutz at the Present Time Here I know a very large number of people about three hundred I know them at close range in a way that you can known someone after twenty years in the same placeIf I lived in London Tel Aviv Paris I could never get to know three hundred people so intimately Not the 'literary milieu' not intellectual or academic or artistic circles but different people women men old folk toddlersThere are problems in the world than solutions In the nature of things there are problems in the world than solutions Conflict generally speaking is not resolved it gradually subsides or it doesn't and you live with it and the flesh that has been pierced by a painful splinter grows back over it and covers it up This is the truth the kibbutz has learned in recent years It is becoming less fanatical less dogmatic it is a society that is learning the wisdom indulgence and patience of age I am pleased to see how the kibbutz has learned to react calmly patiently almost shrewdly to exceptions and oddities to changing times and tastes as if it has whispered to itself So be it for the time being; now let's wait and seeIt's always unhappy people who say unkind things Student rhymes with prudent the tranuility of waking to twilight when time seems soft and I am tender and things around are tenderWhen you grow up steer clear of the tyrant lovers and try to locate the ones who are looking for a man as a friend not because they are feeling empty themselves but because they enjoy making you full too And remember that friendship between a woman and a man is something much precious and rare than love; love is actually something uite gross and even clumsy compared to friendship Friendship includes a measure of sensitivity attentiveness generosity and finely tuned sense of moderationImagine the Other Is a Deep and Subtle Human Pleasureupon acceptance of the Goethe PrizeI believe that imagining the other is a powerful antidote to fanaticism and hatred I believe that books that make us imagine the other may make us immune to the ploys of the devil including the inner devil the Mephisto of the heartMephistophales an evil spirit to whom Faust in the German legend sold his soul to gain knowledge and powerThe name may be a combination of three Greek words μή mḗ as a negation φῶς phō̃s meaning light and φιλις philis meaning loving making it mean not light loving possibly parodying the Latin Lucifer or light bearerImagining the other is not only an aesthetic tool Also it is in my view a major moral imperative Imagining the other if you promise not to uote this little professional secret imagining the other is a deep and very subtle human pleasure

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    I enjoyed Oz's evocative style This collection of exerpts from his works make me want to read them someday