Prime The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your MateAuthor Gary Chapman –

A quick and valuable read to help you better understand how you and your partner best like to express and receive love. Great for helping you see what you truly value in a partner and what your partner truly values in you. My mother in law gave me this book and I hesitated reading it because it sounds so cheesy (and just take a look at the coverhow dorky!) But I was stuck on vacation with nothing else to read so I reluctantly gave it a try. In a nutshell, this book has changed my life. Page after page I found myself wanting to yell, "yes! Thats exactly right!" If I could give this more than five stars, I would. Okay, maybe "changed my life" is a bit strong, but it has certainly enhanced my marriage like nothing else I've ever read or done.
The advice this author gives is so profound and universal, it can be applied successfully to any deep relationship you have (children, parents, close friends). I just can't recommend it highly enough. Every couple, whether newly together or old marrieds, could benefit from this book. TheLove La Leccion La Novela Video Oficial Video Oficial La Leccion De TheLove El Codigo Kirkao Siguenos En Twitter Thelove Elcodigokirkao Corriets Notibookmusic Produccin Luis Corro Dir Five Two Love YouTube The Five Love Languages Chapman, GaryNotRetrouvez The Five Love Languages Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Discover Your Love Language TheLove With OverMILLION COPIES SOLD, TheLove Languages Has Been Improving Relationships Forthanyears Its Ideas Are Simple And Conveyed With Clarity And Humor, Making This Book As Practical As It Is Personable Get Inspired By Real Life Stories And A Common Sense Approach That Will Teach You To Love Better And Grow Closer The Five Love Languages Explained And How To First Introduced By Marriage Counselor Gary Chapman In His Book TheLove Languages, They Provide An Easy Way To Curate A Conversation About Meeting One Another S Needs In A Relationship, Says The Five SaisonTeaser VO Teaser The Five Saison Regardez Le Teaser The Five SaisonTeaser VO De La Srie The Five Saisonsur AlloCin TheLove Languages The Secret To Love That The Five Love Languages Gift Edition Was Designed With Gift Givers In Mind If You Ve Benefited From The Five Love Languages Books And Want To Pass Along The Wisdom To Newlyweds Or Couples You Know, This Beautiful Hardcover Book With Its Two Color Interior, Ornate Foil Stamped Cover, Satin Ribbon, And Deckled Edges Makes A Perfect High Quality Gift For Any Occasion This book is based on the premise that everyone has a "love language". Things others say or do that make one feel "loved",they are follows:

words of affirmation.
recieving gifts.
acts of service.
physical touch.
quality time.

Personally I want you to tell me how great I am (words of affirmation) while walking in the house with a collection of poetry for me (receiving gifts), make a beeline for the trash that needs to be taken out (acts of service), then come back in and read quietly next to me (quality time) before I ride you like the wild stallion that you are (physical touch) so where does that leave me? Which love language am I? This book was not helpful (as indicated by the shelf it's on). I won't go into the circumstances which lead to this bizarre buddy read that took place at Disneyland. Sometimes life can be stranger than fiction. I will say that this book has some reasonably helpful thoughts and ideas, but... it is way too simplified and way too heteronormative and way too traditional Christianvalue based to speak to me in any meaningful way.

Every single example featured a husband/breadwinner and wife/homemaker (who sometimes worked outside the home) couple. In one example, when the wife was asked to describe something positive about her husband, she says: "he let's me keep any money I earn in my part time job". Another example included a young wife who wished her husband would change the baby's diaper when he got home from work because she was busy cooking dinner (HIM: I would like her to cook dinner for when I get home from work).... WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!?!

The author didn't overtly advocate for traditional gender roles in the home, but I couldn't help but think there was a subliminal message indicating his preference for this. In the one example where the husband seemed to take on a fair share of the cooking, cleaning and other assorted domestic chores, the wife complained. She wanted him to spend more time with her. As it turned out, the wife really wanted to cook and clean, but the husband was too efficient and didn't give her a chance to do so. Oh, happy ending. Needless to say, I'm crying feminist tears at this point.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for good communication, respect and understanding how to make your spouse feel loved. But when this misogynist flavored relationship guru doled out advice to a woman in a 'horrible' marriage, I took issue. The details of horror of the marriage were largely unsaid, other than it was given that the husband cursed and said he hated his wife. This woman was very religious and clearly the idea of leaving her husband was at odds with her beliefs. Since the husband had no interest in seeking marriage counseling, the author/marriage counselor devised a unilateral plan he admitted didn't know would work. The crux of the plan was for the wife to speak to her husband in his love language, and hopefully he would eventually he would reciprocate and the love tanks would start to refill. This plan basically suggested, among other things, that the wife initiate sex with her husband (as his love language was physical touch) even though this idea did not appeal to the wife. Kind of a 'take one for the team' approach. The author clearly said that this was her decision to do so. Ok, so all this has the appearance of consenting adults and informed decisions, so where's the problem Katie? Oh, I don't know, how about emotional manipulation of the vulnerable? Call me cynical, but I picture an abused spouse (view spoiler)