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Acclaimed author of the dazzling cycle of fantasy novels set in Deverry and the Westlands Katharine Kerr continues her epic saga of humanity as a shift of power on the astral plane brings change to the world of menThe city of Cengarn is under siege Armies both astral and physical are massing for and against the goddess Alshandra who seeks to prevent the birth of one fate bound child It falls to the dweomermaster Jill and her allies to protect the child's human mother Princess Carra and Deverry's already foretold future by magic and by might But as the warrior Rhodry wings toward the battle on dragonback he cannot know that soon he will face his ancient enemy Alshandra's high priestess Raena who will use any means to destroy him Their confrontation could turn the tide of the siege and change the fate of Deverry forever

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    This is a very odd series just for the combination of features that the author uses Celtic history and language used in a rather realistic way but liberally salted with Magic the ethereal plain and it’s otherworldly beings and now Dragons I have a difficult time knowing what to write about because of this scattering of elementsI find some of the dialog tiring because of the way that Kerr phrases it I realize that she has chosen her form of “Bygone ese” and is sticking with it but I find it gets in my way while I’m reading Your mileage may varyI must admit however that I find Rhodry’s strategy when partnered with his dragon in battle was ingenious and as realistic as possible regarding dragons This despite admitting that I don’t really like Rhodry much as a character which is a bit dismaying since he’ll be continuing on in the next book and Jill won’t be Not that I was entirely sold on her either mind youI’m not sure why this series makes me a bit cranky but it does I’ve already purchased the next two volumes from my used book store so I’m pretty sure that I’ll read them but prepare yourself for whining when I actually do Book number 327 in my Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Project

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    So that's the end of the second series and a bittersweet one at that The first part of the book is mostly spent back when Rhodry and Jill were silver daggers so just after the very first book Rhodry is beginning to see that people live many lives and due to his long life he meets a reincarnation of one of his former foes The flashback is to when he encounters her for the first time I uite liked seeing them both Rhodry and Jill then it reminded me of how much they had changed over the course of the novels The rest of the book is back in the present with the siege and the outcome of itI'll give it to Kerr she's not afraid to kill off characters Like we know they're going to be reborn but still they're not the same view spoilerJill's death was expected as it had been foreshadowed for a few books now but Yraen's really got me It was so pointless and uick This is probably fairly realistic but for a character you've got to know over four books to just go like that was pretty callous And his story was so sad anyway On another note it was melodramatic but I loved the bit after Jill died and Nevyn was waiting for her hide spoiler

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    I can say that the finale of this cycle of the series is very good maintaining the high level of the whole series with this narrative style that offers things to the reader without resorting to exaggerations The end of the previous book left many issues unresolved many of which the author brings them in a very satisfactory end very wisely choosing to leave some for later She may not be doing this in a very impressive way but she certainly adds a few interesting developments and many intense moments as she describes the culmination of the battle with the constant upheavals and the needed sacrifices to achieve victory always in a way that emphasizes the non heroic side of the war but also the necessity that often exists when the issue is the protection of life Before that we have the necessary flashback to carefree times that helps us understand some of the causes of this conflict and in a way becomes part of the gradual building of the tension that eventually leads to the various battles that close the accounts that have been opened After all this follows a uiet conclusion where an account is made some necessary explanations are given and we end up at the beginning of good and bad developments that will be the subject of future books A very interesting and balanced book that beautifully continues this great storyΤο φινάλε αυτού του κύκλου της σειράς μπορώ να πω ότι είναι πολύ καλό διατηρώντας το υψηλό επίπεδο ολόκληρης της σειράς με αυτό το στυλ αφήγησης που προσφέρει πράγματα στον αναγνώστη χωρίς να καταφεύγει σε υπερβολές Το τέλος του προηγούμενου βιβλίου άφηνε πολλά θέματα άλυτα πολλά από τα οποία η συγγραφέας τα φτάνει σε ένα πολύ ικανοποιητικό τέλος επιλέγοντας πολύ σοφά να αφήσει μερικά για τη συνέχεια Μπορεί να μην το κάνει με έναν πολύ εντυπωσιακό τρόπο σίγουρα όμως προσθέτει μερικές ένα πλήθος από ενδιαφέρουσες εξελίξεις και πολλές έντονες στιγμές καθώς μας περιγράφει την κορύφωση της μάχης με τις συνεχείς ανατροπές και τις απαραίτητες θυσίες που χρειάζονται για την επίτευξη της νίκης πάντα με έναν τρόπο που τονίζει την μη ηρωική πλευρά του πολέμου αλλά και την αναγκαιότητα που πολλές φορές υπάρχει όταν το ζήτημα είναι η προστασία της ζωής Πριν από αυτό έχουμε το απαραίτητο flashback σε πιο ανέμελες εποχές που μας βοηθάει να καταλάβουμε ένα μέρος από τις αιτίες αυτής της σύγκρουσης και με έναν τρόπο γίνεται μέρος από το σταδιακό χτίσιμο της έντασης που οδηγεί στο τέλος στις διάφορες μάχες που κλείνουν τους λογαριασμούς που έχουν ανοίξει Μετά από όλα αυτά ακολουθεί ένας περισσότερο ήσυχος επίλογος όπου γίνεται ένας απολογισμός δίνονται μερικές απαραίτητες εξηγήσεις και καταλήγουμε στην αρχή καλών και κακών εξελίξεων που θα αποτελέσουν το αντικείμενο επόμενων βιβλίων Ένα πολύ ενδιαφέρον και ισορροπημένο βιβλίο που συνεχίζει με όμορφο τρόπο αυτή την εξαιρετική ιστορία

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    This is the 8th book of the 15 book Deverry series But since the series is sub divided into 3 smaller series it can also be said that this is the 4th and final novel in the middle Westlands seriesThe novel is aptly named as it is really divided into two main sections the first in a much lighter airy vein and the longer second part that deals with large scale battles and dark doings The uniue aspect of the entire Deverry series is of course the reincarnation plots such that characters in some sections of each novel will also show up as different characters same souls in different time frames I think in the hands of a lesser author this sort of thing could get very confusing but Ms Kerr is a master of character so that when the reader encounters a new character that happens to be a reincarnation or a previous version of another character we usually have enough clues to know who it is even when the actual character does notI was happy to see the first part of this novel was about Jill and Rhodry in their younger care free days as Silver Daggers or rogues for hire This is my favorite era for these two characters The second part takes place during the now familiar time of over 40 years later a much politically charged time It centers around the siege of Cengarn by the Horsekin Notably absent throughout the book was the constant character of Nevin an absence that was necessary for the plot but regrettable all the sameThis is an amazing fantasy series HBO has achieved much success with adapting George RR Martin's work for the small screen and of course there are many options out there if they want to pursue fantasy epics like that Should they ask my opinion I would urge them to give this series a try

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    I got seriously into rereadingrereading these a couple of years ago and then stopped for some reason I don't remember I probably just got distractedThe Beyond Reality group here on Facebook has been working their way through a series read of all the Deverry books so I promised myself I'd pick up this books when they got to it and keep reading with themI'm only a few pages in and so far I'm a little hazy on what has gone before but came back to me as I read the prologue so hopefully that will continue to happen I'm into a historical with respect to the now of the book section now so hopefully that means I won't need to remember too much I gave myself plenty of time to read this thinking it might take me a while Instead I raced through it in a few days and I'm sorry I didn't read it sooner It was a great continuation of the story and a good place for a pause this is the end of one arc of the story I'm also really looking forward to carrying on with the seriesI'm happy to wait for next moth and read with the group and that is what I will do but I'd be eually happy to keep on going I find myself delighted to know I have books in the worldseries ahead of me

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    With this book Katharine Kerr wraps up the Westlands cycle It is a fairly decent final book bringing a number of ongoing stories together and finishing things decently With that said it felt a little soulless to me with her first four books Kerr made the characters come alive and I had a lot of interest in their doings Gradually I am losing interest in Rhodry and coIn this novel we head back in time for a time and that section was by far the most gripping We meet a previous incarnation of Raena the raven woman known in those times as Lady Mallona It is no accident that my favourite part of the book coincides with us reading about Jill and Rhodry while they rode the long road as silver daggers I far preferred the two characters at that pointArsozah is fun to read about the dragon seems to be the only character at this point that Kerr seems to have fun writing aboutSo an almost anti climatic end to the Westlands cycle Kerr has continued writing about Rhodry or Rori Dragon friend as he should also be known as now but I find myself losing interest in where she can take the Deverry world

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    This is where I'll leave Deverry view spoilerMost of the magic whent out of this world for me when Nevyn died and with Jill gone too I have the closure I need hide spoiler

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    910While many loose threads are tied up by the end of this book which also concludes the Westlands arc of Kerr's Deverry Cycle there are than enough to lead the read into the next arc Perhaps because I read this book in chunks it seemed to lack some of the continuity that the other books had Still the characters were diverse and nuanced and the relationships were often complex And my new favorite character is Arzosah

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    Another mostly linear story line with one past regression but not uite a past lives thing although I guess you could call it that I enjoyed the past story because it was sort of like a mysterydetectivechase injected into high fantasyI had forgotten though how this one ended And it was definitely a heart wrencher

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    I am too caught up in the world of centuries to stop but I do not love this second series like I enjoyed the first and if I never hear about berzerkers again I will be happy