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If I had the option to give 6 stars to The Wednesday Wars, I d do it I giggled out loud at least 30 times on the bus and the train, earning myself a certain public transit notoriety as That Annoying Lady With The Book And most people didn t even notice me getting teary during the poignant parts Of course I d heard glowing reviews of this book, but I didn t love Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy, so I was skeptical But no longer Gary Schmidt, please write It s 1967 68, and Holling Hoodhood is the only Presbyterian kid in his seventh grade class That means that while half the town is at CCD on Wednesday afternoons and the other half is at Hebrew school, he s stuck in the classroom with his tough as nails teacher First he does small chores, but after a disaster with eraser cleaning, the teacher sits him down to work his way through Shakespeare Over the course of the year, he develops a strong relationship with his teacher and with the Bard s colorful curses The tumultuous background of 1968 plays heavily in the month by month chapters that structure the book Here s what I loved Holling s voice hilarious , the characters Danny Hupfer , how much the reader must infer from Holling s point of view in order to appreciate what s going on Here s what I m not so sure of can young readers really appreciate all that s going on, especially the ways in which Holling is not the most reliable narrator Do they I enjoyed The Wednesday Wars than anything I ve read in a while, but I couldn t dismiss the nagging voice that kept noisily insisting that this was really a grown up book dressed up in kid s clothing The readers at my school with are too young for this book, but I m eager to hear from other teachers and librarians how it s received by real live teens and tweens In the meantime, you adult readers of kidlit and YA lit read it read it This book is a heartwarming mix of nostalgia, life lessons, beauty, and awkward humor with a nice side of brown light perfect cream puffs And let me tell you it s really swell.Holling Hoodhood is the only kid in the seventh grade who doesn t have to attend either Temple or Catechism on Wednesday afternoons No, instead he gets to spend every single Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Baker, who hates his guts Each Wednesday she finds new ways to torture him endless cleaning of chalkboard erasers, rodent wrangling, and Shakespeare On the surface, this book seems idealistic and a bit light But as it unfolds, there are moments of truth, tragedy, and deep emotion The story takes place during one of the most tumultuous times in American history, and the undercurrents of the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement are ever present.In the beginning, Holling is an unassuming, agreeable boy who seems to take whatever Mrs Baker and the other students have to dish out He has moments of small rebellion mostly in his head , but he doesn t really stand up for himself But by the end of this story, he has confidence and conviction His growth into a mature almost man is incredibly moving I fell in love with all of the characters in this book Mrs Baker, evil mastermind Danny, my pied ninny fighting hero Holling s sister, innocently rebellious even Mrs Bigio, who resurrected her gods This book grabbed a hold of my emotions and carried me right along It s rare that I am able to completely buy in to a story this wholesome and light hearted, but it happened here.I also love Holling s changing reactions to the words and lessons of the Shakespeare plays that he reads It makes me think of all of the great works that I ve read, that have impacted me in completely different ways at different times of my life I think that s what great literature does it speaks across age and experience It translates for all of us, in different but equally powerful ways.This is one of the best audio performances I ve come across Joel Johnstone sounds quite a bit like Fred Savage which only adds the Wonder Years vibe that I get from this book He also manages to capture Mrs Baker s dry genius, Meryl Lee s sweetness, and Holling s father s brusque indifference And the voice that he uses for Mrs Brigio sounds exactly like lunch lady Doris from the Simpsons Perfect Musical PairingPaul Simon American TuneOne of my favorite songs, about the despair and weariness of the American past and present, but I think that it ends on a hopeful note Tomorrow s going to be another day, and we don t know what will come, but we will face whatever it is. this is my second book for the readventurer challenge.this book is verysweet and ordinarily,a sweet book would make me feel like i had chiggers or something else foul crawling under my skin, and its earnest gee whizzery would make me feel unclean just because of my mental rolodex of words that are satisfying to say in moments of astonishment or crisis than gee whiz but this one was different this one was entirely wholesome, yeah, but wholesome and satisfying like fresh baked bread, and i didn t want to roll my eyes at all.this book is many things, but for me, the best part is the inspirational teacher aspect of it i loved the way holling s character changed under mrs baker s ministrations how his worldview expanded through shakespeare as he was able to find parallels between the stories of shakespeare and the trials facing him in his own life.he went from a boy who was scared of his teacher and believed everyone was against him, to a confident, articulate boy who found the strength to stand up to his father,fight injustice and face his fears.my only complaint is that there isn t much in the way of dramatic tension you learn pretty early on that any time something negative could happen, it is like there is a teflon bubble of groovy sixties optimism that just protects him from bad times and this despite the backdrop of the vietnam war but it is middle grade, and who wants to make a ten year old cry, right but yeah it is pretty forrest gumpy, down to the running and everything but it means well, and it is a sweet story that i am glad i read.i will make this review make sense later right now my brain is completely melted. A Review in Two PartsPart OneAriel, recommended this book to me, and she wrote a fine good review of the book You can find it by clicking on her name I really liked the book, but didn t love it I think the things I didn t love about the book were me being a crank For example, the myopic narrator view point of a seventh grader was great it caught the distortions that a kid sees the world through and the way teachers and others outside of their own circle are depersonalized into roles instead of people Without being preachy, though But, then I would not like the Wally and Beaver golly gee attitude that would at times sneak into the book Sometimes it worked for good comic effect but it seemed too pure and innocent for me Another part that I m not quite sure how I feel is the Forest Gump path the story veers off into sometimes But maybe if Tom Hanks hadn t starred in the movie I wouldn t be annoyed by anything that reminds me of the movie On the plus side, I really like the month of May in the book each chapter is a month in the school year I was a little afraid of what May may bring when I was reading the book, you know since it would be May 1968, probably the most tragic month of the second half of the 20th century I m not interested in going into detail and talking late story plot developments or anything, so I ll just leave it that the author does a great job capturing a certain pathos by this point in the novel that originally had only been a suburban comedic effect If I was a teacher of young adults and I had them read this book, I d probably test them by asking them this question Tragedy or Comedy Why Explain and Defend.Part Two If you are averse to potty mouth language please go away, I m about to rant it up You ve been warned Now go away if you don t like dirty words Seriously Go Away Anyway, thank you for sticking around This part is called Wednesday Wars as Republican Fantasy , or something like that The basic premise of this book is that there is this one WASP kid in a Long Island class surrounded by Papists taking orders from the Vatican and thus only a step better than Communists, but never to be trusted as real Americans and Jews those greedy fucks who run the banks., ie., the ones who figure a way to swindle the poor upper middle class white Protestant males money from him through usury, liberal politics, socialism and ultimately Communism This paragon of WHITE AMERICA is gasp a MINORITY in this own home, and further sees that the people in power his teacher irrationally hates him Just like Big Government i.e., Liberals, Democrats, see Jews hate the SILENT MAJORITY which is not mentioned in the book, but which would be used as a rallying slogan by Nixon in the 1968 elections See the character in this book as RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN AMERICA circa, well whenever, but today is good When they are a MAJORITY but for some reason see themselves as a persecuted MINORITY, and they are angry, ANGRY, ANGRY that anyone else gets any of the pie besides them, and that if people aren t on their hands and knees sucking their dicks then they are only trying to steal their money and take things away from them see THOSE FUCKING GAYS WITH THEIR WANTING TO GET MARRIED HOW DARE THEY This might sound like fiction, but sadly it s not A 13 year old has the right to seeing the world in a distorted manner or persecution A nation of adults seeing the world in the same way is sad , scary , retarded , enough to make one me want to seriously reconsider democracy and not let those suffering from extreme persecution delusions have a right to vote All of the above This isn t even so much a rant, as a pointing out of another story going on in this book Sadly, for my theory here, the White, Right and Dumb American story falls apart after a chapter or two Which goes to show that 13 year olds can grow, but stupid ignorant tea baggers haven t yet shown that they can. At first I thought this book was too young for me The protagonist is a 7th grader, an age I am far past It was a bit slow at first and my initial conclusion was This would be great book for a middle school boy, especially one you want to get interested in Shakespeare, but not so great for the general reader.And then I kept reading and realized that this was a brilliant, touching and funny book Schmidt is excellent at making believable, nuanced characters not something I often see at books aimed at preteens None of the villainous characters are simply one note The cafeteria lady, for example, loses her son in the Vietnam War and takes it out on the little Vietnamese refugee at the school But at the same time the cafeteria lady shows true kindness and charity to others Holling s father is another example He is demanding, distant, competitive, and often gets angry with his daughter s peacnik attitude But when Martin Luther King, Jr who Holling s father actively dislikes is assassinated, Holling s father is shocked and upset Holling himself is complex than he first appears He is the same initial everykid smart but not too smart, physically unimpressive, picked on by his sister and unable to understand some basic social cues in every book aimed at young boys But he matures into a young man of such courage and character that I wondered how such a cold father and weak mother could be lucky enough to raise such an amazing kid. There s something very pleasant about kids books written in the 60s They have an assurance that books written in later, apologetic and hesitant decades lack They re usually untroubled by the social upheaval all around them Hippies may show up here or there, but the books are likely to be about time travel, or inventions, or mysteries.This is one of the things you can only learn from consuming texts from that era that people who lived in the 60s didn t know they were living in the 60s Watch Blow Up for the scene in which a character in a film that features the Yardbirds invites a girl back to his swinging pad and plays on the hifi elevator jazz Don t you know what decade you re inyou want to scream at him Play the Yardbirds, you idiotBut he doesn t know He doesn t know.Much less pleasant are contemporary kids books that take place in the 60s All of a sudden the author a baby boomer, no doubt realizes he s writing about the most significant decade since the end of the Roman republic, and he can hardly stop his giggling Assurance becomes smugness The book becomes a checklist Kennedys Check Vietnam Check Air raid drills Flower children Political assassinations Civil rights The generation gap Student unrest Rock and roll Check, check them all Wednesday Wars checks them all off, dutifully, and unimaginatively It s or less a sitcom otherwise, with sitcom situations that are sometimes amusing and usually just chaotic and trite The mary sue narrator gets to view spoiler hang out with the NY Yankees and make varsity and be a hero and get the girl and become a man It was sort of tolerable until the irritatingly wise and wonderful English teacher stern, but with a heart of gold was revealed to be an Olympic silver medalist hide spoiler If a junior high aged boy is part of your household, give him this book He ll love it, and it will do him good And if you happen to have been in junior high during the year 1968, this book can serve as a reminder of life and national politics at that time In case you don t remember, 1968 is the year that both Martin Luther King and Robert F Kennedy were assassinated.People today worry about the polarization of American politics Back in the late 60s things were polarized, and in a much closer to home way at the family level It seemed as if each American household was polarized with the youth contingent wanting to drop out, grow long hair, and be an anti Vietnam war protester and hippie Meanwhile their parents were going ballistic over how spoiled and degenerate the younger generation was In this story the junior high boy has a high school aged sister who aspires to be a flower child much to the consternation of her parents.I was originally attracted to this book because the main character who is a junior high student happens to be attending a school where he is the only student in his class who is not either Jewish or Catholic his family is Presbyterian Consequently, when the students leave once per week for released time religious classes, he is the only one left in class Do public schools still have released time That sounded like an interesting situation to write a story about At first the teacher was probably just as disappointed as the student of being left together in the class room But they grew to appreciate each other by the end of the story. I think I have come to understand what it takes for a book to be awarded Newbery It seems these Newberry awarded books are just so wholesome, so full of great life lessons, so sweet and touching in a non nauseating or preachy way The Wednesday Wars is just like that.13 year old Holling Hoodhood is in trouble While his Jewish and Catholic classmates attend religious studies on Wednesday afternoons, he, the only Presbyterian in his class, is forced to spend this time with his English teacher Mrs Baker Holling is absolutely sure Mrs Baker hates his guts she makes him clean the classroom and, eventually, read Shakespeare But as time goes on, both Mrs Baker and Shakespeare teach Holling how to be a better friend, son, brother, a better person.The Wednesday Wars is just a sweet coming of age story Holling is an innocent boy who by the end of the story becomes a wiser young man, after going though tribulations of being seen by his classmates wearing yellow tights with feathers on his butt, standing up to his unreasonable father and confronting bullies The story made me laugh, sigh, and, to my surprise, shed some tears of joy The only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5, is that it is a little young for my taste, definitely written for middle grade kids But otherwise, it is a perfectly enjoyable story. Holling Hoodhood s got a problem It s 1967, and he s just started seventh grade at Camillo Junior High, and his teacher, Mrs Baker, hates his guts Every Wednesday afternoon, half of the kids in Holling s class go to Hebrew school and the other half go to St Adelbert s for catechism And Holling, as the only Presbyterian in the class, stays behind with Mrs Baker.And Mrs Baker makes him read Shakespeare Outside of class.What follows is a year in Holling s life, a year of Wednesdays with Mrs Baker and life in general It s 1967, and his sister wants to be a flower child, and his father owns the architecture firm Hoodhood and Associates and sees Holling as The Son Who Will Inherit Hoodhood and Associates There are rats, and cream puffs, and Doug Swieteck s brother There are telegrams and baseballs and tights with feathers and atomic bomb drills.This is a quiet book that gets you in all the right places If I had to sum it up in a phrase, I d say it was about how people surprise you sometimes in bad ways, and often in very good ways It s about heroes the ones you create for yourself, and the ones that you discover It s about finding your way when the world is confusing It s about being in seventh grade, and learning that it s not who you are that matters, but who you decide to be.This book made me laugh out loud on the subway, those big belly laughs that make strangers think you re crazy It also made me cry, no less that four times This is not a book with great tragedy, but it is a book with great power It s a book that made me feel.I read it slowly, reading and rereading each line and word, savoring the chapters But I didn t horde it, didn t put it down and save it for later, because I could not stop reading.I just couldn t It wasn t so much that I needed to know what happened it was that I desperately wanted to hear Holling s voice in my head some I wanted afternoons with Mrs Baker.This is the kind of book that you read and reread, and then read bits aloud to the people you care about, because you want to share it with them It s the kind of book that makes you feel like you really, really know the characters, like what happens to them is important to you.It s the kind of book that makes you want to read Shakespeare, and importantly, to curse like Caliban.It s really one of the best reading experiences I ve had in a long time I urge you to read it I want to talk about the Mickey Mantle episode with you I want to hear what you think about cream puffs And I want you to know what I mean when I say, toads, beetles, bats Or chrysanthemum Mostly, I want you to meet Holling Hoodhood and Mrs Baker, two of my new favorite literary creations I want them to be part of your life the way they ve been part of mine since I started this book I really think you ll like them a lot. In This Newbery Honor Winning Novel, Gary D Schmidt Offers An Unforgettable AntiheroThe Wednesday Wars Is A Wonderfully Witty And Compelling Story About A Teenage Boy S Mishaps And Adventures Over The Course Of The School Year In Long Island, New York Meet Holling Hoodhood, A Seventh Grader At Camillo Junior High, Who Must Spend Wednesday Afternoons With His Teacher, Mrs Baker, While The Rest Of The Class Has Religious Instruction Mrs Baker Doesn T Like Holling He S Sure Of It Why Else Would She Make Him Read The Plays Of William Shakespeare Outside Class But Everyone Has Bigger Things To Worry About, Like Vietnam His Father Wants Holling And His Sister To Be On Their Best Behavior The Success Of His Business Depends On It But How Can Holling Stay Out Of Trouble When He Has So Much To Contend With A Bully Demanding Cream Puffs Angry Rats And A Baseball Hero Signing Autographs The Very Same Night Holling Has To Appear In A Play In Yellow Tights As Fate Sneaks Up On Him Again And Again, Holling Finds Motivation The Big M In The Most Unexpected Places And Musters Up The Courage To Embrace His Destiny, In Spite Of Himself