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Isabelle Kinsley set out to her first and only season of London in hopes of securing an advantageous match for herself and conseuently providing possibilities for her two younger sisters The small pool of suitors in their seaside village of Bridlington offer very little in the way of suitable companionship Isabelle uickly learns however that daughters of country physicians are not considered suitable for gentlemen of means Discouraged Isabelle believes a house party invitation from Anna Somerville a wealthy and accomplished friend is her last providential hope—until she realizes the man she has come to care for is the desired match of her friendSimon Windham has spent the last two years of his life on a tour of Europe in part hoping that Anna the younger sister of his best friend would finally find interest in a gentleman other than himself He is not so fortunate however Upon arriving at Haven’s Landing Simon immediately befriends Isabelle the strange young woman he met in a London bookshop Their connection is immediate but to seek out her attention would be to not only betray long time family friends but his parents expectations as wellAs the month long party draws to a close Simon and Isabelle struggle to overcome their feelings for one another Has fate thrown them together to secure their happiness or their misery in knowing their match would mean the unhappiness of others they love?Of Twisted Fates is part of the KINSLEY SISTERS series a set of stand alone regency romance novels by Heather Chapman and Jo Perry that follows three sisters as they find love Look for the complete collectionOf Twisted Fates Aug 28Of Cloudless Climes and Starry SkiesOf Tangled Hearts

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    I have been very busy lately as three of my kids have just started virtual school and the other is young and very much needs my attentionThus I haven't read very much lately It hasn't been at the forefront of my mind at all since I rarely have enough time to just sit down and enjoy a good bookWell yesterday I made myself sit down and start reading Heather Chapman and Jo Perry's Of Twisted Fates so I could do this reviewOnce I started I could not stop I started reading while my daughter was napping and my boys were doing schoolI had to cover my mouth multiple times to stifle what would have been loud belly laughs The book is simply hilarious because both of the main characters are uirky funny people who love to tease and banter And some people close to them are also witty and funThe book starts with Isabel and then moves to Simon Every other chapter the storyteller swaps It's so fun to read a novel from two characters' first person perspectives I loved both perspectives eually wellThe novel was very true to the Regency era and though it has never been my favorite genre I still loved the book because the story had a great mix of playfulness introspection romance including a love triangle letter writing convention and the desire to throw it to the wind and I found everything about the novel enjoyable and I found the characters believable As I said before my absolutely favorite parts of the story were the ones where I held my belly threw my head back and just laughed I think everyone needs a book that rejuvenates them through laughterThank you for writing this delightful novel I really look forward to following Juliet's and Charlotte's love stories in the novels to come

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    I appreciate the chance to read an advance copy Of Twisted Fates by Heather Chapman and Jo Perry This story was so sweet The characters were fully fleshed out including the protagonists and the romance had my heart pounding The setting was full of gorgeous details and I felt fully immersed in it One of my favorite things is when there are real strong obstacles that prevent two love interests from getting together—not just a misunderstanding that could be resolved in one conversation and this book really had that It created a tension that kept me turning pages and absorbed me to the end It was such a sweet lovely romance that will serve as a wonderful escape that we could all use right now

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    This book was a delight The characters are so well realized and they were people I wanted to spend time with I laughed with their witty banter and felt for their struggles And the gorgeous setting just enhanced that feeling of being presentThe romance swept you up in it from the best bookshop meet cute to fantastic chemistry and beyond All in all this book was a lovely escape and exactly what I neededI received an advance copy of the book in exchange for my honest review

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    Fun clean regency read Perfect for a uiet relaxing day at home

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    Of Twisted Fates starts out strong The meet cute is cute The characters are entertaining The thread of Fate is sweet I do love a serendipitous relationship I think the middle was a little harder for me to get through as it bogged down a bit but the ending is lovely I think I struggle with Anna's the heroine's friend role most I've missed Heather's writing and am happy that she is releasing new material again

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    I loved this cute meet It was so cute This story is all about relationships There were sibling relationships friendship parent to child and romantic love There was a lot to like about the book I found it uite enjoyable So much so that I stayed up way too late to finish reading I loved the teasing banter between the main characters and how Isabelle's klutziness and all the other things she did wrong endeared her to Simon rather than turning him away from her I liked that even though Anna was thoughtless selfish and a bit manipulative that she was also kind at heart especially to Isabelle and could eventually see her own folly And I liked that Simon was still civil toward Anna instead of just cutting her Even when he thought he was mean I didn't think he was all that uncivil I liked that instead of having a scheming mother Anna's mom knew her daughter was all wrong for Simon and any scheming done actually went against Anna's plans Refreshing change I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading in this series No sex language or violenceI received a complimentary ARC of this book and voluntarily chose to review it

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    I truly enjoyed this story So excited that this is book one of the series as I am not ready for it to end yet I loved the characters that we are introduced to in this story I enjoyed seeing Simon and Isabelle’s friendship develops throughout the story and their interactions with each other were delightful to read I loved that the story was told from both points of view It was great being able to see what Isabelle and Simon each thought and felt as they interacted not just with each other but others in the story as well The supporting characters for this story were wonderful as well I would happily read about all of them again if they are ever given their own stories On another note I was thoroughly intrigued by the song referred to and actually managed to find a version that is sung I loved that this was included in the story as it adds to the overall feel of the novel being set during the Regency era and makes it feel authentic I loved it and would happily recommend this story This is a clean and wholesome romance which I received an ARC from the authors however this in no way influenced my opinion and I am under no obligation to leave a review

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    Of Twisted Fates was just the kind of story we need in the world right now It was fun encouraging empowering and truly had some laugh out loud moments Isabelle goes into her first and possibly only season with the goal to make a match that will enable her sisters to make decent matches as well It’s a lot of pressure and while she feels great obligation she also cannot dismiss her own wants and needs She makes a wonderful friend who has great connections and invites Isabelle to her house party over the summer It is there she meets a ‘bookstore clerk’ who she cannot get out of her mind But as fate would have it her best friend Anna also has her eyes on said ‘clerk’ and has for some time Friendship and trust are tested and humility and pride have to find a balance And if you aren’t dying of laughter through the horseback riding scene you probably have no imagination Every book of Chapman’s gets better and better and her heroes are always my favorite Always the right amount of realistic and debonair

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    I loved this book Lots of wit teasing and easy banter I really liked Simon’s character He berated himself for his ungentlemanly behavior a time or two but I think if I was in his position and I had to deal with a woman like Anna and I saw her as a sister figure that I would likely treat her in a brotherly way and give her a scathing speaking too as well I didn’t like how Isabella was so accommodating to Anna’s feelings but I do recognize she was just trying to be a good friend I wasn’t a fan of Anna despite the fact she was a kinder woman to Isabella then most in society was to Isabella I certainly didn’t understand Elliot I can understand his divided loyalty between Anna and Simon as one was his sister and the other his best friend But what brother allows his friend to be put in such awkward circumstances without intervening Anyway I really enjoyed the story and would love to see like it

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    Oh my word this book was so fantastic Isabelle is a physician's daughter who prefers country walks to London ballrooms but is excited when her new friend Anna invites her to a house party Complications arise when the man Isabelle had a connection with in London is also a guest at the house partyand happens to be the same man Anna has set her sights onI loved Isabelle's character for her loyalty and desire for authenticity Anna was difficult to love but she did go through a character arc of her own The romance and tension between Isabelle and Simon was so sweet and their meet cute was so much fun There were several times I actually laughed out loud and I seriously could not put this book down If you enjoy regency romance with endearing characters an engaging plot and lots of swoony romance this book is for you I am so excited for the rest of the series I received a complimentary copy of this book but it in no way affected my review