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A remarkable discovery an extraordinary literary event the never before translated Unfinished Poems of the great Alexandrian Greek poet Constantine Cavafy published for the first time in English alongside a revelatory new rendering of the Collected Poems—translated and annotated by the renowned critic classicist and award winning author of The LostWhen he died in 1933 at the age of seventy C P Cavafy left the drafts of thirty poems among his papers—some of them masterly nearly completed verses others less finished texts all accompanied by notes and variants that offer tantalizing glimpses of the poet’s sometimes years long method of rewriting and revision These remarkable poems each meticulously filed in its own dossier by the poet remained in the Cavafy Archive in Athens for decades before being published in a definitive scholarly edition in Greek in 1994 Now with the cooperation and support of the Archive Daniel Mendelsohn brings this hitherto unknown creative outpouring to English readers for the first timeBeautiful works in their own right—from a six line verse on the “birth of a poem” to a longer work that brilliantly paints the autumn of Byzantium in unexpectedly erotic colors—these unfinished poems provide a thrilling window into Cavafy’s writing process during the last decade of his life the years of his greatest production They brilliantly explore often in new ways the poet’s well established themes identity and time the agonies of desire and the ironies of history cultural decline and reappropriation of the past And like the Collected Poems t he Unfinished Poems offers a substantial introduction and notes that provide helpful historical textual and literary background for each poemThis splendid translation together with the Collected Poems is a cause for celebration—the definitive presentation of Cavafy in English

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    I have been reading Daniel Mendelsohn's translations of Cavafy Collected Poems and Unfinished Poems I have read Rae Dalven's translation of his collected poems and while I enjoyed them I continued to migrate my favorite modern Greek poet Seferis Mendelsohn's translations are revelatory I have had several friends tell me that Cavafy's poems read in the original Greek are delicious and beautiful but alas I don't understand Greek Mendelsohn performs some magic here thoughFirst and foremost both books are filled with copious notes providing context details and other trivia that illuminate the poems and are frankly interesting reading in themselves His introduction to the Collected Poems states clearly his methodology and discusses important themes in Cavafy's work which center around two ideas history and sensuality With history Cavafy writes freuently of the collapse and breakdown of the Hellenistic and then Byzantine world This is not exclusive but it is a dominate theme In the sensual area many of Cavafy's poems are openingly homosexual though his earlier ones are closeted and speak powerfully to the conseuences of secretsUnfinished Poems are the first translations into English of the poems left unfinished at the time of Cavafy's death in 1933 A Greek scholarly edition edited by Renata Lavignini appeared in 1994 Mendelsohn has removed most of the scholarly apparatus and provided these 30 poems and some fragmentary texts Again copious notes are provided along with relevant variants but the poems add to the themes of Cavafy's poetry and many are essentially completeCavafy called himself a poet historian and that had special implications for him He sought out truth in his historical settings and obtained multiple sources but he still wrote poetry so some of his characters and settings are fictional though they often discuss actual events and actual people Years before I had heard of Cavafy I too had begun writing historically based poems None nearly as good as Cavafy's Mendelsohn's translations have brought to the fore an affection for Cavafy's historical poems that I had found interesting but not inspiring before Now I am inspired by his workI want to uote a couple of things The first bears an interesting insight to the rigor Cavafy applied to his poems Regarding the unfinished poem The Patriarch Mendelsohn states Lavagnini notes that fully two years elapsed between the first version a single draft and subseuent rewriting In the press to get items published these days I wonder how many poets have let an idea percolate for two years?Finally I think it only appropriate to uote a short poem But instead of a historical poem from the Unfinished Poems one titled Birth of a Poem is pertinent perhaps as an ars poetica One night when the beautiful light of the moon poured into my roomimagination taking something from life some very scanty thing a distant scene a distant pleasure brought a vision all its own of flesh a vision all its own to a sensual bed

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    As much a work of scholarship as poetry with the commentary constituting about two thirds of the book About thirty poems Cavafy never uite considered finished to his standards though many appear polished and complete Irony Greek and Byzantine history secret homosexuality themes familiar in the Cavafy canon

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    Not as indispensable as the Mendelssohn's translation of the collected poems but if you are a Cavafy fanatic this one's great I just wish I didn't have to pay the full MSRP on the book though The notes are fantastic but the book nevertheless is an accompaniment to the translation of collected poem Still I can't see my poetry collection without this slim volume

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    See my analysis of this book in the 2010 Magill's Literary Annual This slim volume is a supplement of poems recovered from files kept by Cavafy Either awaiting revision or as yet unsubmitted for publication the poems add depth to our previous knowledge of Cavafy's poetry

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    My first introduction to Cavafy an Alexandrian Greek poet who died in 1936 This is the first English translation of 25 sensitive sometimes personal sometimes historically based poems he wrote just before his death in the 30's I very much enjoyed them all

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    Amazing Prose Poetryfrom Greek history to Cavafy's soula treasure