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These conversational style interviews with Paul Coehlo conducted by journalist Juan Arias cover a wide range of topics including Paul's being institutionalized as a young man for his artistic leanings; his kidnapping and torture by paramilitaries; his experiences with Black Magic and drugs; his epiphany at Dauchau and vision of his own death; his views on the nature of writing and the spiritual uest

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    A real insight into the life of the author which also sheds light onto the themes and reasons why he chooses the subjects of philosophy and life experiences to write aboutA very candid frank view of his life and it reveals warts and all At times he was not a very nice person but he has also done some good work in his life Overall a very interesting read if you like the work of the author in general

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    If you are a fan of Paulo Coelho you must read this book Paulo Coelho tell everything that he can share to us About his darkest life He was a hippies drug addicted was staying in soul assylum assuming this story inspired him to write Veronica Decides to Die looking for God existense his supranatural experiences which effect to his next life

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    Everything happens for a reason and one should believe and look out for signs This simple precept from Paulo Coelho is so true and timeless I had bought Confessions from a Pilgrim eight years ago at a bookstore since I love all things Paulo Coelho and wanted to read this one too However as all bibliophiles know our to read pile is so high I never got around to reading this book until now I carried this book with me when I travelled across the seven seas for my education six years ago and still did not get around to it Until now The reason I could finally read this book was because it was time All books know when they have to come to us and be read This one knew I was ready for it I was anyway going to discuss Coelho’s The Alchemist for my book club in February and I wanted a break from fiction and needed a little spiritual reinvigoration and so everything came together perfectly for me to read this book The reason that I went into such great detail about this is because things happen when they are supposed to us and the universe blesses us when we are on the path to our personal destines And we don’t need Coelho to tell us this; we know it but forget it and that is why we need writers like Coelho to remind usComing back to the book it is a series of interviews by Julian Arias to Coelho They range on a number of subjects from writing readers to omens and magic If you are interested in Coelho’s work and love his books and would also want to know about the author’s life this is the book for you There are things he said I completely agreed with some I disagreed and with some I was skeptical And that was the fun part do I like the man behind the work? Do I have to agree with everything he says believes in? And is it important? The author is dead so is it important to know or care about him or his personal life? Is important that I like the author? These are all relevant uestions that I grappled with while reading the book And as always the book reaffirmed my faith in omens and pursuing a personal destiny Do I recommend it? Yes if you love Coelho’s books and want to know and especially about the man behind the writing I don’t know how much a non reader of his books will be able to appreciate it It does deserve the four stars that I am giving it

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    A bio of my Favorite Writer Paulo Coelho Very good so farChronicles his life as a Lyricist Catholic Atheist victim of the Brazilian Paramilitary held captive and tortured Confined to a mental hospital by his parents and His pilgrimage on the ancient road to Santiago On loan from an out of state library I had no idea that Seattle Public Library did this Very cool

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    I've read half of it last year then i stopped continue reading becouse it a studying crossed at that time so i should close every book other than studying books the book was so nice gives info about life of paulo which was not soo easy he went through tough times in his life and my admiration increased after knowing about him gonna reread if and continue it and currently i am reading his biography written by Fernando Morais and i always enjoy reading about Paulo and knowing from where or by what he is getting his beautiful inspiration

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    The life story of a man who came from nowhere drugs etc to be a great writer Great stuff

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    I try to humble before mysteryThere is no reason that something I don't understand rationally should not be true Mystery ExistsI see religion as a group of people who make up a living body that develops and includes all its miserable and sublime aspectsWe put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel But it is on the space where there is nothing that theusefulness of the wheel dependswe turn clay to make a vesselBut it is on the space where there is nothing that the usefulness of the vessel dependsWe pierce doors and windows to make a houseAnd it is on the spaces that there is nothing that the usefulness of the house dependsTherefore Just as we take advantage of what iswe should recognize the usefulness of what is notNo one can feel full if they haven't first been able to empty themselves from within as all the great mystics of all the great religions have told us The acceptance of life as an adventure of the spirit There are eight or nine ways to die if you choose your way its your personal story your destiny your legend What you shouldn't do is live your father's way or your husband's because they are not your paths and you'll get to the end of your life without experiencing your ownI think its not just about changing but of recognizing that I'm small fragile but i have to love myself anyway and people have to accept me the way I am

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    I love Paulo Coelho's books so when I learned that someone had interviewed him and put it in a book I didn't mind shelling out the 25 for a paperbackCoelho has no doubt led a very interesting life from writing hit songs to being tortured by the Brazilian secret police to dabbling in black magic and drugs He is no less eccentric today and no doubt no less interesting However I had a hard time getting past the book's structure and the translation from Spanish the language of the original interview not Portuguese as one would expect into rather awkward EnglishThe book will still be interesting to absolute buffs but it may be best left unread by those who wish simply to revel in the beauty of such books as The Alchemist

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    First I must say I see Paulo Coelho simply as a good writer I do not look up to him as some spiritual guide However reading this book I can understand better how he has become the author he is The whole book is written in interview mode For a short article it is fine but I found it bit boring after a while

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    Yah I liked this because it's awesome to be able to put a face to the books I've been reading To read about the author and his life gives a richer meaning to the experience of reading his books